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Are you DIGESTIBLY FREE and Attractive Sexually? IF you’re not, YOU can be!

Updated on September 27, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Sexual Psychology

DIGESTIBLY Sexually Unihibitedly FREE: The Only Way To Be
DIGESTIBLY Sexually Unihibitedly FREE: The Only Way To Be

MODE of Cosmic Therapy E-mail O-Gram Invitation: An Authentic Productive Sacred Sensual Sexual Artistic Release Action!

Human beings crave! It's in our natures. We know of nothing else, instinctively. When we breathe, we crave another breath. When we eat, we crave another meal. When we awake, we crave sleep. When we work, we cave rest.

When we love, we crave sexual intimacy, understanding in bonding and 'soulful' communication.

We crave relentlessly without pause or reflection. Yet, only one thing truly satisfies the incessant lust: our ineffable passionate craving for the sublime creative expression of divinity's thrust in us. Create!

It’s all about observing. Not others; yourself! Get your eyes off of everyone else around you, and with the business you believe more important than your own. Let not one more moment pass with your eyes fixed upon another.

Start to observe the actions, words, gestures, and, most of all “GUT” instincts/sensations, you alone possess. For example: what are you feeling this instant? Nothing! What do you mean, nothing? Is it going to rain?

Will you get that call? Can you pass the test? Did you do the Right thing? You have all of the answers within you. No one else has an edge on them for you. Do not throw yourself away by giving people 'power' to influence, guide, lure, impress, or intimidate you.

Whether through love, guilt, or supposed superiority, praise or honor no man.

 You are totally disconnected from your own genuine intuitive feelings IF you are not aware of them, clearly seeing why you have a need to exalt another. By sublimating yourself, you are in fact playing a very manipulative game of pretense.

Without question/hesitation, you will feel the bite of your own vexed subtly contrived web of deceit.

You are trying to control the other through coy, docile and sly methods of defenclessness and helplessness. You are neither defenseless or helpless! Though you are willing to allow it, no one can dictate how you feel about anything, ever!!!

 Don’t do another thing until you take care of your own neglected scattered feelings. You’ve simply got too many other people,along with their ideas, living inside your head.

De-ass. Unload. Free up.

{Undigested emotions}. These unassimilated sensations are the deciding factor and governing port of your day’s events. IF you feel unproductive, as the day draws to a tallying close, it’s because you’re carrying unfiltered feelings that are coloring every hour. Nothing else matters until you resolve them by disposal.

 Undigested emotions putrefy and poison the mind/body. {Headaches, insomnia, irritability, stomach problems, eye difficulties, etc.} When it’s a matter of health; it aint about nothing else!


Nothing is more imprtant  than for you to investigate what's really going on deep inside of you that's making you act so insecure, afraid and undeserving. It's a real hoax.  You don't feel that way at all.  You never have.  It only served your purposes for awhile

Or, so you thought.  but, now you've grown unaccustomed to the game and are completely bored with it and yourself. Try a new approach. Authenticity! It's so refreshing, fun, sexy and liberating.

it shocks the pants off most folks.  They simply won't know what to do when you are genuinely receptively real and unconditionally loving. Try it! You'll love the raw rare intimate sensations you experience!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Astrology

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Afternoon SerenityWalk down to stillnessResolved peaceA matter of calmnessStroll into A discreet view
Afternoon Serenity
Afternoon Serenity
Walk down to stillness
Walk down to stillness
Resolved peace
Resolved peace
A matter of calmness
A matter of calmness
Stroll into
Stroll into
A discreet view
A discreet view

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Insight


The TRUTH Stands

The REST Falls Away

If you're in a mind to accept today

What stares you in the face, then stay

To see IF the story unfolds as you say...


Jumping tracks before the tracks are laid.

You have been ‘jumping tracks’ placating your unfinished business and projects! You can postpone, negate, procrastinate in a lot of things, but not the shakedown ‘face the music of your soul’s dance’ ball being thrown your way. It’s high time to reclaim authenticity.

The depth of your present phoniness, restlessness/boredom is staring you in the face, “What Cha gonna do ‘bout it, Bud?”

As long as you choose to pussy foot around, you are going to feel miserable and depressed which translates into un-productivity. As soon as you quit doing the things that make you feel hypocritical/ insincere, you will see the so yearned for productivity that eludes you.

You can spread that ‘full of excuses’ gibberish all around to others, about how you are making progress but sooner or later you will have to come face to face with YOU, along with the inherent shame you feel.

Stop running. You can only do that when you’re asleep. Stop lying. You can only do that to those who don’t give a gerbil’s coat of fur, anyway. It’s past time you ask yourself, “Who are you really?” You are no more or no less than the entire world that comprises your existence?

Who else are you going to look at when the sun goes down and the sun comes up? Nobody but; You. Every place you see. Everywhere you go. Everything you touch. Everything you do.

From the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the license plates that catch your eye, the music you listen to, the words you say and others say to you, the car you drive, the folks who bump into you randomly, the books you read, the movies you watch, the job you do: IT’S ALL YOU.

 Nobody else but; YOU. Ready to listen to: YOU? Not what you’re saying to others but what you’re not saying to you. Whatever you are currently resisting is resisting you.

In order to become digestibly free , you must reverse your process. What are you hanging onto for dear life? It's draining the life force out of you. You are bound and tied by your own refusal to let go. Give it up, so you can breathe. Got the message, yet?

Your soul is showing you, through introducing you to your multi-flavored, multi-layered ‘trickster’ {if you want to think of it like that} personality. This unclaimed facsimile of a personality is destroying every false and unsubstantiated labeled determined measure you have built up to form the ‘idea’ you have of yourself.

If it aint TRUE, it’s coming down.

You will experience what’s real. (IF you so desire.)You will come to recognize who you are and what makes you tick. You will observe your actions minutely as if through a microscope because you will not be able to escape the nasty tricks you play on yourself any longer.

 When you have become so totally confused, so hurt and dismayed, so disenchanted and dejected, so ‘drop you in the gutter’ disappointed, you will then get the HINT of what’s really going on. YOU!!!

You are about to enter a domain marked: “Herein lies your passion. Beware. No falsity survives.” How will you know when you’re actually ready? You will do something so surprising {absurd}, you will not be able to explain your actions to yourself, much less anyone else.

 That’s the only way; you’ll know it’s genuine. And, while doing it, you will laugh so deep, long, and hard without having the need or desire to explain or defend.

For the first time in your life, you will be able to cry genuine tears of despair and joy without any reason for doing so, having no personal interest vested in them. You will not be attached to the outcome, what liberty, what sublime bliss!!!

At times, the tears will flow so freely unattached to the present event; it will seem as if laughter is called for instead. You’ll realize, with full certainty, that the reaction in either case has nothing whatsoever to do with any circumstance occurring on the outside of you.

 It’s all an inside job. Allowing authenticity to reign affords you the opportunity to be ‘gut level’ honest, unreservedly attractive and undeniably sexy!

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Esoteric Psychology



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    • Paula Andrea, MA profile image

      Paula Andrea, MA 9 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

      Thanks, Danielle. I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. I am constantly reminded to stay in tune with 'gut instincts.' I am certain, you are at a place in your life where this sort of navigating proves to be more than beneficial. Remember: "Our eyes may betray us" but our "primal rhythms" never diviate. Sail on!

    • profile image

      danielle 9 years ago

      that was quite a piece, it was a real eye and mind opener. i havent heard something like that for awhile, so it was refreshing. sometimes you get lucky and get a reminder, thanks.