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9 Anti-aging Secret Weapon Foods You Didn't Know About!

Updated on February 17, 2014
Photo credit: Aylanah / / CC BY-NC-ND
Photo credit: Aylanah / / CC BY-NC-ND | Source

How You Can Fight Age with These Yummy Foods

Nobody wants to grow old. Or at least, show signs of growing old. Everyone is so wrapped up with the idea of looking and feeling young that the moment signs of aging show on their faces, they troop to the nearest clinic to get Botox or diamond peel. Not that those methods are bad things but not everybody realizes that eating well, eating the right food can very well fight the speed of the aging process. Here are nine of the best anti-aging foods!

Olive Oil

The most popular anti-aging ingredient must have to be olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil - or the oil that is produced within the first process - can aid in battling heart disease and cancer, two age-related diseases that are very rampant nowadays.


Antioxidants or the nutrients that counteract the damaging of an animal's tissue are very important ingredients in anti-aging. Not only will these nutrients help fight wrinkles and age spots but they will are also known to prevent heart diseases and diabetes. Berries, such as cranberries, blackberries, and strawberries, are very rich in flavones and anthocyanin, which are some examples of antioxidants

Dark Chocolate

Speaking of antioxidants, dark chocolate has a higher than normal amount of antioxidants. Eating dark chocolate regularly will combat the appearance of fine lines and keep the blood vessels in tip top shape.


Kale, which children love to hate, should be loved by adults because it is known to be a "skin smoother." It contains beta-carotene that is helpful in blocking UV rays from the sun. It is also rich in Vitamin C which produces collagen. Think of it as a natural sunblock!


Teenagers know nuts as those pesky little things that can cause acne, but nuts are full of unsaturated fats that are known to have similar benefits with the olive oil. Almonds, especially, can help in preventing the build-up of cholesterol in the arteries.

Curry Powder

Curry powder, a strong seasoning people like to put in chicken and beef, helps in curbing brain inflammation. Inflammation can eventually lead age-related dementia.


People should also stop avoiding beans because of the belief that they have gassy effects. Although some beans do make consumers gassy, they also full of low-fat protein that can help people who do not eat meat maintain their protein levels. Also, those who have cholesterol problems can eat beans because of their wealth in fiber which helps cleanse the heart.

Fish oil

Nowadays, fish oil is starting to get popular because of its omega-3 attributes. That is why fish should be a staple in battling the signs of aging. Omega-3, which is mostly found in tuna, salmon, and sardines, help lower one's blood pressure and may also decrease the risk of having arrhythmia.


Lastly, to keep one's skin looking young and fresh, one should load up on watermelon. This fruit is rich with both lycopene and beta-carotene which helps in protecting the skin against the sun's harmful rays and regenerating damaged cells.

Here's a Few More Tips From The Doctors


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