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Affirmations and Success - A challenge

Updated on July 10, 2011
May this symbolically strike you like a bolt of lightening.  Beautiful but strong.
May this symbolically strike you like a bolt of lightening. Beautiful but strong.

Hi There!

I kind of think you all are bored by my travel stories and as I read back over them I can see that. However, I will continue with them because I am learning from them.

In the meantime I want to talk to you about “attitude” and “life.” I know that what we think is truly what we are. I know, I know… think myself rich! I tried that. Trouble is…I don’t believe it.

Therefore our thoughts have to be pure, honest and true to ourselves.

I am going to challenge myself and you, at the same time.

I have twelve affirmations that I taped up on my desk, a long time ago. Every now and again I read them to myself. Hmm? Do I think that they will come true if I say them all the time? Guess what? I have not a clue, because I have not applied myself to them.

I pledge to you that on this day and for the next thirty days (until August 10th) I will read them to myself at least twice a day. I’ll let you know if they helped me at all, or not.

By the way, I am not selfish. Here are the affirmations. You might want to give them a try yourself.

1) I am filled will passion for life.

2) I am always confident and optimistic; optimistic about my current reality; optimistic about my future.

3) I love and accept myself in every way every day.

4) I am filled with abundant energy.

5) My body easily summons up reserves of energy in time of need.

6) I am a money magnet. I attract abundance easily and effortlessly.

7) I love myself.

8) I create supportive positive and loving relationships with everyone in my life.

9) Every day in every way my body and mind are getting better and healthier.

10) I am filled with joy.

11) I am a good luck charm for everything I touch and for the people I meet.

12) I am God’s child

13) I freely give to others and the Universe provides for me..

I got these from a Reiki paper that I read. Number 12 originally said “I am divine.” However, I felt a need to change it. Any of these can be changed to fit your needs and your personality. The entire list can be changed. Whatever it is you want for yourself, those are the affirmations you need.

The entire idea of affirmations is that you are programming your brain, much like Dr Helmstedder did in What to Say When You Talk To Yourself.Remember, he lost 60 pounds simply by his affirmations being repeated to him on a daily basis, in six weeks time.

Some of these affirmations I have chuckled at and told myself, yeah, right! I am not going to do that any more. I am going to try to be unbiased in my thought process - at least for thirty days.

Isn’t it funny how our thoughts are so positive when we think of others and so degrading when we put them into personal perspective? At least that is what I realized I was doing of late.

I have a neighbor who is in a terrible tizzy. She cannot eat, sleep or think clearly. She is full of anger and hate and love. Putting all that into perspective for her is, at this time, not possible. All I can do is be there to support her and let her “go off” and not say anything until she is ready for me to.

I recall being so angry that it consumed me. I went to a funeral, put my anger into the casket with the body and decided it was going to be buried and gone.

The moment that casket was lowered into the ground I felt a tremendous load lift from my shoulders. I was no longer angry. I promise this is true.

I knew I needed to rid myself of the anger - it was destroying me - and I wanted to let it go. However, since I am a visual person, I needed a symbolic way to accomplish this.

That anger has never returned, nor have I been that angry again. I refuse to stay angry. It is a destroyer and prevents me from doing what I need and want to do.

Okay, that was just an example of what I did, once upon a time.

My whole point is, you and I can have much fuller and better lives if we reign in our thinking and with all honesty evaluate ourselves.

If I am being selfish, I don’t want anyone else to tell me that - I want to see it for myself and change it myself. If I succeed, others will notice that as well. I need to work on me.

Each of us has that little hide away in our brain that says “I am a good person,” or “If only others knew the real me.”

It is time to step up to the plate, the scale, the mirror, whatever, and take responsibility for ourselves. Asking others to help will not work unless you are dedicated. That is why I believe we all need to start with the affirmations and strengthen ourselves as well as admit exactly what we are (good and not so good) and become dedicated to changing our thought process.

It is not hard. It is not narcissism. It is taking responsibility for our own actions and thoughts and not other’s.

Okay, this was more or less a pep talk for me that I wanted to share with you all. I feel that you, my hubber friends, are part of my family and it is so much easier to talk to you than anyone else.

I’m going to go read my affirmations starting right now. Let me know if you choose to do your own and how they are working for you.

Have a great week, my friends. Stay healthy. May you find peace and happiness each day.


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