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Do You Trample on Chance Meeting With Destiny, Why?

Updated on April 6, 2014

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Educational Psychology

Esoterically Directed Feet
Esoterically Directed Feet | Source

MODE Of Cosmic Therapy Email O Gram Invitation: The Sacred Value of Your Feet

Your approach to life is narrow and restricted. Your reactions are automotive. You exist in a prefabricated, politely manageable concealed wall of per functionary methods which you arbitrarily ascribe certain relevance. Spontaneity is as alien to you as would be the notion of ‘frogs falling from the sky.’

You have grown so mechanical and somniferous. Have you ever one time in your busy disposable plastic filled life thought about what anything means? What does IT mean? In actuality anything is nothing except what you conditionally decided IT meant years ago and have not budged from that particular meaning, since.

The fact is: anything means absolutely nothing except the VALUE you place upon it. Or for that matter, anything means everything you invest the energy in with the worship of it. What does anything really mean to you? It’s something to ponder on a rainy day.

Should you ever be so inclined, to attempt, to discover what anything means, a solicitous place to start would be in the laws of nature. When apprehending the study of the laws of nature, one must recognize we are merely studying the ‘laws’ of our own minds.

REASON in itself is self contradictory and therefore of no permanence, relevance or assistance. Since rationality is nefarious in and of itself, based upon the time of day, mood of the person and the background inherent in the individual applying it, REASON becomes nebulous and disconcerting.

For the very mind we try to reason with or purpose a rational base from which to operate will always be colored by the inherent make-up in our personality, environmental, cultural and biological functioning.

With that thought, we need keep ‘quick conclusions’ at bay. All of our assumptions are, (regardless of whether they are presumed facts are but inaccurate suppositions based upon the information available at the given moment) and need be lightly entertained without concrete fixations.

We must remember when making elaborately detailed statements of solidified fact, first and foremost, our opinions are at the very least, biased, conditioned and brightly colored; slated by innumerable conditions, none of which, incorporate the blatant fact that in all pre supposed assumptions, a third silent unfathomable party is present who is the factor of the unknowable and infinite essence of genuine reality.

If truth could be known and expressed (which it can not) an unconditional immovable tacit would be recognized before we utter any statement, that we as human beings are incapable of explaining life or the contents there of.

In order to explain the world, we would first have to define it in terms unrecognizable to the mind and inexpressible to the senses. What be the answer, then to the definition of anything?

How could we possibly begin to define something of which we have not encountered nor have reference to compare? [From ancient memory, or from new technological scientific advancements?] I think not. No, they are only as sound as the moment in passing with allocated available data at the time. {Sketchy, at best.}

Point in tact: to KNOW anything one must abide by his feet. Every possible ingredient for passing partial will be revealed in the instant of the soles touching the earth itself for the individual who is in tune with the vibratory consubstantiation.

Experience, acting as the somewhat verifiable conductor of truth, as a reliable teacher, deems for the person to PAY ATTENTION to his feet! The soul’s intent is discovered no where else but in the feet.

The feet are sacredly endowed with such inexpressible wisdom like a horse who knows where the barn is located.

So, what in actuality does anything mean? Bottom line: what does it mean to you? Where are your feet planted? You don’t have a clue as to why you are stationed where you are in this life. You can make up all sorts of explanations but they are not the definitive reasons. But, your feet knows.

Your feet know everything about anything!!!!!

Where do they carry you in a given day? Do you ever stop to reflect the magnitude of their duty and loyalty to you? How much attention do you give to them? Observe where thou are standing. Do not be so hasty as to conclude that your movements are without gesture of divine significance.

You are on a homeward bound journey, celestial in nature. You were born to learn how to die appropriately, passionately, reverently, authentically, courageously, and willingly!

Your feet are graciously allowing you to experience the so called casual events of the ordinary day with such untold splendor and marvelous possibility. Do not overlook the insignificant in the tiniest matters.

Thereto will you find spectacular magic unearthed. It is the extraordinary found in the ordinary. In those things that are often excluded as the basest of the base, vilest of the vile; despised and rejected elements where the feet distinguishes the truth without your thwarted interpretation and biased comment.

Does it not bear witness to the truthfulness of the soul retained in the foundation of your being (feet) to be found in something that supposedly worthless perhaps despised and certainly misunderstood?

Trust the soul (sole) of your feet who knows without declaring to you its rhyme or reason for the places you travel, the people you meet, the encounters you engage in, including the confusing, perplexing, distressing relationships, circumstances and events involved. Your feet guide without definition, apology, defense, explanation, acceptance or excuse.

They explicitly carry you with innate wisdom that passes all mental understanding and comprehension. Your two boney, flesh covered callous ridden feet defy all possible inexplicable rationality in human terms.

They know the difference that supersedes all comparison and competition. They know there is not good, bad, indifferent. They are one with the Earth upon which they walk. They are comprised, sustained and exalted by the fire, air, water and nitrogenic ethers that constitute our very existence.

We can, therefore, never again really say what anything means unless we check with our feet for the loosely termed explanation of experienced ‘chance of destiny’ based upon how it behaves in our receptiveness of the occasion.

Every now and again cast off your shoes. Walk barefooted upon the Earth. Wriggle your toes, let them breathe. Soak them. Indulge them in soothing water, fine herbed oils and aromatic lotions. Love them. Pamper them. Caress them. Be Where Your Feet Are!

Esoteric Wisdom
Esoteric Wisdom


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