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Alternative Sciatica Treatments

Updated on June 7, 2011

Alternative Treatments for Sciatica

An effective treatment for sciatica involves no invasive procedures and side effects. Most people perceived that conventional treatments always provide the best results. The truth of the matter is alternative forms are usually far better than those of the traditional. Alternative sciatica treatments focus on alleviating the pain without inflicting further damage on the condition. It aims to give treatment without worrying about harmful side effects which is usually caused by allopathic medications.

There have been numerous alternative treatments for sciatica; acupuncture is one treatment which pops out when talking about sciatica treatments. Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese form of medicine which has been practiced for centuries. It involves the use of needles to treat specific pressure points to unblock the Qi or chi. Chinese medicine believes that Qi is a vital energy force in the body and when it is blocked it leads to the development of ailments. The procedure is done by inserting the needles on 'acupoints' which is directly connected to the nerves of the lower back. The stimulation created by the needles diminishes the sensitivity of the nerve along with the pain. This procedure is confirmed to be effective in relieving sciatic pain. The use of ear acupuncture has proved to be effective in alleviating pain such as sciatica.

Accupressure, Acupuncture and Chiropractic Treatment

Another form of alternative treatment is acupressure. It is closely similar to acupuncture but it does not requires the use of needles. The concept and idea of acupressure is exactly similar with acupuncture but the procedure is done by applying deep pressure to specific body points. The acupressure specialist uses thumbs, fingers and elbows to consistently apply deep pressure to the specified pressure points on the back. This is usually done in order to stimulate nerve impulses and reduce sciatic pain.

Chiropractic treatment is also a good alternative treatment to relieve sciatica. The body is believed to have the ability to heal itself; this is the main idea encompassing chiropractic remedies. Patients who will undergo this treatment will have to go through physical and medical assessment before starting the initial phase of the treatment. A licensed chiropractor administers the proper manipulation techniques on the back. Spinal manipulation is the common technique used in relieving tension on the affected nerve. It is done by realigning the disengaged vertebra in the lumbar area which may have caused the bulging of the disks that resulted to the manifestation of sciatic pain.

Cure for Sciatica

Choosing alternative sciatica treatments over the conventional can save you a great deal of money. Numerous studies have been conducted to support the effectiveness of these unorthodox treatments. People should begin to realize that medical choices are not only confined to the ones being recommended by doctors. The cure for sciatica can be initiated through the form of alternative treatments but make sure that people who specialize on the field will be the one to administer the chosen treatment. You can end your misery by consulting a licensed chiropractor, acupuncturist and acupressure specialist. They can help put an end on the pain inflicted by sciatica.

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