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Kylie Incontinence Sheets Give Peace of Mind

Updated on December 13, 2011
typical absorbent bed pad
typical absorbent bed pad

Constantly fretting about bedwetting can make for a restless night. Fortunately, Kylie incontinence sheets can provide a full night's slumber by delivering peace of mind to anyone that may be suffering either temporarily or permanently from any form of bladder weakness or other urinary incontinence. Whether used with another incontinence product or just by themselves, these sheets really deliver!

Who uses absorbent sheets?

The use of incontinence bed pads is surprisingly common. Nearly every hospital or nursing home has a need for an absorbent pad that keeps a person confined to the bed dry. At the same time, these facilities rely on Kylie sheets' ability to protect valuable bedding, too. On the residential side, the use of incontinence pads runs the gamut. Small children that are occasional bedwetters are customers as are the elderly that may find reaching a toilet in time impossible. Home health nurses use them when acting as a caregiver for Alzheimer's patients, too. Families with precious, but incontinent, pets also have used these sheets to protect their mattresses from pet soiling. There is no certain "type" of person who can benefit the most. They are a great choice for anyone that wants to stay dry and also to avoid replacing expensive bedding. They are a great substitute at night for a cumbersome adult diaper or a catheter.

Style of Kylie incontinence sheets

Dubbed One, Two, Three and Four these absorbent pads work by allowing moisture to penetrate a top fabric barrier to the subsequent layers where it is then pulled in and stored away from the skin of the sleeping person. The names One, Two, Three and Four represent how many liters of liquid that these models can safely absorb. The sizes: One – 50 by 74 cm; Two 91 by 74 cm; Three 91 x 91 cm and Four, which is the largest at a whopping 91 by 127 cm. The multiple size choices means that practically any bed can be outfitted with one of these amazing incontinence sheets.

Buying incontinence sheets

Kylie products are primarily sold in the UK and Australia and can be found at major department stores or online. In America, a similar product is the chux pad. This pad lies on the bed like a towel, but does the same job as a full sheet. Because Kylie sheets for incontinence can be washed two hundred times, the initial cost is easily offset by the increased happiness that the nighttime can now bring! These sheets are so easy to use and wash that almost anyone can do it.


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