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Updated on September 1, 2015

Symptoms of Autism, After the Diagnosis

After you have established that your child exhibits autistic symptoms, and has got tested. It's easy to be overwhelmed, and not sure what's next. There is a lot of emphasis put on the diagnosis of autism, and because this can take several months to sometimes a year or more. You can be left wondering what's the next step.

Of course, depending upon what the exact diagnosis is for each specific child. The course of treatment will be different.

Generally, because most autistic children have a delay of speech. Almost definitely what one of the courses of treatment will be some sort of speech therapy. The intensity and how often will depend upon the treatment plan that is made with the speech therapist.

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The second thing will most likely be occupational therapy. This therapy teaches autistic children how to cope and handle day to day life. It also teaches children how to transition better. Most autistic children have a hard time transitioning from activity to activity. They get very focused on one specific thing, and don't like to stop doing it or engaging in the activity.


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