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Activities for those over 60

Updated on January 30, 2016

For those in their 60s it can be a scary and yet exciting period of their lives due to the fact that at this point they’ll now be thinking about retirement. For those in their 60s whether they are retiring or not, it is unlikely that they’ll want to carry out the same activities as those that are younger than them will. For example, how many pensioners can you really see partaking in white water rafting, bungee jumping and paintballing compared to those younger than them? That’s not to say that people in their 60s don’t do these tasks, it’s just that there is less of them doing it.


Whilst it may seem stereotypical to suggest those 60 and up are into bowls, it is actually a really fun sport that many retired people actively get involved in. The biggest reason for this is that it is regarded as a social sport so you’re always going to be in contact with others. However, what makes it ideal for those in the retirement bracket and thereafter is that whilst it does involve a degree of exercising, it is not one in which you would over exert yourself.

There is no doubt that as we get older, the chances of injury occurring due to over exertion increases each year. This is especially true for those that have had moderately sedentary lifestyles up until the point of retirement. Bowls lets those that are retired have fun, meet new people and get some great exercise without going totally overboard about it.

Start writing online

Did you know that anyone can write for the very site that you’re on just now? HubPages lets you write about a wide array of topics of your choice providing that it isn’t illegal or illicit. This can be a great way to supplement your pension since HubPages allows you to earn money on the articles you write if you opt to have adverts in the side pane of these articles.

Also, if your Hub is relating to a specific product, i.e. a product review then you will be able to earn a commission from Amazon if you choose to embed an Amazon widget within the article, provided that Amazon stocks the product you are writing about.

Painting classes

Many say that painting is an art form and a gift that takes years to nurture and perfect. With the ever growing hectic lifestyles of individuals over the years thanks to bigger and grander demands at work, very few have the time to devote themselves to a hobby such as painting.

However, when you reach the age in that you are no longer working, this gives you the opportunity to actually partake in activities such as painting classes. Not only is it extremely fun to do, but there is absolutely no exertion involved in such a task, unless of course you a perfectionist!

Further, it is also a relaxing hobby to take up since you’re creating something of your own and science has found that taking pleasure in things you have done or made not only makes you feel calmer but it also has a beneficial impact on your health since it can lower your blood pressure.


Sadly though, it may be at this time that those in their 60s lose someone that they care deeply about in their lives for a wide variety of reasons. Having said that, it may be the case that someone has always put their career at the forefront of their life and have never actually met that special someone to spend a high amount of quality time with. In this case, online dating can be a real way for people to meet others and begin a romantic relationship with. It may be the case that they’re new to the dating scene once again for various reasons and due to this it can be a pretty scary prospect of putting yourself back out there once again.

However, the thing with online dating is that you can get a strong grasp at what an individual is like before deciding whether or not you are willing to make the jump and meet up with them. By having a high amount of contact with the person beforehand you can build up a much better opinion of someone than you can when you randomly meet someone at the pub or other recreational venue.

Further, you can think of this is a vetting process by the fact that you are eliminating those that you know after a few messages aren’t right for you. This is much better than having the all too common awkward and embarrassing date with someone you have nothing in common with.

The thing with online dating though is that there is a wealth of website available online, as well as apps whereby you could go to meet your new potential love interest. Thankfully these days, there is a dating website that will cater to pretty much anyones tastes, as well as those over 60. One such example of this is

By having a website for those solely over 60, it helps to eliminate the time wasters and the less than reputable people that may look for dates and other activities online. This will allow you to specifically search for people in your own age bracket instead of being lost in a sea of people that are a lot younger than you and most likely have nothing in common with.

That’s not all

Whilst this isn’t an exhaustive list of things the over 60s can do, it’s a helpful start at what is possible for those that are reaching and may have already reached retirement age. Your local community centre will almost certainly also have various activities that you can partake in which will not only help keep the mind active but also allow you to get out and meet new people.


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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      2 years ago from The Caribbean

      All good suggestions. Social life is very important to aging individuals. Thank you for the push.


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