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Choosing a TRX Suspension Trainer for the Home Gym

Updated on January 4, 2012
The TRX Force Kit
The TRX Force Kit

Fitness Anywhere, the folks who make the trx suspension trainer, remain ahead of the pack in their market. They continue to innovate, and the latest addition to their offerings is trxtv, a weekly guided workout which includes updated movements and detailed professional instruction.

For those new to suspension training, having clear instruction is essential to getting the most out of this seemingly simple exercise tool. For a low monthly fee (under $10) trx tv is delivered to your computer or smartphone three times a week. Options are available to receive all 12 workouts at one time for the same cost.

The downloads include exercise sequences, tips on trx training and updated movements for professional trainers and everyday trx users. The download are designed to train a different energy system each month. For example, at the start of one month the training will focus on strength, the next month it may be endurance.

Exercise sequences are broken down into easy to understand segments with a clear explanation of the movement’s significance to specific training applications. In total, the monthly cost includes the 12 exercise videos, a 30 minute real-time workout and visual guide for quick reference.

Which Suspension Trainer?

There are two trx suspension trainers available for purchase, one is yellow and the other is desert beige. They are similar in quality, but the Force Kit comes with design enhancements and additional workouts. In fact, the TRX Force, which comes in desert beige, offers 12 weeks of military quality workouts that can be scaled to beginner, intermediate or advanced fitness levels.

The TRX Pro trainer, which is the original yellow version, is a quality piece of equipment. Stitching is heavy duty, the nylon is thick and sturdy and the handles are comfortable but substantial. While the Pro is definitely designed to last, the TRX Force kit has an updated version.

The enhanced model is called the Tactical Suspension Trainer, or T2. It features a recessed anchoring carabineer, an equalizer loop that is self-adjusting and a suspension anchor with intermediate anchor loops. The Force package is a great deal which includes the door anchor. For an extra $20, Fitness Anywhere is offering an updated trainer (in a cool color,) a 3 month progressive workout program, a military fitness guide, an exercise library guide and the handy mesh carrying bag.

Where to Workout

When using the trx suspension trainer at home, the company often recommends the door anchor. This is a decent method if you trust your door and door frame. Another simple way to create an anchoring point, either in the house or garage, is with an eye hook. Buy a sturdy eyehook bolt, find a stud or joist, and screw it in. The trx carabineer hooks in with ease and the door will never be in the way. Fitness anywhere also sells their X-mount, which is a prettier way of doing the same thing.

Outdoor workouts with the trx are refreshing. There is no shortage of anchor points. To hook up to a fat tree branch or pole, wrap the strap around it and anchor the carabineer in one of the loops. If outdoor workouts are a steady thing, it may pay to get the trx extender strap which is helpful if the anchoring point is very large or high up.

Consider the possibilities

There are tons of places to hang up your trx suspension trainer outdoors. Here are a few popular ones:

-playground equipment

-outdoor pullup bars

-tree branches



-overhead picnic shelter beams

There are many more, but the point is, take the trx with you wherever you go and there is always a place to get in a great workout. Let’s not forget how much more interesting your workouts will be when you can choose the setting!

The number and variety of workouts and exercises which can be performed with the trx are too vast to attempt to list here, and have been touched on in other articles. Suffice it to say it is a highly versatile piece of equipment. For more information about exercise selection or to see the trx in action, I have included references for further reading and shopping. Be warned: Suspension training is addicting! Once you try it, your routines are going to feel stale without it. Click here to check out the TRX suspension trainers >>>

Endless possibilities
Endless possibilities


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