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Autism in Children

Updated on February 16, 2015

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Symptoms of Autism

Autism in children is something most people don't think about when they're having a baby. The number of kids with autism is on the rise. Generally, there are autism symptoms that get parents thinking there may be something wrong. Here are some of the symptoms;

* Not liking to be held close, or seems sensitive to touch.

* Eating non-food items, such as dirt, flowers, or grass.

* Fascinated with wheels.

* Lining things up in rows

* Obsession with lights being on

* Picky with the texture of foods.

Autistic Child

The First Step After You Think Your Child May be Autistic

After looking at some of the autistic symptoms in children, you may come to realize that your child has some of these symptoms.

When you're coming to this realization, you will go through a whole array of emotions. First and foremost, denial. I don't think anybody wants to think their child may be different, or have an ailment.

The first thing you want to do is set up an appointment with your child's primary care physician. You have to get a referral from the Dr. to be seen by a specialist.

You will find out real quick that it is a process. So they sooner you can do this the better. Most testing centers have a long waiting list. I was told there was about an 8-9 month waiting list.

Expect delays, but don't just settle.

After I was told about the delay in testing, I called my sons insurance company. I expressed how I thought it was ridiculous to have to wait almost a year just for him to get tested, to see if he might be autistic.

Because it was considered a medically necessary thing, I was able to get him tested out of the insurance network, and they paid for it.

Doing this got him tested about a month after I saw his primary care physician.


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