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A few thoughts and tips from an Emotional Energy Healer

Updated on February 11, 2015

Getting the flow going

For too long, emotions have been subjugated to 'logic' and intellect, floundering in the abyss of the unknown causing personal unrest and discord. Learning new techniques brings forth opportunity for change.

Because I honour and allow the movement of emotion through my body, I am able to understand the cause of it and let it go. Emotion is here to give information. If I pay attention to the message, feeling can be my path of least resistance. (Gandhi)

Emotions release with the breath, the wave of feeling continues, as we balance upon the crest of the flow. Moving outdated energy out of the body is crucial. Keeping balance is essential. With release, compassion, forgiveness and acceptance flood the person resulting in a great calm with more inner space to grow.

Be well emotionally.

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Cassandra Lea Wilson


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    • cassandralea profile image

      Cassandra Lea Wilson 6 years ago from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

      Hi Kaurina, and thanks for your question.

      When you reach a level of inner crisis and emotions are making themselves known to you, its important to find a quiet place to sit alone with yourself and breath into the pain. This seems like the opposite of what you are wanting to do, which is to avoid it altogether. But when it makes itself known to you in this way, it is ready to release.

      Breath into the space, allow it, let the tears fall if need be. They are cleansing. Reach with your breath and intention BELOW the pain, to the cause or root of it. Allow it to appear for you by breathing steadily. use the breath to make its way around the pain, enclosing it in a bubble of air. Use your mind's eye. Allow this breath, this air to begin to move this energy up. Breath the air and this bubble of emotion up your spine, as if your body is a river upward and breath as you release this emotion out the top of your head. Imagery is important. As you release the tension of this emotional pain, the information will be delivered to your intellect and you will have more understanding after the release.

      This is why I recommend that people become explorers of their own bodies, because when we address the problem with a plan of reaching this inner summit, it is much easier to move forward.

      I hope this helps.


    • kaurina profile image

      kaurina 6 years ago from Surrey, BC, Canada

      I agree that "in times of inner crisis, we become aware of emotional pain bringing forth opportunity for change." We usually don't bother doing anything about a nagging problem until it starts to irritate us too much.

      Can you tell me what to do when we get to that point?