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A Fishy Pedicure/Doctor Fish of Garra Rufa/Dr Spafish

Updated on April 17, 2017

Dr. Spafish Pedicure

This looks  very relaxing .
This looks very relaxing . | Source

Want a Fishy Pedicure Go to the Garra Rufa

Garra Rufa often called the "Doctor Fish" are used widely in Asia to treat skin disorders such as Acne, corns, psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases. These little creatures usually feed on plant and animal life stuck to rocks and logs along the river bed but when food is not readily available they gladly welcome nibbling on human dead skin.

These fish are actually being used in spas around asia and even a few states in the US although have been outlawed in some states over fear of the spas being not being sanitary enough. It is also thought that some of the fish may carry certain diseases that are especially dangerous to those suffering from diabetes or immune disorder diseases. The HPA says they are actually safe but sanitation of the fish tanks is important as it can grow microorganisms dangerous to people with cuts and scratches and the fish themselves.

They are also becoming popular in the UK. In 2010 the country's first specialist fish pedicure outlet opened and now they are springing up all around the area.

A Fish Pedicure does not hurt. It is actually relaxing and has a slight ticking sensation. People report their feet feeling soft and refreshed. It is also believed to help with athletes foot. circulation and stimulate acupuncture points on the feet leaving the client relaxed and refreshed.

Gara Rufa Fish Pedicure=re

The Eurphrates river is the longest river in Southeast Asia
The Eurphrates river is the longest river in Southeast Asia

Where to Find a "Doctor Fish"

The Garra Rufa fish are found in the warm waters of the Middle East near Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq. The fish have been used hundreds of years for their healing properties.

They are often called Doctor Fish because of their healing abilities. They not only clear the skin of dead and rough areas but also secrete a chemical which is an enzyme called diathanol which is believed to improve skin rejuvenation.

Not only are they expensive but they must be carefully cared for. They must not be left in water below 70 degrees. Normally they feel on algae along the lake bed.

In Turkey there are now strict laws to protect the harvesting of the Garra fufa which otherwise could lead to their ultimate extermination. Yet there are still countries that market these fish and sale them to spa's all over the world.

If you are interested in finding a Fishy spa click this link.

Safety in the UK

As more Dr. Spafish outlets open in the UK "Michael Burke, Health and Safety expert with Dr Spafish, says he has worked closely with Health Authority officials to ensure the Company’s outlets are compliant with standards. In a press release he said: "We have written procedures that cover inspection of client’s feet to minimise any source of potential infection."

He admits that anyone with misgivings should not undergo the treatment.

Would you have a Fish Pedicure?

If Dr. Spafish was available in your area would you have a spa treatment?

See results

Fish Spa in Virginia


References: Thanks to theWikipedia, Biology of Life and Fish888

Web MD


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  • nancynurse profile imageAUTHOR

    Nancy McClintock 

    6 years ago from Southeast USA

    Glad you read and enjoyed. You would not think there would be medical problems but with MRSA and other bacteria problems I think the FDA is concerned about cross contamination. I enjoyed reading several of your hubs!!!

  • Redberry Sky profile image

    Redberry Sky 

    6 years ago

    I see one of these fish pedicure spas every day in my city, and I’ve always wanted to go in and have a try! I didn’t know there were any health concerns about using them though :( Interesting to read more about them, and helpful too. I think I might give a fish pedicure a try :)


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