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Updated on December 29, 2017


Antibiotic resistance is said to be the ability of micro-organisms and specifically bacteria to survive and keep producing its damages by multiplying inside the host despite of the fact that antibiotic drugs are used against them



Post-Antibiotic era for men is unacceptable , as without antibiotics it will be so difficult and almost impossible to cure even very little injuries .before the warning time ends and we are unable to fightback antibiotic resistance , we must take important steps without any delay and lengthen the period of Antibiotic treatment era


There are various ways through which , bacteria become resistant to drugs that are used to kill them , some of them may include

  1. mutations in genetic coding
  2. blockage of drug receptors


“There is the danger”, he said, “that the ignorant man may easily underdose himself and by exposing his microbes to non-lethal quantities of the drug make them resistant.”



The most alarming and life threatening situation in medical field.Many of the previously used life saving drugs like that of penicillin and tetracycline group of drugs have become resistant and shows no affect to various bacterial infections ,that later on grow to dangerous and incurable diseases and in many cases patients die.This antibiotic/drug resistance problem is increasing so rapidly that ,it looks we are going to enter in post-antibiotic era where little bacterial infections will cause death.The causes of this problem includes; self-medication, improper diagnosis of disease by physicians, over-use of Antibiotics in Agriculture and Animal treatment, low-dose and incomplete treatment courses.after going through various articles over Antibiotic-Resistance, I came to realize if we want to live a healthy life we must not rely on Antibiotic use over very minute problems .Allah almighty has blessed us with a powerful immunity that can itself fightback various problems without taking medicines. So if we can not afford post-antibiotic era , we must be playing our part of role and avoid ignorance towards our health.Today almost entire world including Pakistan is facing the problem of Antibiotic resistance ,to overcome this the government must take notice and arrange certain awareness programs among the local citizens and some spacial workshops for physicians and similarly enough budget should be provided to the pharmacy to introduce new drugs that are useful against resistant bacteria.

SOME IMPORTANT ANTIBIOTICS their sources and action

microbial sources
penicillium chrysogenum , p.notatum, phenyl acetic acid
tonsilitis , sore throat, gnonorrhea, rheumatic fever,some pneumonia types
Bacillus lichiniformis
syphilis lymphonema or reticulosis
streptomyces gryseus
meningitis , pneumonia , tuberculosis and local infection
Chlortetracycline- Hydrogenation streptomyces rimousus
Intestinal and Urinary infections
Micromonosopora Purpurea
effective aginst gram +ve bacteria
Bacillus Polymyxa
copied from web

advanced research in antibiotic resistance

the modern research in this issue addresses that spread of Multi-resistant bacteria are major causes of this .

Various articles and research papers suggest that if this resistance kept rising and no measures are taken then it may cause post-antibiotic era


The main issue and actual problem about antibiotic drugs resistance is the lack of knowledge to the common people and its improper diagnosis by the physicians and the ignorance about its advanced studies by the scientists

spreading of antibacterial resistance

spreading of antibiotic resistance
spreading of antibiotic resistance | Source


having studied about this topic from my teachers , mentors and from various authentic books and articles , i am at a views that although resistance shown by various strains of even same species of bacteria and other microbes is a very clever and outstanding way of their survival which has really made many scientists to think like to combat and to fight against this evil of microbes is nearly impossible and the governments , organizations and various responsible authorities has put their lesser interests over its solution but being a student of veterinary medicine and a scientific era i can claim going through this article about antibiotic resistance , one can get some sort of help to combat this severe issue of scientific era


© 2017 Abdul Waheed baloch , must watch and share it

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