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A Roller Coaster Diet, The Story of Success and Failure of One Man's Diet.

Updated on July 12, 2011

Ugggg.... diets

Diet... A word that fills many of our minds with horror and dread. A word that reminds us all of the suffering and hardships we have each endured for our appearance and/or health. Everyone has dieted. Everyone has tried to lose weight at some time or other, for one reason or another. For most people, its not an enjoyable endeavor. Most people don't enjoy giving up the foods they love or working themselves to death to try and re-sculpt themselves to the images of 'beautiful' people on TV.

I am no exception. I love food. I love greasy fattening sweet delicious food!!!

I too however find myself desiring a more aesthetically pleasing physique for myself. I too have the desire to have the stamina and strength I once had. I also sort of kind of maybe want to be just a little bit healthy.

I too, have tried countless diets, hints, tricks, supplements etc.. I know how hard it is to successfully and healthfully lose weight. Over time I have come to realize that dieting and losing weight is like anything. The more you know, and the more you practice, the better you get at it.

So this is the story of my latest diet, including my successes and my failures. Perhaps you can take something away from my personal experiences that help you on your own journey. Please remember as you read this that I am in no way a medical professional or a nutritionist. Really... I'm just another average Joe with a few extra pounds too shed. I cannot be held responsible for the actions others take in their personal diets, and as the back of diet pill bottles say, "You should speak with your doctor before beginning any diet and exercise regimen."

The Weight Loss Race Begins!!!

I began my current diet January 2, 2011. It wasn't a New Years Resolution or anything I just realized I was getting quite heavy once again in my life. The day I began my diet I weighed in at 289lbs.... ouch. I've only been that heavy a handful of times. That is not a good feeling to experience. I knew it was time to make some changes.

After having experienced several different types of diets, and listened to hundreds of people tell me what works or doesn't, and the hours upon hours I've spent personally researching I put a plan together for myself.

I would attempt to get myself up early everyday and do some cardio. Then throughout the day I would eat several small healthy meals, and in the evening I would cut back on carbs and fat, while still consuming large amounts of protein. I would weight train after work in the evenings.

In the beginning I must admit... I didn't do so hot at waking up early to do cardio. My original cardio plans involved running. I was not in the shape to run anywhere. My first day I ran a few laps around perimeter of my fairly large property in the thirty degree weather. It hurt. A lot. So much for moderation. I guess I thought I was tougher than I really was. When I had finished my chest burned and my chubby little legs were trembling in agony.

The next day I did it again. I guess I still thought I was tougher than I really was. Again I stood outside fat little legs trembling and my hear pounding.

The next day I slept in.

The other aspects of my diet plan went much better. I was very excited and enthused about getting back in to shape and trying to drop some pounds, so I managed to actually stick to the diet plan fairly well.

The weight lifting also went according to plan. I had a friend agree to come lift with me which always makes it much easier for me to stick with it. It also helped me tremendously that I had a spare bedroom. After a throwing a few things around and some minor crashes and bangs, my hot pink spare bedroom (It used to belong to a little girl) became a fully functional weight room.

The month of January wore on, and my diet went unbelievably well. Before the month ended I was weighing in at approximately 265!!!

This success wouldn't last though....

The speed at which my diet was moving.
The speed at which my diet was moving.

Women, Weather, and Really Big Burritos

Around the time of my peak weight loss performance my area was struck with a huge blizzard. I knew it could potentially go bad. I knew it would be smart to stock up on my healthy foods and get prepared. I knew it would be wise to park my Jeep at the bottom of my driveway in case it snowed as heavily as they predicted. I didn't do either of the above. The first real speed bump in my diet came in the form of being less than prepared for being trapped in my house for a week. After the first few days of being stuck, I ran out of all of my healthy food. It became a matter of survival. At least thats what I told myself as I rummaged through my cupboards finding less than nutritional items to chow down on.

I told myself that as soon as the weather cleared up I would get back to my normal routine. That never happened because a second storm came in after the first... again leaving me more or less snowed in. A little less this time actually because I was smart enough to leave my jeep at the bottom of my big hill, and to acquire a sled I could pull groceries up to my house with.

Before the snow finished melting the next speed bump hit. My girlfriend came to visit for a week. Now, this excuse may seem less viable, and I won't try to justify it, but this put my return to the normal routine off for another week.

After that I tried to get back on course over and over. Sometimes I would do great for a day or two, but I just kept catching myself ordering pizza or hamburgers with fries or giant burritos with queso or fresh doughnuts or.. well you get the idea. I put somewhere between five and ten pounds back on.

It didn't take long for me to get fed up with myself.

The Ressurection of the Diet

Finally enough was a enough. I decided it was time to get my diet back in to gear. I decided I would get back to it, and stick to it.

That was two weeks ago.

I won't say that I haven't had some minor speed bumps, but for the most part I've stuck to eating right. I haven't been able to jump back in to weightlifting yet, as I seem to have pulled something in my neck. I should probably get it checked out. I have however found a solution to my morning cardio. I bought an XBOX Kinect to use as my cardio workout, and surprisingly enough, getting up early to play video games isn't nearly as bad as running in the cold.

Over the course of this diet I have not done perfect, and there were many times I let myself down. I have succeeded and I have failed both, but the important part is that I've learned and I've managed to come back from each setback. At each step of the road I learned more about what I needed to do differently to improve. I'm proud to say that I am currently sticking to it and have been making some progress. When I started I weighed 289lbs.... Today I weigh 257.5lbs and I have not intention of stopping anytime soon...

...unless of course I happen to cross paths with another really big burrito.

Uh oh
Uh oh


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