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Afraid of SAGGING BREASTS? Do this

Updated on February 6, 2012

  Remember! I have designed this hub after making great search to ensure that this hub will not have any misguiding informations or tips.  Tahnx to source sites.

At any age, one's bust can just not look it's best. But a few minor lifestyle changes can make your girls look gorgeous!


Understand that different women have different breast types. "Sagging" breasts might just be healthy and perfect breasts that just need a little support to look and feel their best. When you were a young teen, your breasts were likely just developing. At 18 this may change, and what they are now will likely not what they look like at 18 or at 25 or 45. Just because they are different doesn't mean they're bad.

A Well Fitting Bra Is Key To A Beautyful Bust
A Well Fitting Bra Is Key To A Beautyful Bust
  1. Don't compare yourself to models. Women tend to compare themselves to what they see in the media. Forget what you see on models; many of those women have had plastic surgery or air brushing. That's not the norm.

  2. Wear supportive bras. The best way to look your best and protect the tissue of your breasts is to wear bras.

  3. Have yourself properly fitted. Many women do not wear the correct bra, and end up with a bra that does not do its job. So have yourself measured and consulted by a professional. Many quality lingerie stores and department stores offer this service for free.

    • Feeling shy? That's normal. Bring a female friend, relative, your mother, whoever you feel comfortable with for morale support.

  4. Choose bras with a wide back strap. The wider the back strap the more support you get in front. This may include bras with 3-6 hooks. You may like the look of the lacy bra with the one hook closure in the back but it won't support larger breasts. Fortunately, colorful, lacy, cute, and/or sexy supportive bras can be now be found in even the largest sizes.

  5. Look for a Quality Store which specializes in more womanly bras and foundation items. This can be a department store, specialty shop, or foundation store. These stores usually offer staff who are knowledgeable and have more quality products and bras are often made for harder to fit women.

  6. Wear a supportive sports bra. This is particularly important in sports that have a lot of movement and bouncing, like running, soccer (football), rubgy and the like. Larger breasted woman may need to shop for specialty sports bras on-line. Do not double up sports bras, as this there are better options out there even for the largest breasted women.

  7. Put on Your Bra Correctly Take a little care getting dressed. Be sure your straps are adjusted to your back. They tend to move around during laundering. Lean over when putting on your bra to ensure your chest is centered and perky.

    • Look for the mid-point on your arm and your nipple line should be level with that middle area of your arm. If it is too low you aren't getting enough support.

  8. Consult your physician. He or she might have some ideas that can help, or reassure you that you are perfectly normal. Remember, they know all about this stuff!

    • Be prepared for them to suggest a weight loss plan as many women tend to gain weight in their chest. Don't be offended it could just be you are genetically geared to storing more fatty cells in your breast tissue. Other women store it in their hips, thighs and abs. Remember, you're fortunate to have the ability to impact your breast size, some women have no control.

    • Avoid "Yo-yo Dieting". Repeated weight gain and loss can stretch out your breast tissue.

    • Report on-going issues with back pain. They may prescribe a back support or recommend or prescribe a specialized bra for your needs.

  9. Avoid going bra-less! Gravity will cause your breast to sag more and more. Going without a bra will further stretch the breast tissue.


  • Stop obsessing; look great and love your look. There's nothing wrong with pendulous breasts if they're put in a flattering, well-fitting bra.

  • Do chest exercises. Moderate amounts of chest exercises, with free weight machines, yoga, and Pilates, can help strengthen the muscles under the bust. While it doesn't actually do anything to the breast, it can make the entire area more defined.

  • Back exercises may help alleviate some back pain associated with having larger breasts. By strengthening your back muscles you will be able to support your chest without odd leaning and posture. Many women develop their breast quickly and the back if often lacking the strength to support the growing chest. Make back work outs a frequent part of your work out plan.

  • Work on your posture. Again, while it doesn't actually change the breast itself, it will make your chest look even better.

  • Launder your bra correctly. A worn bra will not support or protect you correctly. Hand wash or pick up a lingerie bag. Wash your bras in a gentle laundry soap like Woolite with cold water. Hang to dry or dry flat and don't expose to the heat of the dryer. The dryer heat will deteriorate the elastic.

  • Buy Quality Bras. Although the most expensive bra is not necessarily the best for you, a cheap and flimsy bra is unlikely to support and protect your body.

  • Buy bras regularly. An average woman's bra will last 3-6 months under typical use. After that, they start losing support.

  • Lift and separate! Keep your breast lifted and separate with bras and appropriately fitting tops. Don't squish them together or flatten them down. It won't flatter you.

  • Highlight your chest. Seriously, the fact you have a "sagging chest" means you have the goods to show off. Many women would love to have that problem! Put those girls in a good bra and show your decollage off!

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    • Monique Sands profile image

      Monique Sands 

      2 years ago from San Luis Obispo, CA

      I have heard that breasts sag BECAUSE OF wearing a BRA....not because a woman does not wear one!! Maybe when doing jumping jacks it would be wise to restrain your girls, but doing normal things like walking, etc. they will become MORE UPLIFTED if you just hold your shoulders back, thrust them out and enjoy how much better you'll look WITHOUT wearing a BRA. I am a 36DD and look so much more well-proportioned without the binding of wearing a bra (even the properly fitting bras I've invested in in the past). Also, it's been proven that breast cancer is non-existent in countries where women do NOT wear bras!

      The women who will try to discourage you from going braless are those who are not confident enough to go braless themselves. Don't let THEM dissuade you from doing what is better for your health, your attitude and the true enjoyment of life. (plus maybe they own stock in Victoria's Secret, Bali or one of the other bra manufacturers. My whole wardrobe looks good on me now that I don't constrict my girls inside of a cage and an added benefit is that I feel so much sexier!

    • profile image

      sad by fate 

      7 years ago


      Thanks for your tip. I dropped a lot of weight and my nice breast sagged consideraably. I am 30 years old now but I use to be a beauty pageant winner. Therefore, I am very self concious about my beauty falling through the cracks. i have massaged my breasts for about two days now with alomond and cocconut oil to help them perky again but can this cause breast cancer or antyhing of the sort later on? I don't want to use those creams or lotions, due this fear of mine. Plus, I am single and still a virgin so this is a big deal to me, since I want my breasts to look desirable for my future husband. Plus, I love wearing sexy clothing. I consider myself very attractive and not vain but this seems like a universal problem that I never encountered before.

    • The Real Tomato profile image

      The Real Tomato 

      9 years ago

      Nice comprehensive info.

      It takes so much time to find the right fit and price. As a busy mom my biggest problem is finding the TIME to find the right bra. Much the same as it is when I need a new pair of jeans. Is their companies that make a better bra than others? Or maybe brand names to stay away from? I would really like to have it narrowed down before I go shopping.

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      Thanx nickel!

      I hope you have had your bra now.

    • Nickel profile image


      10 years ago

      Great Hub Quiet Tracer. I'm definitely in the need of a new bra after this hub.

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      Thank you for your informative suggestion!

      Actually I made this hub especially for those women who don't wear Bra at all. This really makes their breasts sagging due to gravitational action. But it doesn't mean that you should wear Bra all the time, I completely agree with you. Women should also have your suggestion in mind.

    • healthmiracles profile image


      10 years ago

      It is important to have a good fitting bra but we must also be careful to limit the time we wear underwire bras because in my research I found there is a link to breast cancer from the wire cutting off circulation! read more here:

      There are lots of bras out there w/o the wire that still offer support.

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      Thank you Stephhicks :D

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 

      10 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      So I was all set to leave a nice comment and then I read funnebone's comments. LOL. But seriously, having a well-fitting bra makes a huge difference in how clothes look. Why buy expensive tops and dresses if you're going to wear the wrong bra and have it all look wrong? Great hub.

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      that's even easy for me funnbone, but I stil need time for it. I will inform you after comletion.

      Thanx Tbelgard

    • funnebone profile image


      10 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

      I mean womens facial hair...

    • tbelgard profile image


      10 years ago from The rainy but beautiful Pacific Northwest

      After a year of breastfeeding, I went for my first bra fitting and actually cried in the dressing room. People under-estimate not only the importance in finding a supportive bra but the difficulty involved. It was a very emotional experience. Thanks for these helpful tips!

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia

      OKay Funnebone

      Actually my uncle is running business bout ladies-under garments, that's why I got highly useful informations from the books arriving at my uncle's store for sample. I searched on internet but I found these instructions different and really working from those of internet and I adjusted these in my hub along with my searched tips. But to make a hub on men, I will have to do one thing more. I will have to steal books of my another uncle who deals in medicine. LOLZZZ

      I don't really promise to make it but I will try it for you.

      thanx for praising my effort

    • funnebone profile image


      10 years ago from Philadelphia Pa

      We men thank you for this public service announcement. Please follow it up with how to curtail facial hair. Thank you.

    • quiet tracer profile imageAUTHOR

      quiet tracer 

      10 years ago from South-Asia


    • Blogger Mom profile image

      Blogger Mom 

      10 years ago from Northeast, US

      Great tips!


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