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A Natural Trans Fat, An Engine For Good Health And Six Pack Abs

Updated on June 17, 2010

The problem with all of us is that we obtain superficial knowledge based on hearsay and guesswork and take decisions. But you should not take such risks, especially when your health is involved. For example, you may be health conscious and looking constantly for healthy foods. You may have been rightly warned many times that you should keep away from artificial trans fats from hydrogenated oils, as they are considered most unhealthy. They are said to cause obesity and may even result in heart disease. Therefore, it is but natural that experts advise you to keep these evil oils away from your consumption.

But, amazingly, there is one type of natural trans fatthat may help you to lose fat, build lean muscles and have six pack abs. This may sound crazy but this is true.

This natural fat is known as conjugated linoleic acid(CLA) and you get it from meat and milk that are extracted from animals that generally the cud such as cattle, goats, sheep, venison, bison and kangaroo. Another great benefit derived from this natural fat is that it helps to prevent cancer, apart from helping you to burn your fat. But you should ensure that these animals feed on grass and not on grains because conjugated linoleic acid is the highest only when these animals feed on grass. But you should not visit your stores immediately and buy artificially made CLA supplements because they are made from different isomers and hence are not healthy.

You should remember that the CLA that is obtained from animals that feed on grass can bestow health benefits like burning your fat, building your lean muscle and improving your metabolism. Hence, you can choose this natural trans fat and get the maximum health benefits.


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