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Antidote to Depression

Updated on May 28, 2012
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Gary Eby, MSW is a retired social worker, addiction therapist, life coach, and th author of two spiritual self-help books.

The woman in purple, with golden hair, sculptured features, and a sunshine smile, prepares for a day of celebration at the Canyonville Casino, in Oregon. New found prosperity from an auto-accident settlement dances in her eyes. She anticipates the blissful clang and jingle of penny slot machines, which hold the promise of a magical fortune.

Her heartbeat races as she plays $150 on Lions, Enchanted Forest, Peacock, Cleopatra, Wolves, The Wizard of Oz. Soon the dazzling spins multiply and transform $150 into a bonanza of $250, $350, $450. Time stands still. Her soul embraces the hidden music and mystery of the tumbling icon symbols. She intuitively knows the winning and joy will continue unabated as reality slowly shrinks the $450 back to $150, then $50, and finally nothing at all.

Everything I try to say to soothe the painful loss is cast aside. I ask, “Why don’t you listen to me?” “I’m a freak,” she replies. Tears of guilt, self-recrimination, anger, and frustration flow from her like a gushing, flooded river. Her purple colors fade. The smile becomes a frown. A cloud of shame seems to capture her.

In my office, she explains that she went to bed at 6:00 in the evening. Lamictal, Abilify, Ritalin, all failed to lift her mood. I try often to offer her support, encouragement, hope, and new coping skills.. She remains frozen, cold, submerged in some kind of deep, dark, suicidal struggle.

I'm starting to feel defeated, helpless, frustrated, anxious, concerned for her safety.

All that remained for me to do is pray. In the name of God, I see my client surrounded and protected by Golden Light. I affirm that in the name of her Soul, she is a perfect child of God, safe from all harm and negativity. In the name of Love-Light ever present, I see her rainbow colors shine, comfort, and heal her suffering.

The next morning at our follow-up session, she is wearing purple again. Her smile beams golden. Her eyes reflect the Light of relief. I remain thankful for the power of the Love-Light as we practice together positive life change and emotional recovery coping skills.


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