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Advanced Ab Toning Workouts

Updated on September 2, 2013

Don't forget! A healthy diet is even more important than toning exercises. If your belly is covered by a layer of fat,nobody is going to see all that hard work you have done to build muscle.

A bit of advice before we start

These exercises are geared towards those have already been doing ab exercises for some time. If you are not in very good shape,I would certainly not suggest that you try these exercises. You should always start with a workout aimed at beginners,and move up from there. Otherwise,your efforts will only result in injury. And we don't want that!

Some of these exercises are done using an exercise ball,or other fitness equipment. If you are really serious about getting washboard abs,then you should probably invest in some of these. You can still do the exercises in the comfort of your home,and I think that for most people that is a plus. So are you ready? Of course you are! Lets work on those abs!

Correct positioning for the vacuum exercise
Correct positioning for the vacuum exercise

First,we will talk about an exercise called the vacuum. This exercise has been around for awhile,and does tremendous things for your abs. One reason for that is because it targets the Transverus Abdominis muscle,which is not always easy to target with other exercises. It plays a large part in the strength of your abs,and if done right can produce results in a matter of weeks.

To start,you will get down on the floor on all fours. You must focus on keeping your back straight throughout this exercise. Next,you want to exhale as much air as possible from your lungs,and relax your abs. Now start sucking in your stomach by pulling your naval in towards the spine. Make sure to breathe while doing this,but only through your nostrils,and not heavily.

You want to hold this position with your abs pulled in tight for a count of 36,and 4 reps of 36 counts. If you are not able to hold it that long at first,just keep working on this a few times a week and soon you will be able to hold it longer.

Roll ins with stability ball.
Roll ins with stability ball.

It is a good idea to consider working your abs no more than 3 times a week. Your abs do need a break in between,and there is a such thing as overworking yourself. You don't want to be exausted and sore everyday after your routine.

This next one is very popular,and you may have heard of it. An exercise called roll ins is done with a stability ball. You must have good upper body strength in order to do this exercise. Assuming that you have done beginner ab exercises before starting this,you probably have targeted some other areas of the body as well. It is essential that you are able to hold a push up position before starting this particular exercise.

You will begin by positioning yourself in front of the stability ball,as though you are going to do a push up. Remember,arms straight and abs pulled tight during this exercise. Do not allow your back to arch. Now,put your up feet on the stability ball behind you. You can do it with only your toes balancing on the ball,but it is much harder. It is best to start with having your calves laying flat on top of the ball.

You are going to pull your knees up towards your chest,while bringing the ball with you, and hold for 1 second. Remember to keep the abs tight,and use a controlled motion to return to your starting position,and do as many reps as you feel comfortable with.


lying oblique raises.
lying oblique raises.

Now we have the lying oblique leg raises.

You will start out by laying on the floor on your right side. Keep both legs together,with your left leg on top of the right leg. Place your left hand behind your head,and your right arm should be extended slightly above your body, and out flat on the floor.

To do this exercise,pull your left leg and your torso towards one another,sort of like your trying to touch your elbow with your leg. But do not try to go so far as to touch your elbow. Keep the obliques tight while doing this,and hold for a one count,and return to start. Continue until you have done this a total of 7 times on each side.

Finger to toe ab crunches.
Finger to toe ab crunches.

By now you should be feeling the burn! Next on the list,we have finger to toe ab crunches.

To start,lay on the floor flat on your back. Position your legs and arms so that they are straight out. Arms above your head,and legs straight out below you. The exercise consists of you touching your hands to your toes,while keeping your legs and arms straight the entire time. Think of it as a crunch,only with a twist. You can do it by taking both legs up at the same time,or only one leg at a time.

To finish,lower your arms and legs back to start. Remember to do this in a slow and controlled motion to get the most out of your workout.

The ab roller.
The ab roller.

Important! Remember to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Even though targeted workouts such as abdominal exercise may not wear you out as quickly as things such as aerobics,you still have to replenish your body with water in order to stay in tip-top workout condition.

This one is a little different. We are going to use an ab roller to tone up your stomach muscles. You have probably seen this little device on late night TV commercials. And yes,it actually does work when used properly.

If you have a weak back,you should not use an ab roller. It can put a lot of strain on the back,so please try to remember that and keep your safety in mind.

You want to start out by kneeling on the floor,with a cushion placed comfortably under both knees. Next,hold the ab roller to the floor,with a 110 degree angle at both of your shoulders. Start rolling out to the front with the ab roller,and continue going until you feel the tension in your abs. With your abs nice and tight,pull back into your starting position. With this exercise,the farther you roll out,the more difficult the exercise is. So remember to only go far enough to feel it. Once it gets easier,you can roll out farther.

Oblique plate twists.
Oblique plate twists.

Here is a goody! We are going to do oblique plate twists. This exercise uses a weight plate. Please use a size that is comfortable for you,do not try to out do yourself. You can't continute to work on those abs if you're injured. You may also use a medicine ball for this exercise if you prefer.

You will sit on the floor,holding a weight plate in front of you,with your arms bent slightly. Lean back just a bit with the upper half of your body,and lift your legs off the floor. Move from side to side at the waist,and touch the weight plate to the floor on each side of you. Keep your abs tight,and your legs off of the floor during this exercise.


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