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Authentic Happiness is Possible

Updated on September 18, 2012



What is Happiness

The U.S. has become a culture of happiness seeking vampires. We constantly search for the next person, relationship, job, thing or anything else that can be used for pleasure and happiness. What many people fail to realize is that authentic, true happiness can be achieved but not through attempting to take all that you can from something or someone else. Keep in mind, happiness is a feeling which is generally situational and always seems fleeting.

Authentic happiness comes from deep inside and is a result of joy. A truly introspective person that can assess his/her surrounding for what they are, temporary, can learn that even in difficult times happiness is possible. Happiness comes from what we are able to do for others and give from our abundance. It’s something derived from joy which is a deep seated emotion that lasts for the long haul.


Key to Happiness

What’s the point of seeking out happiness? Why is it so important that we’re happy? We seem to be the only creatures on this earth that seek this feeling out in a non-instinctual way. Animals feel happy or pleasure when eating or drinking as we do but I’m talking more about feeling a sense of self worth, a feeling of belonging and fitting in with others. We strive to be apart of something greater than we are. It’s no wonder why people turn to abusing drug and alcohol or turn to pornography, gambling, greed, narcissism. These are attempts to bring happiness and acceptance in some form that is greater than us.

In order to have joy, a person must have a strong sense of who they are. They must be able to identify complex strengths and weaknesses and understand how those strengths can be used to help themselves and others. Another facet that must be considered is the fact that every single person is flawed and sinful. We lie, cheat, steal, and hurt each other and so there must be a bridge to overcome that, which is Jesus Christ. People will probably stop reading after seeing his name or laughing or rolling their eyes but the fact remains we must be purified to have true joy. What do I gain from asking others to trust in Christ and turn over their dark and sinful ways to him? Nothing. I do not gain anything in this life and the reward I would receive in eternity is given to Jesus to glorify Him.

How to Find Happiness

True, authentic happiness must come from the inside out. It must be a product of Christ washing our souls and hearts clean which then allows him to complete his work in us. We will not become perfected while on this earth, but God can use our talents and abilities to glorify Him and in turn we will experience abundance without measure. I know this because I experience it in my own life. God has been good and faithful to my family and always takes care of our needs and provides in abundance of health, finances, joy, happiness, love, favorable outcomes and much more. Authentic happiness comes from Christ who came to earth as man to bear the burden of the world’s sins on his shoulders and then be sacrificed on the cross. He then arose on the 3rd day lives in heaven. He is the bridge between mankind and God since sin has separated us after the fall. God cannot be around sin or evil and so Christ has paid the ransom for us. All we have to do is freely accept his gift of salvation and start living a righteous life while leaning on Him.



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