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A Little Change To My Daily Routine

Updated on September 23, 2015
I have been discipline my whole life. Was a hippie for one day, just one day but I was too disciplined at it too.
I have been discipline my whole life. Was a hippie for one day, just one day but I was too disciplined at it too. | Source

When Discipline Turns To A Rut.

It is good to have a routine, a person with a routine is a person who has discipline. However, there comes a time when a routine becomes a rut, we just go on autopilot mode for the whole day and before you know it the day is over and it is time to sleep.

I have been noticing this happening to me. It has been happening to me for quite sometime but it has just been recently that I have started noticing this daily routine of mine of going to work from 9 to 5 coming back home, watch the tv, play with my daughter and then go to sleep. every day has been more or less the same. It is because of this that at the end of the day as I go to sleep that I ask myself "is this all there is to life? there has to be something more!"

A Sure Sign That You Are Stuck In A Rut.

Have you ever seen the movie About Schmidt starring Jack Nicolson as Schmidt? In the opening scene of the movie, he is sitting at his desk looking at the time waiting for it to hit 5pm. As the clock hits 5pm, he leaves his desks (like he has done for so many years) and leaves. It is only later we find out that that was his last day of work!

If you see that scene and you see how he goes about it, you can see that he has been in a rut for decades! sitting at that same desk, looking at that same timeless clock that we all must've seen once in our lifetime. You can see that he has been doing that same routine for many many years. His work is so dull you wouldn't even know it was his last day at work by seeing it.

If you saw that scene and you can identify with Mr. Schmidt, well then I am sorry to say that you might be stuck in a rut too. One way of knowing this is when you notice that your day is not stimulating anymore. It is like Groundhog Day (sorry for the continuous movie reference). Everyday is more or less the same.

Everything is predictable, there is nothing remotely exciting. You know what is going to happen next. And before you know it your day has ended and your are one day older than you have been 24 hours before.

Is This Your Life?

A Good News And A Bad News.

There is a good news and a bad news. Let's start with the bad news: you only have 24 hours a day, like everyone else. There is nothing you can do about it. The good news: What you do in that span of time is TOTALLY up to you! you get to decide what you want to do with whatever time you have left.

With that bitter sweet information stuck in my mind and an ever nagging sense of wanting to do more and be more productive, I decided to make a few changes to my daily life. One thing I did was wait around my office till closing time.

Being a person who works in his father's company I have grown used to taking the liberty of going home earlier than everyone because well...I am a spoiled brat I guess? My dad likes to go home early because he is already aged. He likes to offer me to go home with him and I would willfully say yes. I guess he was testing me. I will never know.

Now, however, I stay there till the closing hour and not a minute less. I close shop together with my employees. I guess this would allow me to earn more respect from my employees and also learn more about business and be more focused at work.

There is also another thing that I have added to my to do everyday list. Play video game. I know this sound like a no go. But I have always loved video games when I was single. I am not a game addict mind you, but I used to love playing Mario Galaxy on Nintendo Wii and I have completed that game. When Mario Galaxy 2 came out, I bought it and haven't really played with it and then I got married and my workload responsibility increased so I never got the chance to play it.

For years my Nintendo Wii was just sitting there collecting dust. So recently, I started to find the time to play my video game again and I have started playing Mario Galaxy 2. When I turned on the game I saw the year 2010 written on it and smiled as that was the year that I got married.


Gaming has been a hobby for me not an obsession. You won't see me sitting in front of the gaming console for hours or even days. But I love playing video games, especially Mario Galaxy. It is just magical and playing that game totally opens up a whole new world of imagination and creativity. Every level I go and every move I make in that game there is always something new and exciting. Every time I enter a new level and faced with a new challenge in that game I cannot help but wonder to my self "how on earth did the guys at Nintendo thought of this stuff!"

So far these I have made these 2 small changes in my daily routine and I have to say that it is already feeling different. I just does not feel the same. Contrary to popular belief, I can now sleep even better after playing a bit of Mario Galaxy before bed time. I guess it helps to keep in touch with your inner child.

Another change that I plan to make is to jog after my work. I work out three times a week in the morning. It feels great and truly refreshing. However, it is after work that I lack productivity. I have been wondering what new activity can I pick up for my daily routine in the evening.

Today I got the answer. My wife spotted a lovely park around 15 minutes drive from my house, so we decided to visit this park with our 16 months old daughter who is learning how to walk. We thought she would enjoy it, It turns out I enjoyed it just as much. I wish I could squeal just like she did. Turns out it was a jogging park and I saw lots of joggers during evening time.

So I have decided I will take up jogging after work as opposed to hogging up snacks like I always do after I come back from work I would jog and hopefully get in better shape. I cannot do this tomorrow unfortunately because duty called and I have to take a business trip out of town, so this will have to wait till i am back, but I just cannot wait to start it.

Happy that we found a park to play!!!
Happy that we found a park to play!!!


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