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Anger and Stress Management: 10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Unwanted Stress

Updated on July 28, 2020
Jaeda Storm profile image

Jaeda recently graduated from college. She loves animals, reading, writing, watching Netflix, online shopping, and drawing!


I am a senior in college this year, and I'm always feeling overwhelmed and stressed out. I have pretty bad anxiety, and I let little things get the best of me! The purpose of this article is not only for you, the readers, to discover tricks to reduce stress, but it is also to remind me to take some time out of my day for a little self-love! Let me know how you feel about them, and if they helped you too!

1. Taking a bath

Not all of us have a bathtub as cozy as this one, even though we want it, but we can get close to the same effect! Fill up your tub with hot water, add Epsom salts, bubble bath, and maybe even a cute little bath bomb. Make sure you light a few scented candles! Put on a face mask, and maybe a hair mask if you're into that! Try and make this a relaxing experience of just "me time". Leave your phone in your room and grab your favorite book! My tip is to have a towel near to dry your hands when needed. Spend at least 45 minutes in the tub to melt away all of those feelings of stress and anger. Then, I love to follow it up with a 10-15 minute shower and then crawl into bed. I just feel so good and want that feeling to last forever!

2. Going For A Walk/ Run

I love walks! Whether it is by myself, or with my little pup. I, especially, love walking on a trail or on a gravel road. If you do not have easy access to these things, no worries, walking down your street is fine too! I love these specific "courses" because of the scenery. Sometimes, I will plug in my headphones and listen to a podcast or music. Sometimes, I leave my phone at home and just take in the calmness of everything around me. Either way, this is a quick way of relieving stress for me!

3. Deep Breathing

If you are looking for a quick way to bring yourself back to the moment, deep breathing really works. Luckily, on my apple watch, I get notifications to one minute of deep breathing a day. You can change these settings to be more or less. If you do not have an apple watch the steps are still very easy and can be done anywhere.

1. Turn off any sounds around you if possible.

2. Close your eyes.

3. Rid your mind of all negative thoughts.

4. Inhale for 5 seconds like you're sucking through a straw.

5. Exhale for 5 seconds in the same fashion.

6. Repeat six times.

4. Mindless Games

If you're like me, you're probably on your phone quite a bit. One small thing that relaxes me is playing a mindless game on my phone while watching tv. For me, it's Candy Crush. There are many games in the AppStore that are pretty mindless. In fact, I would argue that most phone games require hardly any thinking at all! I know that you can even get apps called "calming games" or "stress-relieving games"! This is one of my favorite ways to relax.

5. Reading

I realize that reading is not everybody's favorite thing to do, but if it is it can be a great way to relieve stress or anxiety. Anxiety, especially. Reading is a perfect way to take your mind off of anything but the words on the pages. If it's nice outside, I take a blanket, and I think I could lie there for hours reading a book. If you're having trouble figuring out what to read, refer to my article coming out in August! "15 Books To Add To Your Reading List"!!

6. Taking a Nap

I think the reason napping helps me relieve stress/anxiety is that my stress usually comes with a bad headache/migraine. Obviously, napping will not solve any major problems, but if you are anxious about something beyond your control a nap can help. Sometimes, when I wake up from a nap it feels like a new day. I have a lot more energy, and I usually like to go for walks after I nap! By the time supper rolls around I am feeling a lot better!

7. Showering

Yes, taking a bath was already listed, but this is a bit different. Not everyone enjoys baths, and I am here to tell you that showering can alleviate stress as well! We have all heard that showers are a place for negative thoughts and self-loathing, but I found a way in which this is not the case! I like to BLARE my music and sing at the top of my longs. There's just something about screaming the words to Taylor Swift or The Jonas Brothers that really gets you in a positive mood!

8. Baking

I LOVE to bake. I think baking while listening to music or a podcast is a great way to ease my mind off of the hardships of life. Following instructions forces you to focus on the task at hand, and not on whatever is bothering you. Plus, you get to eat the yummy treats you made! If baking isn't your thing, you can still make yummy treats that don't require a lot of extra ingredients or time! Something like chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn balls, or peanut butter balls! If you love chocolate and peanut butter, go check out my new article on "Aunt Martha Bars" a recipe that has been in my family for ages!

10. Coloring/ Drawing

Finally, I suggest coloring/drawing! Coloring/drawing is a great thing to do while doing other things as well. Listening to music, watching tv/movies, or listening to a podcast are all things that I enjoy doing while I color/draw. It is a great way to take your mind off of what's bothering you. I also have a few coloring apps on my phone as well! Those are fun because you have access to millions of pictures, but there is nothing like coloring on paper!


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