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Acid Reflux Vs. Apple Cider Vinegar

Updated on August 26, 2012

Its been quite a while now that I haven't write anything on my Hub right after I was diagnosed for Acid Reflux or GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). My trouble with it has affected my daily activities and social bonding due to its very uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms. I know its not just me who had been suffering this kind of disease there are many more out there and more serious than mine but still seeking ways to stop or control it.

Now what I will be sharing here to you is my experience on GERD and how I was healed not by medication but by changing my lifestyle, diet, sleeping position and taking Apple Cider Vinegar in the formula.

I never thought that at my young age I had this symptoms although I know everyone could have it because even childrens could acquire it too. The reason that I got this is because first I drink a lot of alcohol, ate too much fatty, oily and spicy foods, stress, chocolates and loves to drink softdrinks every after meal. This is a long time habit and it just all stop when I had these most terrible atttack when I wake up in the morning. It feels like I had to puke everything in my stomach eventhough it had no more.

All of these started after we had the biggest celebration at my friends house. We had a lot of drinks and a lot of tempting fatty, oily and spicy foods on the table. I'll tell you that too much eating and drinking is truly one of the capital sin, Gluttony. You wouldn't realize that one yet not until it hit you. Oh well, I learned from it now.

What causes your Acid Reflux attack?

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I tried all sorts of medication like zantac, losec and pantoloc these are PPI or Proton Pump Inhibitors, doses of these stops acid secretion in your stomach. Although these medication are to stop acid secretion but I'll tell you that base on my experience and basing in the experience of others that I've read they all said the same thing it didn't work. And taken these medication for a longer period of time might have side effects on your kidney and so I stop these medication because it not only worries me but also gives uncomfortable side effects such the last one I've taken, Pantoloc tablets.

What medicine have your tried so far?

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Foods and Drinks to Avoid

  • Spicy foods - these are one of my favorites and but sad to say that I had to stop it. My Auntie usually prepares spicy appetizers.
  • Fatty foods - Oh well putting pork, chicken skin and my favorite lechon out from the table.
  • Oily foods - my mother cook a lot of oily foods and one of my favorite is Fried Fish. Too bad I only have to enjoy Tinowa or fish cooked with hot non spicy soup.
  • Chocolates - no more chocolates.
  • Junk foods - no more crunching time.
  • Alcohol/Liquor - no more good times with friends who drinks a lot.
  • Softdrinks - Coca Cola, Pepsi they are out of the list.
  • Citrus/Acidic drinks - big No No No.
  • Cigarrete Smoking - yep, yep..good thing Im not addicted to it.

Managing Stress

I know for sure many of you are all stress up and like me stress is like everyday. Not getting enough sleep is one of my main reason because insomnia strikes me most of the time. Now in my work I have been sitting the entire day facing the computer, though it may sound relaxing but honestly it ain't.

Managing stress is not really easy but with constant practice then it makes you feel a lot better. Here's what I do to manage my stressful life.

  • I learned to say NO when somebody ask about something.
  • At the bathroom, it feels really nice to take 5 deep breaths right after taking a shower.
  • I close my eyes and listen to relaxing sounds.
  • After getting up from bed, I take Apple Cider Vinegar then I stretch up and do a little exercise.
  • At work, I take 5 deep breaths before I start tapping the keyboards. Take sometime to get up from your chair and take a little time to walk around.
  • Glasses of water everyday is a good habit to release some kind of tension or pressure from work. Doctors recommend 2 liters of water every day.
  • Take things one at a time. Finish the first one before you do the other one. 
  • Though I'm having trouble sleeping but thankfully now I was able to overcome it.

Apple Cider Vinegar

I thought having Acid Reflux is forever since medication doesn't work for me but thankfully I stumbled on the site called I never thought there are many who suffers on Acid Reflux but many are amazingly cured after following a simple formula to cure it. Many had testified and proves that Apple Cider Vinegar really works and so I give it a shot.

I take Apple Cider Vinegar 30 minutes before meals and take before going to bed. I'm doing it for two weeks and it was indeed has wonderful effects on me.

Heres the formula.

Apple Cider Vinegar (Unpasturized, Organic with Mothers)

2 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar added to 8oz of water.

Take this formula 30 minutes before meals. Use straw to zip it to avoid destroying your teeth. Or you may gargle water after taking the formula.


After two weeks of taking this formula I feel much better now like everyone else at earthclinic. It really works and hope you guys could try it too.


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    • KT Banks profile image

      KT Banks 4 years ago from Texas

      I happy to have found this information. I just read another hub about taking ACV to help lose weight. I was afraid to take it because of having GERD and an acidic stomach. I was afraid the ACV would make it worse. Now I feel hopeful.

      I wounder if the tablets would work as well?

      Thanks for sharing this!

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 5 years ago

      Kabiria, its nice to hear your theory about all these acidity thing. Thanks for sharing.

    • profile image

      Kabiria 5 years ago

      I use ACV at least once a day, it works, suffered GERD for 25+ years.

      First time I heard of it was on a PBS TV show about detox techniques.

      This is my conclusion, stomach acid (hydrocloric acid) is the second strongest acid in nature, 2nd to Sulfuric acid., so hearing that some foods cause stomach acidity makes no sense, the stomach normal status should be acidic so it can disolve chewed food to a liquid form ready for intestine absorption. people 40+ start producing less stomach acid, that's why all these GERD symtoms start to maniphest, there are other causes that kill the stomach acid, you guessed it, ANTACIDS (ALKA ZELTZER, TUMS, ....ZANTAC, OMEPRAZOLE) the stomach uses acid and Apple Cider Vinegar produces acid, that's why it works, never use it with sodium carbonate (an antacid). some markets sell apple cider vinegar tablets, hope this info helps.

      FYI, Zantac and Omeprazole likes are the largest moneymaker for pharmaceuticals.

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 5 years ago

      2 tablespoon

    • profile image

      jack cole 5 years ago

      2 tablespoon or teaspoon?

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 6 years ago

      Hi Bexz, you're welcome.. take care..

    • Bexz profile image

      Bexz 6 years ago from Mecca, California


      Days had gone by..and I wasn't able to thank you for the additional tips. Thanks much!

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 6 years ago

      Thank you for writing a short testimony.

    • profile image

      Multiman 6 years ago

      Very good apple cider works!

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 6 years ago

      Hi Bexz, thanks for dropping.

      If apple cider vinegar doesn't work for him or he doesn't like the taste, he can try CF Unlimited Drops - checkout information here - Make 5 drops of it with 500ml bottle water then drink whenever he want to. It neutralize and alkalize stomach ph. Works well for me too and bring along with me.

      Hope this helps..

    • Bexz profile image

      Bexz 6 years ago from Mecca, California

      Hi, Thanks for posting your experience about Acid Reflux or GERD. My husband is experiencing this and was advised to take zantac. I will suggest to him to use apple cider vinegar too. Take care...hope you are feeling better now.

    • profile image

      Leony 6 years ago

      Thank you so much to posting this.I had been suffering..acid reflux that was long time ago. It is a big helps for me, when I read your testimony. I'm very thankful to God..Thanks and God bless.

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 7 years ago

      Indeed, it has many wonderful effects to our body..

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 9 years ago

      You're right hot dorkage, some ppi and antacid would really don't work on some instances. I had my bad experience with those medicine too. Now I'm staying away from it for good.

      Yes indeed stress management is vital to prevention and cure of this disease. There are times that I have to set down and listen to a recorded sound of nature. Taking deep breaths and freeing your mind helps a lot to relax your entire body. It's a good feeling afterwards it. Did you try this?

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 9 years ago from Oregon, USA

      my doc says I have GERD too but i don't believe because never heart burn nor stomach ache.

      I like to drink coffee and also eat spicy foods. I had prilosec for 2 week and didn't like it it made all food not taste good. and it didn't stop tight chest symptom that made doc diagnose GERD.

      What stop symptom was getting rid of stress. Now I am good again.

    • babybrownfox profile image

      babybrownfox 9 years ago

      Hi Eileen, thanks for leaving your comment here.. I'm really glad to have shared my experience on Acid Reflux and Apple Cider Vinegar here in Hubpages and hoping that many would benefit on it.

      I'll be happy to share links with your articles. By that, we could reach more readers worldwide. Please do add my article to your hub and I will do the same thing. Thank you.

    • Eileen Hughes profile image

      Eileen Hughes 9 years ago from Northam Western Australia

      Glad you wrote this article. I think by talking about it is part of the cure and it will surely help others with the same problem.

      I know that apple cider vinegar is a great boost to health benefits in fact I wrote an article on this. If interested you can check this out.

      I will put a link to yours on my one and if ok can you do the same to mine. thanks