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Acai Berry Side Effects

Updated on March 12, 2011

With all of the recent hype about the benefits of Acai berry for weight loss, disease prevention, and reversing the signs of aging, it is natural for one to wonder if there are any side effect to Acai berry or its juices and extracts. Eating Acai berries is like eating apples. They are a very nutritious fruit and if they are pure Acai berries, then they are free from side effects. Many of the locals in the Amazon rain forest and Brazil eat these little berries. It is reported that close to 42% of their diet consists of raw berries. These berries have been consumed by indigenous peoples for centuries, and there have been no reports of any side effects. The only potential for any adverse reactions is if an individual is allergic to Acai berry.

With that said, you must know that a lot of companies are now jumping on the marketing bandwagon to reap the financial rewards of the results offered by this wonder fruit. These companies do add ingredients to the products, but a lot of the time, this is done simply to save money. It is usually only filler ingredients added to the natural Acai berry juices and extracts. However, when it is not to save money, these ingredients are very active and meant to enhance some of the benefits of the Acai berries. 

The down side to this is that these ingredients can have some side effects. These ingredients can include caffeine, fruit juices, sugar, and other herbs and supplements.  Another bad thing about this is that these manmade compounds have very little amounts of the actual Acai berry. This almost completely wipes out the benefits of the fruit and with almost no testing done on these mixtures we do not know truly what all the side effects can be. So if you have health issues or are just concerned about a particular Acai berry product, it is suggested that you stick to the pure Acai berries.  You can buy these as a freeze dried supplement or in their original form. Many Acai berry juices also contain very few additional ingredients. Check the label if there is ever any question about additional ingredients.

If you are taking a supplement that has any possible side effect, these are things you should know.  If you have allergies to pollen or berries it is recommended that you speak with your doctor before use. People that are on medication such as blood pressure medication need to avoid supplements that have other ingredients. Try something that is natural or with ingredients that you know are ok to mix with what you are already taking. Now, they do make acai berry puree and these are pretty close to the natural deal. Normally, they mix it with a little grape juice for sweetener. The only side effect you should encounter with these is maybe some mild diarrhea due to the excessive amounts of sugar, but other than that you should be good.


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