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Weight Training for Women - Machine Weights and Free Weights

Updated on September 1, 2012

Using a dumbbell for women-- sample of free weigths

Are Muscles and "Weight Training" OK for Women?

In the recent past more women are engaging in weight trainings as a form of fitness. Afterall, all humans need to be fit and healthy to perform properly. Normally men are engaged into weight training more than women because aesthetically, men looks good if they have muscles and that is the old notion of "masculinity". Many people will smirk at other women who are into weight training, while others admire women who have muscles. I for one admire women who have discipline and want to be fit. The notion of what is "beautiful" change as society change.

The objective of this article is to give a view of what are the benefits of weight training exercises for women. Is it beneficial to women, or it is just for “beauty” purposes or “showing off”.

For a discussion of basic knowledge, tips about weight training workouts and exercises equipment check out my other articles --- “alexandriaruthk's” on “simple tips when choosing a workout” and “cardio or strength workout” and "weight training equipment to choose from".

Weight training

In brief, weight training are workout or exercises that produced muscles and enhanced our body for endurance and strength. Weight training are plethora of exercises or routines that improve your muscles, coordination and balance in a person. Gone are the days when only athletes use weight training for training. Now a days it is very popular to women as well. In weight training you can improve either your upper body, lower body and abdominal.

Women and aesthetic beauty

Women and aesthetic beauty--women in our society still follow the “Victorian era” concept of what is beautiful, proper etiquette, ladylike and never to emulate men as masculine, but those days are gone. In all facets of life and society women are into sports, politics and in different activities. There is no distinction in what men can do against that of women. How about you in your opinion, do you fond women with “muscles” sexy and beautiful. It really depends on the individual as beauty and its notion is relative as well. Aside from aesthetic beauty, there are lots of benefits which women can derive from strength and weight training exercises.

women with muscles and into weight training

Machine weights versus free weights for women:

What are the available weight training for women? What do we mean when we say weight training for women? It is a plethora of workout or weight training options specifically for the purpose of muscle toning, agility, balance, coordination. Women who are into weight training  use free weights exercises and it “usually incorporate one or two dumbbells, a barbell or a medicine ball or kettle bell”. Women can also use machine weights like leg press, bar dip, rack cage, cable machine, bench training machine. The basic difference between machine and free weights is that free weights are "free", you can bring them anywhere you go. Machine weight equipment are attached to a machine of course.

Muscles and bodybuilding for women

women and muscles
women and muscles

Strength training for women

Benefits of weight training for women

  1. Like any form of fitness and workout or exercise, it has been proven that weight training develops “ “balance” among individual. You become alert and at ease whenever you go as you have the agility and "firm foundation like feet and body coordination". Weight training for women also helps you avoid injuries as you have the necessary balance in your daily activities
  2. In a recent study, cancer survivor benefited from weight training exercise specially breast cancer survivor for women. It makes women fit and develop self esteem about their total health.
  3. It also help women with the problem of "osteoporosis" plus weight training brings good posture and helps to correct bad posture specially for women. Your bones become stronger because of training and endurance or resistance tests.
  4. There is nothing like the feeling of being fit and you feel that you can do task specially physically demanding tasks.
  5. Weight training develop self discipline, and consistency among those who train for weight training. They have routinary weight training schedule and they adhere to it
  6. Women benefit from abdominal crunch and training. Your abdomen will have muscles and are firm.
  7. If you increase your muscle, metabolism is also increases. "Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that happen in living organisms to maintain life. These processes allow organisms to grow and reproduce, organisms -- in this sense humans -- maintain their structures, and respond to their environments."
  8. It can also managed your heart rhythm as it will help you regulate blood outflows and inflows when you do weight training exercises.
  9. If you are physically active, you can sleep well at night. Physical active women also reduced depression as they are more emotionally healthy.
  10. Women who regularly exercise have reduced risk of cholesterol/high blood pressure problem.



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    • Fitness Fitness profile image

      Fitness Fitness 6 years ago from Kolkata..India

      Like men, women also do have muscles, though a little less. So, for women also, its necessary to strenghten and tone the muscles through proper weight training. But how much weight they will use will depend upon their natural strength and stamina. To start with it hould be as less as possible. If you have no serious mediacal problem weight training can be done at any age. But always some flexibility and cardio training is needed along with the weight training to avoid stiffness in the muscles.