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A dieing woman's last wish

Updated on January 12, 2012

Live life with love

As Racheal sat for the last time in her oncologist office, waiting to be admitted to hospice, she took the hand of the medical assistant and asked her to come close and listen.

The medical assistant had grown to love her, but knew that it was only a matter of time, until Racheal would give in to the very cancer that had wreaked havoc on her body.

"My dear" she began, "I have one wish before I leave this world and hope that you could help me fullfill it". Fighting back the tears, the medical assistant promised she would do her best to help Racheal satisfy her last wish.

"When I leave here today, we both know I won't see you anymore, but I am asking you to find someone in your life that you are not on good terms with and try to make amends with them".

The medical assistant began to cry and told Racheal "I would love to do this for you, but the person that I'm not on good terms with is no longer here with me". "He went to heaven a few years ago and we had not spoken for a very long time". "Who was it dear" She asked? "It was my father and a very long story to go with it, but I am afraid it's too late now to ever make amends with him". "Why did you wait so long" Racheal asked? "Because I was stubborn and no one would make the first move to try to patch it up so we just got along without each other" she said.

With her weary body she took the medical assisants hand and pulled her close. She whispered in her ear "he forgives you" and in that last breath Racheal passed away.

In our lives we have people that have done wrong by us and that we have done wrong, but we love them but won't take the time out of our busy lives to make amends for the wrong we have done.

Don't let a dieing womans wish leave you today without calling someone that you haven't talked to in a long time because of differences that are unsettled because once they are gone it is too late.

Racheal's wish was to make amends with someone you are not on good terms with.

Each day I encounter many people like Racheal who come to their oncologist with the knowledge they will never see me again. One patient told me one day "Cheryl all I am doing now is waiting to die, please enjoy your life". Holding back tears all I could say was "I will" and I hugged her so tight.

Life is too short to have hate in your heart and have an unforgiving spirit of those that have hurt you or didn't see things your way. Once they are gone you can't make amends and you can't take back hurtful words that were said. Everyone deserve's to be forgiven and accepted by their family and friends no matter what they have done in their life.

Let this year be the time when you reach out to those in need because one day we will leave this world and you don't want to go leaving others with a burdened soul.


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