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Vaccine Link to Autism Causation Debate

Updated on April 9, 2019

Parent's Concerns: Is Vaccination worth the risk?

Parent Perspective

With the scientific findings, numerous studies and increase of vaccination schedule: Do you believe vaccinations may be the leading cause of Autism, behavioral disorders, neurodevelopmental disorders

See results

Interview with Dr Wakefield about vaccines and autism

What parents need to know about MMR and Autism

Vaccine: Debate in Modern America

Parents vs Government Agencies in Vaccine Debate


Recently Dr. Wakefield's study done in 1998 that had been published in the Lancet, was declared a "deliberate fraud". Dr Wakefield's study on 12 children possibly linking the MMR vaccine to gastrointestinal problems thus also leading to Autism symptoms in al lhildren. It was later rejected by 10 of Wakefield's co-authors and he was found guilty of dishonesty as well as misconduct. Mr Deer, the investigative journalist who spent seven years studying records and interviewing the parents and doctors found medical history of all the 12 children was misrepresented and was said to be a delibrate act in order to provide a positive result favoring the MMR being the cause of the autism in the children. (NEW YORK TIMES OPINION PAGE 12JAN2011)

Jenny McCarthy has been labeled the "one to blame" for the vaccination heated debate raging and she has held firm on her convictions of the MMR being responisble for triggering autism in her son. Though on Oprah there was posts on discussion forums stating that she said his arm flapping began before the MMR and she then blamed the MMR. What is missing from her claims but still substantiates her stance is that the DTaP is what was given to him prior to the arm flapping. Its not the mercury in the MMR as they are stating there isn't any in that one but the live virus's are the issue. That is also an issue in the DTaP along with the mercury. So, its very plausible and also proveable that these children were effected. Its not directly after and takes a couple months for the neurological effects to happen and normally after getting a viral and/or bacterial infection making the child very sick for an average of seven days about three weeks after the vaccines and this was the case with both of mine as well.

Jenny McCarthy defends Dr Wakefiled and understandably so even to some parents interviewed that didn't like what actions he took and how it turned out but that it wasn't deliberate as he was genuinely trying to figure out what was causing it so he could help the children and they did have some improvement so what he did was ultimately good. Jenny's stance as well is that he did what no one else has done and that was LISTEN and REPEAT what the parents were observing and their concerns that were all the same. This rang bells for the Dr and he felt that more extensive research needed to be done. Now the government agencys that are adamantly stating that vaccinations have no link to the cause of autism are also not providing much to back up that side of the arguement with a whole lot of good information from real studies overwhelmingly stating the links and the scary findings where the research teams refuse to vaccinate afterward. But due to the unknown affect of the vaccines there are many parents wondering aloud if the vaccinations are worth the risk. Most parents do vaccinate but have refused a few of the normally administered shots like the MMR but it is their right if you can't prove beyond doubt their child won't be effected.

The government officials that were speaking out against vaccines being a cause and blaming Dr Wakefield as the reason the MMR debate even started was because of his study. I didn't ever know about the study back in 2004 and I was just as adamant as they are that it cause it in one of my children. They concluded with the fact that there is no scientific link to suggest that vaccines are responsible and that the parents are "acting out of fear and not rationale".

-Ohio in 1992 had 22 cases in 2002 the number increases to 3,057.
1992 (22 ASD)/2002 (3,057 ASD)
-Illinois in 1992-1993 had 5 reported cases of autism, in 2001-2002 there was a total of 3802 cases of autism a 75, 940% increase.
75, 940% increase
-Califorina from 1999-2002 nearly doubled from 10, 360 to 20,377
-Califorina from 1999-2002 nearly doubled 10, 360 to 20,377
-Kentucky in 1992-1993 38 cases, in 2001-2002 there was 1022 cases.

Vaccination Recommeded

CDC Vaccine Recommendations Showing Extensive Booster Requirements To Enable "Herd Immunity"

 Vaccine induced herd immunity is used by public-health officials and providers to frighten those to adhere to a vaccine policy that is not even grounded in the belief system they propagate.  This proves that there is no justification in forced vacci
Vaccine induced herd immunity is used by public-health officials and providers to frighten those to adhere to a vaccine policy that is not even grounded in the belief system they propagate. This proves that there is no justification in forced vacci | Source

CDC Exposed?

Vaccinations: Should I or shouldn't I?

Vaccinations on some level are important and the government agencies stand hardfast they are not the cause for such oncern in the development of Autism and other disorders. They have saved countless lives and erradicated many illnesses. Further; they insist its genetic based and the rise in diagnosis is in no way linked to vaccines; in particular the MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella). There are further stated, "safe vaccines" that do not contain the perservative thimersol that is the target for the vaccine debate and available on request. The minimum requirements of the vaccination schedule are posted in health professional offices and doctor exam rooms and is available below. It has the mandatory vaccines, the age recommended for injection and the dosage requirement. The issue seems to be the vaccinations in question for causing Autism and related disorder's are on the list of mandatory vaccines.

According to Nation News Online and Geneticists the diagnosis rate skyrocketed over 1000 percent in the last 30 years. Further, it was humanly impossible for our genes to mutate and evolve in only thirty years to that magnitude. In the United Kingdom, the rate is over 1500 percent. Dr. Frances Collins, M.D PhD, put into evidence to the House of Representatives in May of 2006, a Cambridge study that reported british children are diagnosed 1 in 67 and 1 in 40 are boys. The U.K. spends what is equal to 42 billion U.S. dollars per annum. Pharmaceutical companies are sticking as well to there has been no conclusive evidence to suggest vaccines are a cause of this neurodevelopmental disorder epidemic.

These claims in favor of vaccinations as "safe" seems to contradict a wide variety of information that is extracted from reliable, valid, and available to the general public as there may be strong statements defending the governments not at fault but the evidence available proves otherwise. The evidence to defend the governments stance is not readily available and seems to elude the publics eye. Perhaps the general public would be able to see through the "study" they claim backs vaccines safety? I was very offended myself when Jenny McCarthy, being blamed for the movement of concerned parents rejecting the safety of vaccines, when a government agency employee stated that our judgement is, and I quote, "paranoid mother's acting out of fear and not rational thought." I beg to differ.

Geier insists, "I'm pro-vaccines, but the bottom line is that our kids are getting massive amounts of mercury. Mercury has been withdrawn from everything, including animal vaccines, yet we keep injecting it into our children. Everyone should absolutely refuse to take a vaccine shot that has thimerosal in it, and they should insist on reading the vaccine package insert. Our data showed that the more mercury children received in their childhood vaccines the more neurodevelopment disorders there are. We've looked at this every possible way and every time there's massive evidence to support it."


In the 1930's Thimerosal was developed as a preservative by Eli Lilly. It contains 49.5 percent mercury and is a neurotoxin that is linked to depletion of the protective anti-oxident-glutathione that helps rid the body of mercury. Thimerosal is used as a preservative in the majority of vaccinations. The EPA determined the amount safe in adults is 1 micro-gram per kilogram weight.

People with autism have been found to have low levels of glutathione making them more susceptible. Glutathione low levels makes it difficult for their body to rid themselves of the mercury in their body. In a U.S. study the children were 50 % more likely to develop autism then those not give the vaccines with thimerosal. Vaccine experts have also been quoted that the government is to blame for the autism diagnosis rate skyrocketing. Robert F Kennedy Jr is one that researched and concludes this very thing. He is the author of an article in the Rolling Stone's called "Deadly Immunity".

Vaccinations, Maternal overexposure to metals and antibiotics, heavy metals from industry pollution of air and water as well as chemicals in pesticides were found to be factors correlating and consistent with the drastic spike of diagnosis in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Helle Ferrie noted in the 1940's the first case of autism was described shortly after the whooping cough was introduced to the vaccination schedule. This was not too long after thimersol was being used in the vaccines.

24 years ago ( I was seven years old_) we recieved less then 10 shots; which I actually pulled my medical record from back then that was from the navy hospital's that correlates to that. Now over twenty years later we are giving our children over fifty vaccines and there is said to be more to come. We vaccinate at birth, we give three shots and two boosters of DTaP, we give eight to ten at one time (which horrified me after my youngest, now age three and not vaccinated in over twelve months, was stuck with ten literally at one time). We give rotavirus vaccines that I never recieved as a child and my oldest, age 11, got three doses and his third was during the time they pulled them off for awhile due to gastrointestinal blockage to the point babies were dying from it. Then they bring in the varicella, or the chicken pox vaccine that we all didn't have and survived through the chicken pox no matter how much we wanted to scratch at the pink dots our mothers put all over us. They not only now give one but recently have made it mandatory for a second dose. My son is testing immune after the one shot and is autistic and though he is doing very well and functioning way beyond where we thought he would I thought it unnecessary to innoculate a second time just for the trauma and the tantrum and the self injurious behavior would definately kick in. At two years old getting his blood drawn to test before autism evaluations it took myself, his Physician Assistant, and three doctors to hold him down so they could stick him. I refused to vaccinate and got some ranting and raving from a nurse that claimed I was a bad mother. No, I would have been a bad mother if I hadn't weighed the pros and cons and chose to find out if his blood work previously that was recent was showing his immunity to his vaccines. I chose not to give him a traumatic event that would have made regression an issue. At this time I didn't blame anything for the autism and I still really don't but I think that its something that I personally had to forgo. My 11 year old had to get whooping cough and the MMR and if I would have had him I would have not allowed it but my exhusband did vaccinate. We are just like every other parent that loves our kids and I know that all the mothers out there that are standing up against the government with Jenny McCarthy are doing what is right in their hearts that it just so happens is supported by a ridiculus amount of research.

In 1984-1994 There was a steep climb (increased ten fold) and merury toxicity was the suspected culprit. Thimersol was a base compoud used to act as the preservative in even the vaccines given to young infants. There are supposed to be available upon request thimersol free vaccines. The website has many quotes from influential people working in related agencies that have denied a link to vaccines contributing to autism spectrum and related disorders, but have had members that have also say the opposite.

After Congress signed the Immunization Assistance Act in 1955, doctors began to encounter a whole new group of neurologically defective 4-5 year olds. Chronic illness in children began to skyrocket. Respiratory disease was up by 47%. Asthma was up 65% and death from asthma increased as well. Mental and nervous system problems up 80%. Hyper-activity, behavior disorders and drug abuse up 300%. Hearing loss up 129%. The number of disabled children went from 1 million to over 2 million in 5 short years. (By 1960) As the number of vaccines increased, so does the chronic illness of the children.

Would you re-think Vaccines if This is All You Saw?

Would you re-think a vaccine for your child if this is all you saw, ignoring any theories of harm? or safety?
Would you re-think a vaccine for your child if this is all you saw, ignoring any theories of harm? or safety? | Source

Center of Disease Control...or...Center of Deception Control?

The CDC stood behind the safety of vaccines and no link was to Autism.  CDC said moms were "needing someone to blame for their own bad genetics."  Later, CDC being challenged for years, stated after DSM5 revisions....there was a link to
The CDC stood behind the safety of vaccines and no link was to Autism. CDC said moms were "needing someone to blame for their own bad genetics." Later, CDC being challenged for years, stated after DSM5 revisions....there was a link to | Source

Italian Court Rules: MMR Vaccine Causes Autism

Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism
Courts quietly confirm MMR Vaccine causes Autism | Source

Monkey Given Vaccine - Developed Autism Symptoms

CDC and the AAP officially previously recommended vaccine's were given to infant monkey's and they developed autism like symptoms
CDC and the AAP officially previously recommended vaccine's were given to infant monkey's and they developed autism like symptoms | Source

MMR Isn't The Only Vaccine Implicated in the Autism Debate

DTap or TDap Vaccine has also been linked to Autism and FDA inserts this vaccine onto a list of possible drug reaction injury's
DTap or TDap Vaccine has also been linked to Autism and FDA inserts this vaccine onto a list of possible drug reaction injury's | Source

Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic

Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy
Evidence of Harm: Mercury in Vaccines and the Autism Epidemic: A Medical Controversy

n the 1990s reported autism cases among American children began spiking, from about 1 in 10,000 in 1987 to a shocking 1 in 166 today. This trend coincided with the addition of several new shots to the nation's already crowded vaccination schedule, grouped together and given soon after birth or in the early months of infancy. Most of these shots contained a little-known preservative called thimerosal


Thimerosal: A toxin in Vaccines

Tripedia Vaccine Insert from the FDA

“…the number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pedia
“…the number of dose related relationships [between mercury and autism] are linear and statistically significant. You can play with this all you want. They are linear. They are statistically significant.” – Dr. William Weil, American Academy of Pedia | Source

Courts Rule on Vaccine Injury Case

Courts found in Bailey's vaccine injury case that it WAS the cause of the MMR vaccine given to Bailey.
Courts found in Bailey's vaccine injury case that it WAS the cause of the MMR vaccine given to Bailey.

Did Vaccines Cause Your Child's Autism?

Do you believe vaccines are responsible or linked to your child's Autism?

See results

No Cause for Autism Known? I beg to Differ...

A Scientist by the name of Jim Giles, in June 2010, responded to the statement "We still don't know what causes Autism" and it was that there are..." four causes that contribute to autism."

Rubella Virus was published in the pediatrician's guide to their role in diagnosis and management of Autism Volume 107, No 5, May 2001 that the rubella virus that is one of three live virus's in the MMR vaccine contributes to autism. Congenital Rubella can cause autism and autistic like symptoms. Its a possible result from acute disseminate encephalomyelitis (ADEM)

The Court found that Bailey’s ADEM was both caused-in-fact and proximately caused by his vaccination. It is well-understood that the vaccination at issue can cause ADEM, and the Court found, based upon a full reading and hearing of the pertinent facts in this case, that it did actually cause the ADEM. Furthermore, Bailey’s ADEM was severe enough to cause lasting, residual damage, and retarded his developmental progress, which fits under the generalized heading of Pervasive Developmental Delay, or PDD [an autism spectrum disorder]. The Court found that Bailey would not have suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine, and that this chain of causation was… a proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from vaccination to Pervasive Developmental Delay.

[Banks v. HHS (Case 02-0738V, 2007 U.S. Claims LEXIS 254, July 20, 2007)].

Autism is also a result according to an employee with Health Resource with HRSA that confirmed to CBS news that 1322 cases of vaccine related injury being compensated through a secret out of court settlement. Either virus live from the MMR vaccine would have possibly caused encephalitis and also in Pediatrician's Guide to Diagnosis and Management of Autism Vol 107, it states at once; virtually right away, it was always known to contribute autism symptoms. More than 22,000 reports of hospitalizations and injuries, including over 300 deaths, following hepatitis B vaccinations have been reported since 1995.

When Hannah Poling was in the media for finding they settled out of court and breaking through headlines, environmental causes for autism went public; two papers were also published by the World Wide Health Organization that the risk of autism and live virus's in vaccines was something that government agencies were well aware of if "predisposed" to have mitochondrial dysfunction. If this dysfunction was part of their predisposition then YES AUTISM IS TRIGGERED BY THE VACCINES. Current President of Mercks Vaccine Division, Julie Colerberdine, when she was acting as the Director of the CDC; stated to CBS news it was rare but you COULD DEVELOP AUTISM AFTER VACCINATION IF YOU ARE PREDISPOSED TO HAVE MITOCHONDRIAL DYSFUNCTION. The CDC makes the claim it is extremely rare but in actuality it was found to apply to a MINIMUM of 20 percent of the cases in the United States.

To this point in my research I had not seen the interview between Kennedy and Anderson on MSNBC. I had been researching and keeping an eye on statistics and court cases and news briefs etc over the last two years. I did so not because I blamed necessarily my son getting Autism from the shots; but because it caught my own attention and seemed to me that if it caught my eye and I wasn't actively doing anything to find out; then it really was something worth looking in to. . I have pretty much had blind faith throughout my life and learned recently that the only word worth trusting is one that is backed by facts that end up being fit together like a giant puzzle

Then a husband deployed in Iraq for 15 months and fighting for custody of my son from Germany took up the majority of my energy and frankly my sanity. I was still dealing with behavior being violent in a much stronger child. I had an infant with no passport and a son in the states I was worried about staying with a stepmother I didn't trust and for good reason as my ex-husband was deployed as well for 15 months. I ended up stuck in the states for six months while they divorced because of no passport being given up by the father of my first three kids and no money given to go back if I didn't go in a certain time frame Then to rush back to Germany to save my marriage after papers were pulled from court a month before they were final and getting there for his homecoming. Two months later they dropped a PCS on us to here and he was diagnosed with PTSD and that is a whole other series I will be writing as I found links to the Anthrax vaccines as well. so, little time to worry about if the MMR was the cause. But IT DID catch my eyes. I did go through his development and I did note the time frame. But what it is for me is I don't need to place blame because its done and over with BUT I want to be a part of figuring it out if the government IS holding back information and IS denying something that is the actuality then its us as human beings to stand up and fight for those that can't do it for themselves. I learned a lot through Autism and its that I am literally all that he has. I learned patience but I also learned to make sure to educate myself and I WAS the expert, I WAS THE ONE that knew what was the best for my son and in the end THE MOM'S WILL KNOW WHAT CAUSED IT IN THEIR GUTS AND HEARTS AS WE DID WHEN NO ONE WOULD LISTEN TO US WHEN WE KNEW THEY HAD AUTISM.

I hope that the information people will look into themselves and stop taking what they say in the media and what the CDC says or the govt says as the gospel. They are going to cover their own tail and not in our best interest. This isn't the country that is what we idealized as kids, its political and money hungry and power is everything and we bully the rest of the world why not lie to us as well.

Rising Rates of Autism?

Possible Explanation of MMR Causation


© 2011 Abigayle Korinne


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  • SaiKit profile image


    8 years ago from Toronto

    This doctor also teaches people to detox heavy metal posioning such as mercury.

    The other articles and Youtube I sent you should contain only natural detox treatments.

    There are also other videos from parents who successfully reversed autism using detox, including a dad who followed Dr. Hyman's treatment.

    I am sure you will have all the resources you need to make a timely decision.

  • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

    Abigayle Korinne 

    8 years ago from Plymouth WI

    I am getting ready to watch your link and I will share it on my facebook where I do alot of interaction in a group for vaccines and have connections for autism and such. If you have a facebook here is my profile and I will be glad to add you. We do a lot of discussions on all sorts of related topics and the people I am connected to would really be grateful for your contributions as well.

    I am very interested in heavy metal detox because my mission relating to my exhusband is to have him eventually get his levels checked. I truly believe that in his case it has to do with something of that nature and if not then at least its ruled out.

    As for it related to Autism I have been debating about further evaluations and testing for my son. I just need to be assured the benefits are going to outweigh any issues with adjusting or any chance of regression for my son of course. I did everything on my own; even diet was me seeing things and changing it I had no information in regards to diet previously.

    Trusting the government should definately NOT be a given. It is something that should also be earned as we trust other people after its earned. No difference except that the government has a lot more power in controlling our lives and what is important is to think for ourselves not let the government think for us.

  • SaiKit profile image


    8 years ago from Toronto

    Hey Abby,

    This is urgent. The toxins that caused autism in the child can be detoxed. See how this mom reversed autism for her child.

    and this article has details protocol for heavy metal detox that reverse vaccine induced autism.

    I have read you detailed comment. thanks for the thoughtful reply. Yes we should always educate ourselves instead of trusting the government.

    Sai Kit

  • abbykorinnelee profile imageAUTHOR

    Abigayle Korinne 

    8 years ago from Plymouth WI

    My daughter's school in California is ruling against the need for evaluation for Asperger's. She is doing much better so my feeling is the school in Georgia was not necessarily a good school for her. My nine year old son's behavior and conduct disorder; through strictly a school and myself keeping him off medication we have made tremendous progress. His teacher's promoted him to third grade and his grade for example in Science is 100/100. His math in the nineties. I believe that medication masks behaviors and makes it impossible to learn to control behaviors on their own. That it "numbs" the way they are able to think and act thus creating a forced personality of the child that is false. Not to mention creating problems such as increased metals in their already difficulty in processing such materials. I believe medication is a last resort and I haven't reached that point with my son.

    His Autism is still a part of our family. He is unique and has an over the top imagination, difficulty in deciphering how to answer who and what where and why questions. He has difficutly processing information such as if we move he knows we can't go back but hard to understand why not. He is a very empathatic child despite the violent behavior that used to be daily and is few and far between and only due to not understanding. He knows and is aware he is different and excepts that though he "just wants people to like him". Its harder to notice his autism and if I don't mention it most people do not notice its autism.

    PTSD I did research on in relation to vaccination of anthrax and found that aluminum is the culprit. That it creates a form of toxicity in the brain that actually is a different problem but mimics the symptoms of true PTSD. My theory is that the outrageous increase of PTSD in the Army is due to the many rounds of vaccinations of anthrax they recieve prior to each deployment; year then skip a year only to again recieve the vaccination. After two or three rounds of these vaccines and two on average or three deployments you see extreme symptoms in PTSD that are not typical of the actual disorder. Its to the excessive extreme and the sufferers seem to deteriorate more rapidly then is normal with ptsd. It is said to result in neuro-death. I believe in this theory the higher rate of suicide among Army soldiers in comparison with the other services is due to this process leading to neuro-death and thus suicide.

    I have researched the statistics and in an article on here posted the statistics I found interesting that even though say the Marine Corps saw the same thing the Army saw or experienced had a lower rate of experienceing after affects of things like PTSD. I also found it interesting that the troops for the Army suffer such high rates in Iraq vs say the Marines seeing and experiencing more combat currently in Afghanistan. I believe my exhusband's problems with "PTSD" were more related to the heavy metals in his brain his body was having trouble ridding himself of and his behaviors fit in with neuro-toxicity in his brain. He refused to get his heavy metal levels checked however so I have nothing to compare to except observing his behaviors.

    I believe you are right that the government and fellow agencies are "destroying" America. I found in a lot of my research and social networking with people of the same interests around the world that the U.S. is the worst and seems to be covering more up then other countries even though the problems are worldwide. The 6000 percent increase in over thirty years for Autism shows this because that is worldwide as well. Instead of fixing mistakes I believe some of this was; not seeing the consequences of the actions our government was taking, they now know its a huge epidemic and problem, that we as citizens and educated or experienced individuals even if we haven't attended college for intelligence is far more then a degree; they are covering up their apparent mistakes. For what would be the fallout of such an admitted mistake? Financial hell for the government for all those families that have had a child diagnosed with Autism? A soldier that ultimattley ended his own life through a process of stuff forcely injected in them that is making neurons die in their brain and altering their personality? My own ex husband kept saying, "Its not PTSD, I don't know what it is but its not...I wish you would listen to me". I may have listened too late and definatly he won't listen to me now. Its only a theory and those may think I am prone to conspiracy theories but I assure you I am far from that person.

    Thank you so much for your comment and I hope to have you as a reader and contributor of my topics of discussion for whether or not I agree with you I always take it into consideration, have full respect of a view, and will always research just as avidly into a new point of view or theory for that is what we as American people and even those worldwide should do. We should never let the government think for us. We should always educate ourselfs and we should take an active part in society

  • SaiKit profile image


    8 years ago from Toronto

    Have the two children of yours recovered? it's so sad to see how some government people are sleeping in bed with the big pharm and vaccine manufacturers, and they sell out the people.

    I heard that PTSD is in fact caused by depleted uranium that they used in battle field.

    These people are destroying American families left and right.

    May God be with us all.


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