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Acne Cure Through Home remedies

Updated on May 13, 2010

First lets know what actually a acne is

Acne is a skin disease affecting the sebaceous gland (glands which produce oily secretion ). Thee glands are especially large upon the nose where their openings from pits that are clearly visible. there appears to be an individual predisposition to the disease and is dependent on the development of the sebaceous glands which takes place at puberty. It occurs in both the sexes particularly between the ages of fourteen and twenty. The condition is often associated with dyspepsia, and lack of fresh air and exercise.

Acne is the bane for the drug manufacturers. Millions of people find employment in the production of lotions, creames and drugs claiming to cure acne, of course , but are bought at great expenses. The only thing that they do is to suppress the action of the sebaceous glands temporarily. Blemishes left by the removal of black heads can only be hidden under a coat of make-up, which tends to worsen the condition of the skin.

home remedies for acne save your bucks from stupid beauty products

Its a well known fact that acne is caused to dyspepsia and constipation which must be treated before there can be any hope of dealing with acne. The surest way for this is to control the diet. Hygiene of the whole body must be taken care of ( how to take bath ) and a lot of fresh air and exercise taken to reactivate the pores to expel the poisons from the body through profuse sweating.

The best method of dealing with acne is dietary: include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Take plenty of water so that your bladder ejects the morbid matter through its activity. Seasonal fruits and raw vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes, carrot, spinach, and cabbage should be your mainstay. If this dietary regimen is continued for some time, acne would vanish.

Steaming your face can help. Take boiling water in a basin and hold your face over it so that the steam opens the pores. After about 15 minutes of this treatment, wipe the face and wash it in cold water. Dip a swab of cotton in fresh lemon juice and rub it on your face gently. Let the juice dry on the face and then wash it after some time. It will not only remove the dirt that might have gone into your pores but would also give it a glow of freshness. You can also apply a paste of bark of neem tree if you can get one. Simply take out some dry bark from the tree and rub it on some rough surface to create a paste like consistency before rubbing make sure the bark is wet. Apply the paste for some days and the results would be visible soon.


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