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Buy The BEST FITTING BRA for you!!

Updated on February 6, 2012

Remember! I have designed this hub after making a great search to ensure my readers that this article doesn't carry false or misguiding information. Thanx to source sites.

How to Buy a Well Fitting Bra


Finding a bra that fits well is a simple, but time-consuming task. By following these steps, you should not only be able to find one that fits, but is comfortable as well.


  1. Measure Your Bra Size.
  2. Determine what kind of bra you want. Do you want one that is padded for an extra boost? Or underwire for extra support? What about a sports bra for any athletic activities? Once you have decided what kind of bra or bras you want, you're ready for the next step.
  3. Go to the store. This is something that cannot be done online. Once you know the brand(s) you like, then you can purchase them via the internet, but for now, you'll need to leave the house.
  4. Pick up a variety of bras in your size and pre-determined style and put them in your cart or basket. Don't worry about how much they cost or even the color right now, just toss 'em in. This method will assure you have a number of different brands that you like.
  5. Put one on with the clasp on the loosest fitting. Bras have a tendency to get looser as time goes on due to washing and wearing, so by trying it on this way you'll make sure it will last longer.
  6. Check for the following:

    • Can you breathe? If not, it's too tight. Ditto if your breasts are bulging out of the sides or underneath.
    • Is it slipping off? It's okay to adjust the shoulder straps, but if you have them on the tightest setting and the bra is still gravitating towards your waistline then it's too loose.
    • Bend over. No, you don't have to touch your toes, but if your breasts are falling out, then the bra doesn't fit.
    • Put your arms above your head. The bra should neither ride up nor pinch at this point.
    • Twist left to right at the waist. Your bra should stay in place.
    • Depending on the style of the bra, the fabric between the panel in the cups should be resting firmly against your sternum.
  7. Repeat these steps until you have tried on all of the bras. Make sure you keep the ones that fit separate from the ones that don't!
  8. Purchase the bra or bras that make you happy.


  • After you have tried on the bras, chances are you'll have a favorite. Even if you buy only this one (or several in different colors), take notes of the ones that were close but not quite since manufacturers have a tendency to discontinue bras after a time.

  • If you decide to purchase an underwire make sure that there aren't any wires poking out.

  • Remember to try on the bra with the clasp on the loosest fitting NOT the tightest!

  • Never skimp on buying a bra. If there is one item in your wardrobe that deserves being paid full price for, it's a bra - it has a very important job to do and your posture can be badly affected if it isn't working properly.



Be aware that bras may contain materials that you are allergic to which you may not be aware of when you make your purchase. If you experience any swelling (such as hives) or excessive itching, then you may be allergic to nickel or the plastics in the bra. Take note of where the allergic reaction happened and watch out for that material the next time you decide to buy a bra. In the meantime, take some Benadryl, or in extreme cases, get to the emergency room.


  • cloth or paper tape measure
  • mirror
  • Friend to model in front of


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    • profile image

      Centaur12 8 years ago

      Having 44DD boobs, I can appreciate how well a bra needs to fit (I just wish they didn't cost so much; the bigger your girls, the bigger the price)

    • hot dorkage profile image

      hot dorkage 8 years ago from Oregon, USA

      My boobies are escape artists. I am very small and those little gals manage to squirm their way out of any bra I put them in, no matter how tight I cinch it up.

    • quiet tracer profile image

      quiet tracer 9 years ago from South-Asia

      Thanx linjingjing :-)

    • linjingjing profile image

      linjingjing 9 years ago

      Buy A Well Fitting BRA

      Writing good

    • quiet tracer profile image

      quiet tracer 9 years ago from South-Asia

      thanx for ur additional information life dancer!

      I always love the suggestions made by my friends like you. Yeh it's true that there is also a matter about the measurement of cup-size. But I suggest you to visit my another hub ( where you can get some useful information on how to measure your bra. If it solves your problem then I will say my hub has worked for a one of my friends but if the problem still exists then feel free to comment on it, I will try to make it better for you.


    • lifedancer profile image

      lifedancer 9 years ago from California

      Additional info. Most women wear bras that are too small in the cup size. Measure around your torso where the bottem of the bra will sit. Then measure wearing a bra that doesn't push you flat, to get cup size. There is a certain number of inches to add for your cup size, but I forget. I'll bet Victoria's Secret web site has that info.

      It's often difficult to get all the features I want in one bra. I dance a lot and would love an underwire or other bra with "support" that is made with the fabric that wicks away moisture. Most of them are made for small breasted women.

    • quiet tracer profile image

      quiet tracer 9 years ago from South-Asia

      thanx for appericiating!

      yeh that's right, most of the girls want to follow models which is not a right thinking because these models have had plastic surgeries and some other treatments. I think girls can make their bodies looking better more by caring it but not by following the models.

    • desert blondie profile image

      desert blondie 9 years ago from Palm trees, swimming pools, lots of sand, lots of sunscreen

      Yes, I agree! Most USA women do NOT buy a well fitting bra!  They are too lazy or too discouraged to spend the time to find the bra that really suits them!  They begin to look at Selma Hayeks or some super model and feel "there's no use" and so they stop making the best out of their own figures.  How i wish women could find the self-respect and self-worth to want to make themselves the most they can be...without comparing to movie actresses or models. To look in a mirror, maybe after the struggle of trying on dozens of bras, and seeing AAAHH in this one I am by best!  Each one of us if a WOMAN, with our own glories, our own bodies, and promoting our beauty is a way of honoring the God that made us! Treating ourselves sloppily, haphazardly, is a way of dishonoring God, of dishonoring ourselves, or dishonoring the man who loves us. We brush our teeth, wash our hair, use deodorant, wear fresh underwear..why do we stop there? Be the woman you can be, that you've pledged yourself to be. The "worse" in "for better or worse" does not mean because you got lazy!