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Ab Doer Twist Scam

Updated on May 27, 2012

Is The Ab Doer Twist A Scam Or Not?

There is a lot of emphasis placed on the midsection in this day and age. The health concerns linked directly with stomach fat seem to be increasing each day. It is because of this that there have been so many infomercials and ads focused on abdominal exercise machines. Some of the most important abdominal exercise machines include the Ab Glider, Ab Doer Twist, Ab Circle Pro, Ab Roller, Ab Rocket Trainer, and Ab Wheel. The abdominal exercise machine I will be focusing on today is the Ab Doer Twist. I will try and help you decide whether or not the Ab Doer Twist is a scam or not.

What Do You Want From The Abdoer Twist?

The first thing we need to address is what you are trying to get out of the Ab Doer Twist. You have to understand that no abdominal exercise machine is going to do the exercise for you. You actually have to take time out of your day and workout. An abdominal exercise machine is just a tool used to aid.

Ab Doer Twist - Easy To Assemble

The Ab Doer Twist is very easy to assemble. From the moment you get the Ab Doer Twist, it only takes a few moments to setup. Obviously, you have to take it out of the box and put it together. This takes 15-20 minutes max. Next, you have to set your preferences. You will need to adjust the resistance level, seat level, roller position, and arm bars. After you have this set, you are ready to workout.

Ab Doer Twist - Easy To Use

The Ab Doer Twist is easy to use. The Ab Doer Twist is comprised of a seat with cushion, a flexible column, a massage roller and contoured arm bars. The seat cushion prevents people from getting sore and quitting before they otherwise would have because it provides extra comfort to the posterior. The flexible column provides resistance to your abdominal workout. The ergonomically designed arm bars prevent pain from developing in the shoulders, back, elbows, or wrists. The massage roller, located behind your upper back, massages the upper back muscles while you move. The Abdoer Twist works out the abs, obliques, buttocks, hips, and the lower back area. Because the Ab Doer Twist has multiple resistances, adjustable seat and arm bar positions, it is designed for everyone.

Ab Doer Twist - Easy To Put Away

The Ab Doer Twist is easy to put away. The best thing about the Abdoer Twist is its tiny size and folding ability. Its small size allows you to place it somewhere out of the way and not have to worry about it . Even better still, Its folding ability makes it so that it can fit almost anywhere. Because of the simplicity of the machine, you can use the Ab Doer Twist with minimal effort and time whether in your home or office.

Ab Doer Twist - In Conclusion

In conclusion, the Abdoer Twist is not a scam. It provides a useful tool for a decent price. I believe the Abdoer Twist is more useful to you if you are only beginning to workout or are starting to workout again after a long break. I would also recommend the Abdoer Twist to people who have had past injuries and have a difficult time performing traditional abdominal exercises (i.e. crunches, hyperextensions, etc.). If you are a very experienced exerciser and have a lot of time to exercise, you wouldn't need this piece of equipment because you would have the time to exercise the traditional way.

Where To Buy The Ab Doer Twist

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