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Acupressure without the Charts

Updated on March 8, 2010

This article provides a method to perceive acupressure points in someone else, which, combined with reviewing the actual pressure points, can serve as a powerful healing tool.

Shortly after receiving my attunement to Reiki, my belief in my ability and my desire to help others dramatically increased.  I noticed that with some people I was drawn to certain problem areas of the body.  Sometimes, though, Reiki wasn't enough.  People seemed to need real tissue work.  And so, from there, I studied Shiatsu massage and the meridians of the body.

Without realizing it, I started practicing acupressure massage.  It took a while, but I was eventually able to tune into someone's body and sort of just feel problem areas, or blockages, and go right to the spots that needed clearing. 

Please understand that I am just a normal Joe-Schmoe.  I wasn't born psychic.  I was not a "sensitive" with the ability to be sense ailments or whatever.  I envy people who can do all those cool psychic behavior type of things.  And if you happened to read my article, "Is a Reiki Attunement Necessary?" ( you'd understand that I believe that a person may not really need an official Reiki attunement to help others.

I say all this because I firmly believe that with devoted practice and a sincere desire and intent to help others, anyone can soon "tune in" to someone else's body and go exactly where that person needs acupressure the most.  And you don't need to open an office or start a business to help people.  Just helping your spouse, children, or family members is satisfying enough.

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Step One: Practice with the charts

The first thing is to work with people by following the techniques and charts found on many quality sites (google the terms "acupressure" or "acupressure points" as a start.). You should also study the shiatsu meridians of the body with a partner.  You'll be surprised at how you can sort of just feel these with the slightest bit of practice.

Since there's an assumption that you'll be doing this without proper training, you should always err on the side of caution.  Don't press too hard if you're not sure and definitely listen, REALLY listen, to the person you're working with.

You can use various massage tools (my absolute favorite is the dolphin massager - see Amazon link below - because the various fins and nose are specifically sized for shiatsu and pressure point massage) because sometimes your hands or fingers could use a little help.  However, I find that it's more difficult to "tune in" to someone's body if I use the tool.  Still, before any serious acupressure work, it's best to massage the whole area first, and there's nothing better than the dolphin for this (other than your own hands).

After some devoted practice (where you make a concentrated effort not only to massage the body but also listen and tune in), all these many pressure points and meridians will start to feel less overwhelming and you'll be able to just go to the right spots without the charts.

Step Two: Practice Sensing Energy

In the article, "5 Ways to Enhance Your Ability to Perceive the Life Force" ( I provide five simple exercises that anyone can use to enhance their ability to perceive not only their own Life Force but also that same spiritual energy in others.

These are summarized below:

  1. Sense a Ball of Energy between your hands
  2. Sense the Energy or Aura of Someone Else
  3. Do Some "Public Sensing"
  4. Sense Nature
  5. Tune In to Yourself

 After practicing these two steps, you will soon be able to work with people and tune into their body, knowing exactly where to go without them having to tell you.

And when this is done, as you'll see, it never grows old hearing someone say, "That is the EXACT spot!  Oh my goodness, thank you."

Now, go help others!


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