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Attitudes That Will Help When You Want to Lose Weight - Inspiration in Losing Weight

Updated on December 15, 2012


Attitudes that Will Help When You Want to Lose Weight

All of us want to have a healthier body, but most often that not, we don't do anything about it. Our attitude towards losing weight is as vivid as the crystal water but acting on it is another thing. It has been proven that people in general want to lose weight but they don't do anything about it, and there are many reasons cited by researches about it. For one, they don't prioritize it in general and lack of motivations on the other hand. When they have problems related to their weight that is the only time that they are motivated in losing weight. And finding actions for it is hard to come by. We are living in a fast modernized world where we need to prioritize financial things but we should not forget that health is wealth really because if we are not healthy, as a consequence our output is affected. It has been proven that other emotional problems are associated with weight problem as well. Obesity takes its tolls on society and the good thing about this is that we can solve this weight problem. A proper attitude that will help you lose your weight is necessary to healthy living. Attitudes or motivations to lose weight is the be all of the overall package of losing weight, when one is not motivated and lacks the attitude to change the current state then everything else becomes futile.The topic of this hub is all about attitudes that will help you when you want to lose weight.


Dieting-- stay motivated and keep the right attitude
Dieting-- stay motivated and keep the right attitude

What is weight lose?

Weight loss in terms of its meaning in health, physical fitness or medicine simply means reduction of total body mass due to loss of fluid, body fat. It can occur unintentionally due to an underlying disease or can arise from a conscious effort to improve an actual or perceived overweight state.. In our case it mean losing weigh tin an intentional manner because of overweight problem.

Losing weight needs attitude change
Losing weight needs attitude change

Weight Loss techniques/Ways of losing weight

There are lots of ways to lose weight offered anywhere, there are thousands and thousands of ways marketed by a lot of people -- in the intrernet, magazines, television ads and everywhere you go.

  1. The least intrusive weight loss methods, and those most often recommended, are adjustments to eating patterns and increased physical activity, generally in the form of exercise. Physicians will usually recommend that their overweight patients combine a reduction of processed and caloric content of the diet with an increase in physical activity like walking and keep on moving.
  2. Enrolling in a gym or fitness center plus the use of fitness pharapernalia for weight training and weight loss purposes is another way of losing weight
  3. There are also alternative natural way of reducing or losing weight like acupressure, herbal remedies, energy healing technique etc.
  4. Other methods of losing weight include use of supplements and drugs that decrease appetite, block fat absorption
  5. Another method is Weight Loss Coaching which is rapidly growing in popularity in the United States, with the number of available coaches nearly doubling since 2000.
  6. Surgery for example bariatric surgery may be used in more severe cases to artificially reduce the size of the stomach, thus limiting the intake of food energy
  7. Crash Dieting : This refers to willful nutritional restriction (except water) for more than 12 hours. The desired result is to have the body burn fat for energy with the goal of losing a significant amount of weight in a short time. However, the body reacts by preserving fat stores.
  8. Food dieting is the packed and ready food available online and in the market and you can order them for the whole month.


Yes there is motivation to lose weight, have the attitude
Yes there is motivation to lose weight, have the attitude

Attitudes that Will Help When You Want to Lose Weight

  1. Be honest with yourself. Make a list and take note of what you are actually doing and evaluate your attitude and behavior towards losing weight. You can't have an attitude that goes with wanting to lose weight if you are on denial, acceptance of the problem is the first attitude that goes with lose weight.
  2. The "I can do it attitude" says it all. Write the words and stick it everywhere", just to be reminded about it. Stick it in your ref, in your closet, in the kitchen, in the TV. Remind yourself that "You can do it". If others can, why can't I attitude is the best.
  3. Be ready to make the sacrifice, a change of lifestyle, an overhaul of the things you are doing before like being lazy, sitting down for hours to watch television, now is the time to change your activities in order for you to become successful in losing weight.
  4. Consistency is when you live by it and it is ingrained in what you do everyday. First, you need to write it down, make a "things needed to be done list". Follow it to the letter, make it a part of your life --the attitude that goes with losing weight--. Be consistent and follow what you have written in a piece of paper. Consistency means abiding by it, rain or shine, sticking to it like it is your motto and don't excuse yourself from not doing it this time, tomorrow or another day. Sometimes people justify their actions by saying that they do deserve to splurge on chips, burgers because they have been working hard. When you plan on a diet for weight lose for example stick to it. Write it in your mind and stick it in your mind.
  5. Discipline is related to consistency. Once you set up a goal for yourself then stick to it and have disciplined to abide by it.. Educate yourself about dieting, exercise, then you can help monitor yourself, you need to change eating habits, maintenance, guilty feelings about yourself and pampering yourself from time to time, and generally avoiding consistency. Losing weight needs consistency, without it, you can never go anywhere. Make "losing weight" your motto and stick it in your mind.
  6. Be educated about weight lose. In terms of getting knowledge and education about weight loss, a study which was conducted in Sweden "demonstrated that Cognitive Therapy (CT) is effective not only in helping people lose weight but also in maintaining that weight loss (Stahre & Hallstrom, 2000). Exercise and nutritional counseling are essential components of effective programs, as are the following CBT techniques."
  7. Stay motivated and getting the inspiration to lose weight. After educating yourself about weight loss and the advantage you ca get form it, you need to be motivated. You know yourself so find ways to be motivated. Put in your mind the good things that goes with manageable weight. The things is that if you are not motivated all the things you are doing will crumble and if you are only doing things for the sake of doing it, then you will never achieve the weight you always wanted.
  8. Hard work. Losing weight is hard work. Nice foods are abound everywhere and the fact is those food which are fattening are the ones available in the market, They are in the center of everything, location of fast foods, in supermarkets as well. It is really hard to diet when you see other people indulging in food as well. The control you need when you see others eating a hearty food, when you go to supermarket and when you see other people eating food will test how you're going to deal with your weight loss.
  9. Patience - Losing weight takes time, It is because it is faster to take them in -- food -- than to lose fats. It is not a drastic thing to do, we all need time and constant reminders to lose weight. patience comes along with other attitudes you need to have and little by little you can see the fruits of your efforts.
  10. Seek a help if you must and work on it. Follow the advice of a doctor and tell them all so that they can properly advice you. Little by little they can pinpoint if there is a problem with you when everything else is checked up with you. Then you can start losing weight choosing the best method that will work well with you.

The change of attitude enumerated here are not difficult to abide at all -- total change of attitude is needed, they can be done, it is worth our time effort and energy because wealth is very important aspect of our total well being. Health is wealth. And it is us who can solve this problem, so it is not too late, let us abide by the words to motivate and change of attitude towards losing weight is the start of a happier life.


All in all, the market is abound with different ways to lose weight. The attitudes stated above that you should have when you want to lose weight are very important. First, get an honest to goodness talk with an expert to help you with necessary ways to maintain a good health, then be educated and have the recommended attitudes that goes with it. Stay motivated and live a good life.


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    • alexandriaruthk profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from US

      hi rprcarz50, thanks to you,

    • rprcarz50 profile image


      10 years ago

      Very good informative Hub ! thank You , I was just on FB with a friend talking about weight loss . Were your ears burning .LOL. Anywayz

      Thank you For this good hub!


      Also as Always a2z50 Keep on the Hub.


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