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Astrology and Insomnia - Curing Sleep Disorders

Updated on October 21, 2013
Anamika S profile image

Anamika S Jain is a social media consultant and blogger. She is passionate about topics like astrology, numerology, feng shui and gemstones.

Insomnia and Gem Therapy Remedy

Insomnia can be defined as the “difficulty in initiating or maintaining sleep or both”. In simple terms it can be described as ‘sleeplessness’. Insomnia may be due to inadequate quality or quantity of sleep. Insomnia can affect all age groups. In order to stay healthy a proper sleep is required as it provides rest and rejuvenation for the Brain, immune and nervous system. How much sleep an individual requires depends on many factors like age of the person, activities of the individual, medical history and quality of sleep etc. Some causes of insomnia can be rich meals, anxiety, fear, fatigue etc. You may please check my hub on Sleeping Requirements of Individuals and Tips for a Good Sleep for more details for treating this sleep disorder.

The parts of the body which causes insomnia are brain nerves, lungs and liver. If the said parts are proper then the person may have a good sleep.

Astrology ans Insomnia Connection
Astrology ans Insomnia Connection

Astrology and Insomnia

Astrologically speaking, 3 Planets are responsible for providing sound sleep. They are

  • Mercury – as it governs the brain nerves
  • Moon – as it controls the mind, heart and stomach
  • Jupiter – as it rules over liver and lungs

Insomnia can be treated in Gem Therapy by using a combination of 3 gemstones Emerald representing Mercury, Moonstone representing Moon and Yellow Sapphire representing Jupiter.

Astrology and Insomnia : Curing Sleep Disorders
Astrology and Insomnia : Curing Sleep Disorders

Moon in Medical Astrology

Jupiter in Medical Astrology

Mercury in Medical Astrology

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  • Anamika S profile image

    Anamika S 8 years ago from Mumbai - Maharashtra, India

    Thanks for the comments Paper Moon and Jewels. Jewels, you are right on that point.

  • Jewels profile image

    Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

    What about Uranus as an influence. Fast thoughts, stimulated senses can be a Uranus trait. So if a person had a Uranus/Mercury or a Moon/Uranus, Sun/Uranus too, then the mind would be affected greatly.

  • Paper Moon profile image

    Paper Moon 8 years ago from In the clouds

    Being a gemini cancer, the moon and mercury play a big part. I have tried quite a few things for my sleep issues to no avail. Perhaps I will give this a try. Now if I could just find an emerald. :O