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A Positive Attitude - The First Step Towards A Natural Face Lift

Updated on March 20, 2010
The ancient Egyptians knew many long-lost secrets about preserving a youthful appearance.
The ancient Egyptians knew many long-lost secrets about preserving a youthful appearance.

A historical perspective

Nobody can run from the inescapable flow of time. As years pass by, we grow older and our body begins to show different signs of aging: wrinkles, sagging skin, dark circles under the eyes, grey hair and many other unpleasant symptoms.

Is it possible to reverse them? Is there a way to look young again without complicated surgical procedures? Are there natural solutions that can provide an effective face lift?

Since ancient times, people from different civilizations were trying to find an answer to all these questions, developing their own anti-aging systems. They were using only natural remedies, of course - the only ones that were available at that time. For example, we all heard the legend about Cleopatra and her famous milk baths.

Let's make and effort and try something natural before addressing plastic surgery! (c)
Let's make and effort and try something natural before addressing plastic surgery! (c)

The modern civilization - progress or degeneration?

Nowadays, the development of technology had changed our perspective on the eternal chase after a youthful look. More and more people choose the easy way out, surgically remodeling their faces. But we have to realize that hiding the symptoms will not make the disease go away. If your skin looks dull because you have a stomach condition, a face mask will not eliminate your problem permanently. If you have expression lines because you developed the habit of scowling 100 times per day, anti-wrinkle creams will not cure your negative attitude! They will only soften your wrinkles, but more and more new ones will appear every day.

We have to be aware that technology has its positive and negative sides, making our lives easier and at the same time complicating them beyond limits. Plastic surgeries can instantly remove 10 or 20 years from our face. However, everything has its price. Even the most efficient surgical procedures have unpleasant side-effects: pain, bleeding, a long recovery, the consequences of anesthesia and so on.

Only living in balance with nature we can fight with premature aging. (c)
Only living in balance with nature we can fight with premature aging. (c)

Don’t forget who you are!

There are many ways of getting a face lift without surgery. First of all, let’s never forget that we are a part of nature and we can’t be happy if we ignore its laws. Most of the time people look older than they actually are because their lifestyle is far from being healthy: sleepless nights, stress, smoking, coffee and improper nutrition exhaust our bodies, and as a result we develop different medical conditions, gain weight and our skin loses its elasticity and natural color. Wrinkles start to appear, not to mention the sagging skin and the crows feet around the eyes.

Instead of surgically removing the symptoms, it would be much more reasonable to understand the causes of our problems and to solve them first. Of course, aging is natural, but not premature aging, extra weight and related illnesses.

If you want to look younger than you are, try natural remedies first. It’s all very simple, if you really think about it. You have to ask yourself one question: How much do I want to look and feel good, to have a fulfilled and harmonious life? Because I can tell you one thing: if you really want to change something about yourself, you need perseverance, constant effort and patience. Unlike surgical solutions, natural remedies require time and dedication, but the results will last longer because they will reflect the overall state of your health. A natural face lift is not a cosmetic trick, but a real normal consequence of a detoxified and trained body.

Sadness, anger and wrinkles

Let’s talk about one of the most important causes of premature aging: stress and all its related symptoms - constant sadness, depression, anxiety or a negative attitude towards life. How do you think, what happens with your body during such states of mind? First of all, your immunity weakens and the internal organs start having certain dysfunctions (hyperacidity, heart conditions and headaches are just a few random examples). All these factors influence the way your skin looks, making it lose its youthful appearance.

But, unfortunately, internal causes are not the only ones: all your negative emotions are transformed in wrinkles by the simple fact that our facial muscles always reflect our inner state. Constant worry or anger makes us scowl, squint and tense the muscles around our mouth - all this leads to premature expression lines and wrinkles. Did you notice that sad or angry people have more wrinkles than happy people? They always look older and seem tired all the time.

Find the balance within yourself!

A healthy nutrition, physical exercises and giving up negative habits like smoking or drinking are as well important factors that will help you feel and look younger. But no matter what you do, you’ll never be able to fully transform yourself if you’ll not change your attitude. Smile more often, learn how to breathe correctly and enjoy every single moment the fact that you’re alive and able to explore all the mysteries of this universe. Joy and inner balance are the first steps towards a new younger you!



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    • miragerainy profile image

      miragerainy 7 years ago

      Thank you for your comment! There is a quote I really like - 'It's better to light a candle than to complain about darkness'. It works for all the aspects of our lives!

    • Katrina Ariel profile image

      Katrina Ariel 7 years ago from The Highlands of British Columbia, Canada

      Another great (and true) hub. Smiling is a great way to take years off your appearance and how you feel!