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Adult Diapers and Condom Catheters - Facing Urinary Incontinence

Updated on December 13, 2011

Urinary incontinence is a serious medical condition that may force a man into a lifetime of stressful living worrying about accidents and leaks. For many men suffering from bladder control problems the problem may be tackled by an adult diaper or a condom catheter. Each of these devices has advantages, but also are a cause for concern. Urinary incontinence does not have to control a person's life or limit their activity. Depending on circumstances, an incontinence sufferer may choose to use both of these methods as a way to treat their condition.

Adult Diapers for Urinary Incontinence

The most unfortunate thing about adult diapers is the name. This is actually a great incontinence product that has helped thousands of people lead normal, active lives. Today's adult diaper uses cutting edge absorbent materials and is thinner and more comfortable than ever. Breathable materials, comfortable elastic leg bands and adjustable tape tabs are just some of the reasons that today's adult briefs are very popular. These briefs come in many sizes and with different fluid retention capabilities to allow the user to choose a thinner brief during waking hours, while saving the thicker briefs with extra retention capacity for all night sleep. They work great at nighttime with an incontinence bed pad, too.

Adult diapers are easy to pull on and off for the user or a caregiver. They are widely used in home health care, hospitals and nursing homes. For all the benefits, it is hard for many people to swallow the concept of wearing an adult brief. Many people when given the choice feel it is undignified and makes them feel helpless and childlike. Usually, once they try these absorbent briefs they change their mind!

These briefs are widely available both in local drugstores or medical supply houses and are easily ordered online if discretion is desired. They are easy to travel with and definitely deliver some peace of mind. There are some downsides, though. Many people complain that the material is noisy and this may make some people very self conscious. Certain brands seem to be noisier than others and the user is best experimenting with different types. Another common complaint is the tape tabs do not keep the brief in place during active wear or sleeping. Again, this varies widely according to body type and style of brief. It is wise to sample many before committing to one brand.

Condom Catheters for Urinary Incontinence

Another very popular method for men with bladder control issues is the condom catheter. These male external catheters are affordable, easy to use, and very discrete. There are several different styles of condom catheters, but the basic premise is a latex or plastic sheath that fits over the shaft of the penis and is held in place by adhesives or foam clamps. The tips of the condom contains a drainage tube, which is then fed into a storage bag that attaches to a bed, wheelchair, or strapped to the leg. The opportunity to treat urinary incontinence in a fully concealed method makes this a popular choice especially for active men and those suffering from temporary incontinence due to medical treatments or illness.

Condom catheters are easy to use and are a great choice for a caregiver. They are healthier by far than indwelling catheters, too. The skin and catheter can be cleaned regularly and easily. Bacteria that lead to urinary tract infections can be kept at bay. The wide range of styles means that there is opportunity for experimentation to find the best fit.

Condom catheters are commonly available at many drugstores and can be ordered online, too. These devices are widely regarded and many prefer them to adult diapers for the freedom of movement and not having to worry about disposing of used diapers. It is worth learning more about condom catheters for any male seeking a better answer to adult briefs.

Experiment to Treat Urinary Incontinence

The best product for bladder control problems is the one that works best for that particular patient. There are many fans of adult briefs and just as many people that swear by condom catheters. Education and trying each type is the best solution. One style may work best for certain situation and activities. Online support groups can contain a wealth of information including tips and techniques to make either choice better. Urinary incontinence does not have to rule a person's life.


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