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A Chinese way of staying slim

Updated on August 16, 2012

In Chinese medicine overweight is viewed as an ill, and food is considered as a remedy. Nowadays the Chinese are still very strict about cooking, as they observe the principles formulated by Confucius about 2500 years ago.

Main rules of healthy eating

Considering the time of the day and biorhythms of the human body

1 The best time for breakfast is between 7 and 9 a.m. During these morning hours the stomach is most active. You can eat as much as you wish at this time, and all the food will do you good.

2 The biggest amount of food can be eaten between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. when your heart is active. It`s good to have lunch with friends and family: at this time our hearts are most open for pleasant conversations, and this helps better digestion.

3 From 3 p. m. till 5 p. m. is the best time for a cup of tea with a sweet desert. At this time the bladder is most active. Liquid will not stay long in the body and will take away all the slag.

4 Starting from 7 p.m. and till dawn the stomach needs to have rest. The food that is eaten during this time will stay in the stomach till dawn, as the body needs to restore itself, and will put away the digestion till morning. Or, if you eat a lot before going to sleep, you won`t be able to fall asleep easily. Instead of sleep, your body will be preoccupied with digestion.

Regarding physical work

Food must be taken at least three hours before doing sport and at least 40 minutes after it. As for some light food, it can be taken as early as 2 hours before sports and not earlier than 1 hour and a half after sports (otherwise food will be digested very quickly, and you will be hungry soon again).

Considering seasons

In summertime we need more of cold and fresh food while in winter hot food should be favored.

Considering your emotional state

Before taking food it is important to check on your emotional state: don`t start eating unless you feel positive. Otherwise the food can be ill digested. You should try to make a little celebration every time you eat.

Considering drinking liquids

You need to drink at least 20 minutes before eating and at least 3 hours after essential eating and 1 hour and a half after eating light. If you ate some fruit, you must drink at least 40 minutes after.

If you drink while eating or right after it, then the water “puts down” the fire of digestion thus disturbing digestion.

Considering the direction

It`s better to eat sitting and facing to the east. In this position your body and energy flows are in harmony with the energy flows of the Earth, which helps digestion. It is also important to have meals in the place that you like.

Considering sleeping

If you have an esssential meal, it is important to eat at least 3 hours before going to sleep, if you have a light meal, it must be about 1 hour and a half or 2 hours before sleep. Don't sleep during 2 hours after eating in the day-time. It`s better to take a walk instead of sleeping.

Eat with Chinese sticks!

The essential Chinese food is fish and rice. To add a better taste they also spice their food with sesame oil and soy sauce. These ingredients are very useful for the body line. Besides, the Chinese eat with sticks. Skillful as you might be, you cannot take much with sticks. Buy them and try them! Even if you don`t switch altogether to the Chinese way of eating, eating with the sticks will help reduce the amount of food you eat.


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      Anna Sidorova 4 years ago from Russia

      thanks, Tony)

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      Tony Mead 4 years ago from Yorkshire

      An interersting article and one which will require reading again to fully understand its potential.

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