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An Esoteric Sacred Lens in Observation: MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology In Action

Updated on March 7, 2011

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psycho-Analysis

Time Is Of The Sacred Essence
Time Is Of The Sacred Essence

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy E-Mail O-Gram Invitation: Self-observation; The Secret of Magick

Knowledge is not wisdom. Many things can be learned by parroting the words through books, 'rote and drill'. But, when you have not experienced the words you are speaking, they have not evolved into wisdom.

 On very rare occasions, we are all offered the vitally necessary portal of expansive contradictory paths into a wilderness prepared for our eyes, only. Embrace those ineffable events without needed explanation!

Unless you are willing to work endlessly, with focused attention, committed to crucify the monkey mind you possess by bringing the sly snake under submission, you will continue to be baffled by your ever changing moods.

You will constantly be led astray into all sorts of meaningless distractions and diversions that bring no lasting value in artistic fruitful production but yield a crop of wormy apples devoid of substance and/or taste. Self-observation demands your full awareness but it is not difficult nor is it unrewarding.

When you work with the idea of observing yourself, as a stranger you don’t know yet, you are working upon a self-generated premise that brings such incalculable benefit. In other words, it’s really rather fun and entertaining. If you could get with the idea of calling you either ‘she or he’, you will be less likely to identify with the actions, thoughts, words and gestures conducted. Think you can do that?

This ancient esoteric method is another MODE OF Cosmic Therapy principle in self-liberation on your way to artistic flowering. Do not throw thyself away by needlessly chattering in anticipated discussion about whether this method works or not.

You won’t know for certain until you try it. And, unless you want to solicit and value the opinion of others more than the sanctity of your own mind, in regards to your seeking awareness, do what you do in silence. “…when you pray, hide in the closet…” (Paraphrased)

Anticipation of and debate in what will come from self-observation, or whether it is worth your time, does nothing but distract further from the purpose of the experiment.

Gossip depletes vital energy and when you supply the source of the topic to be gossiped, you will inevitably feel the strain. Be not part of measures that warrant conflicting anxiety. Although natural living is usually conducted in this manner observing oneself without conscious effort, most people have forgotten how to observe their actions, thoughts and gestures.

For example: where were you at 3:00 o’clock this afternoon? What were you doing and saying? How much of the conversation was geared to new matters that have not been repeated at least a thousand times? This first assignment in self observation is to mentally tabulate just how much you repeat yourself.

Also, it will be important to gauge how many times you use the word, “because’ in your references and sentences. To make it easy for you, be consciously aware of the hours 6 and 12 each day. Bring yourself to the moment on the clock and listen intently.

In the beginning, if you can only get a few times a week recorded in those delegated times, you will be making incredible progress. Notice ‘her or him’ (you) while you watch the movements, most especially the hands and eyes, during these noted times.

The words, actions, and communication will prove to be quite enlightening. Also, develop a method to bring your awareness to the forefront when you or another uses the word, “because”.

Maybe, you could snap your fingers when the word slips out or take a sip of water, whatever works for you. Note the circumstances. You will discover an interesting truth you had not realized before. It will not be long before you realize just how much of your day is spent in explaining, defending, excusing and/or apologizing.

Unproductive and unnecessary, an acute awareness brings with it astounding results in overall well-being and peace of mind.

Early in the evening, prior to going to bed, tell yourself you are willing to observe ‘her or him’ (you) during the hours of the next day. You will be naturally on guard to see how many times ‘he or she’ repeats things. You will make a game out of it. You will soon see how imperative it is to stay clear and in the moment.

The purpose is to ‘shoot to kill’ thy brain’s monotonous activity in repetitive patterns that steal your life giving creative sacred sexual energy. “…be up and about thy father’s business…” (Paraphrased)

You will also discover how much of your mind is spent on things that are either in the past, future or in anxious, agitated concern. By careful, playful enjoyable interaction with yourself observing “her or him” in the process of running your life, you will laugh at the dullness associated. You only have so much energy.

It is impossible to generate more except by and through preserving what you possess through the elimination of repetition, of the deadly and suffocating word ‘because’ along with the mind’s wandering off in distant times, future appointments or lifeless associations.

Be no where else except where your feet lead you. Wherever your feet are placed is where you should be and NO place else. Accept this realization first and foremost. The amusing esoteric MODE of Cosmic Therapy observation experiment calls for you to cease with rationalizations, excuses, defense and apologies for ‘his or her’ (your) actions.

Have no thought of tomorrow nor look backward in regret. When you catch ‘her or him’ engaging in these type thoughts, halt the sentence immediately. Say gently but firmly, “No, you can no longer do that with my mind; I don’t enjoy it anymore.”

The present moment is adequate, “…my grace is sufficient for thee…” (Paraphrased). Do what you are doing now. Tomorrow doesn’t exist, yet. “…whatever thy hands find to do, do with all thy might…” (Paraphrased).

This is another step in the stairway to heavenly bliss and artistic sacred sexual delight: Restrain and tame ‘her or his’ (YOUR) restless, impatient, fault finding loud tongue. Turn the volume down just a bit when you see “her or him” raising the pitch or intensity. This is a real hard one: cease to be acknowledged or pampered during the self-observation phase.

Concentrate on the project of self-awareness at hand and be not distracted or dismayed by outer events.

You are in the midst of a monumental magical self-actualization process which will transform your life by and through various degrees of unending bliss. However, within disturbing events, circumstance, situations and people that surround you, a funny thing will begin to take place. You will notice just how much your world is being mirrored through others.

Do not fall prey to illusions of defective interpretations.

Be silent. Do not allow ‘him or her’ to respond in anger or praise. Be silent. Simply nod the head as if an empty vessel a top of thy body has a spring that acts involuntarily while you are learning to remember yourself.

Curtail your desire to please or appease during this time. Keep the mind captured and chained to your appointed task of performing a magical work of self wonder. Pay attention to what is going on inside, no matter how it contradicts present circumstances.

With conviction and dedication, you will be able to see the change of seasons. You will no longer be interested or concerned in trying to monitor, persuade or influence the outcome.

The magnificent celestial point in your body of flesh is to contain and magnify light by reflecting it and focusing it into a prism like lens of multifarious vaporous gases. The specially crafted holy lens is geared, designed, proportioned and projected to deduce the colors, sounds and vibrations of the inner world and NOT the outer world.

The celestial lens will automatically distort all manner of illusions when directed outwardly. Your eyes betray. You are NOT seeing and experiencing any element of truth in your retarded view of the world in which you reside.

All is taking place within.

But, only time and experience can show you these things. Nothing else! Stop looking for verification on the outer plane. “…You are in this world but not of it…” (Paraphrased). Stop allowing ‘her or him’ (You) to say what something means. You don’t know. When you do, you won’t be able to utter it. Nor will you have any need to.

Truth can only be hinted at. Turn thy sacred lens inward and learn (remember) the truth. Nothing else will suffice

Mystical world Of Creation
Mystical world Of Creation


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