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The First Signs of Pregnancy

Updated on November 14, 2014

What are the first Signs of Pregnancy?

If you suspect a pregnancy, there are a few physiological changes and symptoms you may be experiencing.

  • For women who have regular periods the most reliable sign of pregnancy is a missed period, however you may also have a very light period, losing only a little blood.
  • Feeling sick - You may feel very nauseous and maybe sick and is known as 'Morning Sickness' however this does not always occur in the morning it maybe that you have this at any time of day. This is due to the increase in hormones in the body that maintain your pregnancy. Some women can get severe sickness whereas they cannot eat or drink anything without being sick, if you experience any of this you would need to go and see your doctor.
  • Breast Changes - are caused by the hormonal changes, your breasts may feel heavier or full and feel very tender like they do before a period and also the nipple area may become darker. They may tingle a little and the veins may show up more around the breast tissue.
  • Constipation - the hormones affect soft tissue in the body so bowel movements slow down making you feel constipated.
  • Frequently passing urine -you may have to get up in the night and pass urine, feel bloated or that your bladder is full but only manage to pass a small amount of urine.
  • Feeling Tired
  • Going off certain things such as tea, coffee, certain smells like tobacco or fatty food!
  • A Strange taste in your mouth that some women describe as being metallic, sometimes there is also an increase in the amounts of saliva that is produced which can make you feel nauseous.

Pregnancy Testing

  • Some women experience all or just one or two of these pregnancy signs, everyone is different. The only way to confirm this is to have a positive pregnancy test. There are various pregnancy tests on the market that are available in pharmacists or supermarkets however you could supply a sample of Urine to your GP or Family planning Clinic and they will test you free of charge.
  • If you know the date of your last period and you have missed your next period then a positive pregnancy test will determine that you are about 2 weeks after conception.

I have had a Negative Pregnancy test bit still no period - am I pregnant?

  • A positive result from a pregnancy test is almost certainly correct. If you suspect you are pregnant and have had a negative result then this is less reliable, wait a week and try again as some of the pregnancy tests may not give a result if you take the test too early. (ie before your next period is due)

If you are pregnant....

  • Finding out you are pregnant can leave you with so many mixed emotions, you may feel happy, shocked or even confused and upset of having a baby. Everybody is different so don't worry if you are not reacting in the way you thought. Some of these feelings may be caused from hormonal changes occurring in your body, if you are not sure or feeling down about the months ahead then you will need to speak to your health professional either your Doctor or Midwife can help.

I have found out I am pregnant - What do I do now?

  • It is important to access Antenatal Care so that you can be booked by the Midwife under the Hospital that you choose and for what type of care that you will receive.

Tiredness and Fatigue is one of the signs of Pregnancy
Tiredness and Fatigue is one of the signs of Pregnancy


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