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How To Take A Bath

Updated on June 25, 2010


Taking a bath is daily ritual, but few understand its importance. That is why for most of us just a splash of water over our head is enough to what we may call a bath. But actually bathing is much more than that. Bathing has two main objectives 1.) To cleanse our body: our body has numerous pores which secret different kind of oils and pigments. When these pores get blocked we suffer from diseases and skin eruptions like acne and pimples. 2.) Revitalisg us by enhancing the flow of blood in our body by the tingling sensation of cold water running through various parts of our body.

Hot Water Bath

The first purpose of cleanliness can be well accomplished with Hot water bath. So, a question arises why not cold water bath. Well for a very simple reason that  cold water is not good at removing oil and dirt. Hot water mixed with lemon juice is excellent for bathing. And as a addon it would be even better if you could simply toast your lemon slightly on fire and then rub it all over your body to clean it. And it would be better than any soap available in market.

Taking hot water bath before sleep at night can help you buy some sound sleep that too at the cost of just a bucket full of water. And if you are suffering  from cold take a hot water bath and get some woolen cloths on yourself and slip into your bed and the next morning or may in a few mornings your cold would have gone. And then after hours of hard work there could be nothing as soothing as a hot water bath as it is proven to remove fatigue and tiredness. 

but every thing is good as long as it is in right proportions so make sure you donn't develop a habit of hot water baths. Hot water baths should be taken occasionaly only like twice a week or so, not daily. It can causelethargy and weak digestive system too.

How To Take Cold Water Bath

Hot water bath has its own benefit but daily bath should be taken with cold water only, because it helps to enhance the bloood circulation. As when cold water rushes trough our body its cold tingling feel makes our skin cold,and to warm up this the blood rushes to various body parts.It thus helps to activate blood circulation and cleanses many impurities too. It thus helps us remain young as poor blood circulation is to be found in old ones.

The best way to start a bath is to rub the whole of your body palms or with a rough towel. One should start with scalp,forehead face and the neck. This should be followed by shoulders,armpits,wrists,arm,chest,abdomen,thighs,and feet must come at last. One should make sure that his or her feets are straight while cleaning them. In the beginning rubbing should be gently and then pressure should be increased.

After vigorous rubbing take a cold bath. Then wipe your body with a towel. And if you want to increase the pleasure one can use his palms also to wipe the body, it gives a pleasant sensation in winter seasons.

If this method of bathing is followed i can guarantee that you would not have any skin problems like acne or pimples which mar your beautiful skin.


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    • profile image

      Gunjan 5 years ago

      You should always bath everday morning and rember god after bathing

    • profile image

      Stranger 6 years ago

      Great Tips, Thanks !

    • wittywit profile image

      Pranshu Kumar Chaudhary 7 years ago from INDIA

      if you are here to know more about bathing this link may interest you all