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Ab Circle Pro

Updated on January 18, 2011

Ab Circle Pro The Best Ab Machine?

Ab Circle Pro As Seen On TV Fitness
Ab Circle Pro As Seen On TV Fitness

Ab Circle Pro As Seen On TV Exercise

The Ab Circle Pro is one of those pieces of As Seen On TV Exercise Equipment which deserves a closer look. I know these ab machines always seem to good to be true but the Ab Circle Pro shows some promise.

For most of us an ab workout is one of the most painful and tedious workouts we can do and frankly they often yield little to no results. Sure, after doing our best lower ab workout we feel a burn but are any of us really thinking we're gonna look any better?  So far my most enjoyable workout is with the perfect punch but it is not specifically designed to work the mid-section.

I'm always for taking the easy way out when it comes to working out and when I'm in the gym I look for ab machines that look easy to use and the Ab Circle Pro is one of them. And yes my gym has one laying around. I noticed the odd looking contraption one day but was very intimidated because event though it looked easy, I thought I might look pretty silly using this this as opposed to other ab machines. But, once I saw the Ab Circle Pro, and I began to see it everywhere on Late Night tv infomercials, I tried it.

At first I thought it was laughable because there was a seriously hot fitness model named Jennifer Nicole Lee telling me that it was a great upper ab workout and probably the best lower ab workout but I just figured she had the perfect body naturally. It was then I found out she lost over 70lbs and pretty much blames it all on the Ab Circle Pro. She uses it in her gym and I continued to use it mine

Ab Circle Pro Commercial

Buy Ab Circle Pro

I'm not gonna say that all As Seen On TV Exercise Equipment works, but I'm willing to try anything if it doesn't look too hard. I'm way into the Contour Abs Belt even though I haven't had it long enough to judge if it really works well, but Jennifer Nicole Lee looks great in the Abs Circle Pro Commercial and provides some compelling arguments. Then again it's your typical infomercial type sales pitch. Let's take a look before you buy ab circle pro.

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

The Ab Circle Pro commercial says the secret for success is the combination of Cardio and ab workouts to burn fat while strengthening the core muscles. I've heard that all before and I take the 2 week guarantee to lose 10lbs with a grain of salt. But what appeals to me about the Ab Circle Pro is the friction free motion which is a fancy way to say this is an easy ab workout.

In my opinion, an easy ab workout usually does not include most ab machines. They seem to require as much effort as sit-ups or crunches and don't always isolate core muscles. But the Ab Circle pro really is an easy ab workout. The burn is there after an upper ab workout or lower ab workout but you are not exhausted or strained. I may even admit to an invigorating workout due to the Cardio. For this reason alone, I was interested in finding Ab Circle Pro reviews where users mentioned their results.

One of the most impressive Ab Circle Pro Reviews I found was from Jennifer Nicole Lee herself because not only does she pitch the Ab Circle Pro in the infomercial, but she actually uses it as a major part of her easy ab workout routine. That's what the above video shows. I'm impressed but not completely sold.

I mean Jennifer Nicole Lee looks like she's in perfect shape and that requires more than using ab machines and claiming her her routine is an easy ab workout. But, the Ab Circle Pro commercial does show her before and after photos and I imagine that integrating the ab circle pro into a sensible workout routine will produce positive results. But before you buy ab circle pro, or any other as seen on TV exercise equipment, watch the video below and see if you believe the hype.

Ab Circle Pro With Jennifer Nicole Lee

Ab Circle Pro Reviews

Ok, now that I watch the video again, I'm a little annoyed by Jennifer Nicole Lee. She seems a little too perfect and the video is obviously part of some as seen on TV product pitch, but when you get past that stuff, it's hard completely disregard the Ab Circle Pro.

It is an easy ab workout, it really does only take about 5 minutes and it iseasy very portable. (and very silly looking) I do want to make it clear that I didn't buy ab circle pro because there's still one at my gym. But I really am thinking about it. And, I'm still qualified to do an Ab Circle Pro Review because of this fact. I mean, I really do use it now. I'm no longer intimidated by its weird shape and I'm over the fact that I look completely idiotic on it.

One reason I want to buy one is the cool thing Jennifer Nicole Lee shows us in the above video. She says she likes to warm up doing a push up motion. Now for most of us push ups are more than a warm up. They count as a real exercise! But most ab machines are just that, and rarely allow us to work other parts of our bodies. So being able to do push ups at home on a machine which provides an increased range of "push up" motion is noteworthy. I bought the Perfect Push Ups for the extra range of motion, but Ab Circle Pro has that built in.

Further, I love doing the exact same back stretches seen in the video, in they are much easier on the Ab Circle Pro than on the the floor. The incline of your body provides a bit of a deeper stretch. I also want to point out that I enjoy the fact that I'm no longer on the floor during my abdominal workouts and I'm no longer on my back. Couple this with the reverse grip to burn up the arms and the removable pin to transform the Ab Circle Pro into a thigh blaster and I'm sold.

My Ab Circle Pro review is a good one and this As Seen On TV Exercise Equipment gets my seal of approval. (But Who Am I?) Here's the latest Ab Circle Pro Offers and Customer Service Information

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Best Workouts - Ab Circle Pro

The Ab Circle Mini

It turns out that the Ab Circle Mini has been launched and is the new version of the Ab Circle Pro. From what I can gather the ab circle mini is smaller, more portable and less expensive than the Ab Circle Pro, but operates on the same circular technology.

We'll see Jennifer Nicole Lee on television with her new product throughout the summer and a recent press release states the product will be in wide distribution this fall. If the ab circle mini is half as popular as the original, I suppose we will have another massive hit on our hands.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Worst waste of money ever, hurt knees & rollers wearout way too easy

    • myawn profile image


      8 years ago from Florida

      I was wondering about this machine I need to lose waist and thigh inches and fat I will also read about the mini. Thanks for the great hub!

    • NuWave Oven profile image

      NuWave Oven 

      8 years ago

      The Ab Circle Pro is one that I like. There are tons of videos on youtube with the product and the spokes model is really great. The way I eat, I should have next to my table.

    • MiniCircle profile image


      8 years ago

      This is a great Hub. I'm a fan of Ab Circle Pro and getting ready to watch as Jennifer Nicole Lee's new product, The Mini Circle makes it's debut. I think it will be equally successful.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I wanted to say that I've had my ab circle pro for awhile and I think it's pretty good but I wish the knee pads were a little sturdier. I don't think I've abused them in any way yet they feel like they may come apart soon. Other than that the Ab Circle Pro has been good for me because I use it alot more than any other ab thing I've ever bought

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      found the subliminal message

      It says "Unrendered" Its hard to stop it on the 2:32 for a microsecond. If i had guess what this could possibly mean i would say.... its not an official rendered or finished copy

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I was trying to figure out what the word was on the blue screen in her video. There are a few though out. It looks like a subliminal msg. There is one a 3:32. Id would like to point out that I wonder if you will feel an extra burn or get more results if you try to stabilize your core while you use the machine? I am also contemplating buying one..if its worth it.


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