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A report on LifeWays Community Mental HealthAgency

Updated on July 7, 2017

I was privileged to visit LifeWays Community Mental HealthAgency which operates from West Ave. Jackson, MI 49202 where the agency is situated. My contact person was Susan Stark who sits in the consumer advisory council of the institution.LifeWays Community Mental Health Agency has its core business centered on caring for the persons with mental illnesses, developmental disability, as well as related mental conditions resulting from alcohol and substance abuse.

The services provided by the agency include mental health care for adults. These mainly include outpatient therapy as well as psychiatric services for the adult population. They also offer support for children and their family members, whereby guidance to the children who exhibit mental challenges. Children suffering developmental disabilities as well as those with traumatic experiences that result in stress are also catered. To effectively tackle challenges of child behavioral change, they center their focus on the parents to whom they provide home-based support. The agency also takes care of persons who have disorders resulting from alcohol and substance use. All these services are provided at no cost since the Community Mental Health Agency receives full funding. The agency has sufficient staff that makes sure that service delivery is achieved to the best of their ability.

One of the notable services that stand out about the agency is their decision to include services via a phone call as opposed to just walk-ins. This way they can determine if your case warrants institutionalization or outpatient care.


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