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B Vitamins: Nervous System Function, Food Issues and Drugs that cause serious B Issues

Updated on April 3, 2016

Vitamin B 12 shots vs. Vitamin B Complex or B-12 Pills and “drugs” that cause lack of B and Nervous System Function (PPIs)

By Meredith A. Iager

What B vitamins are used for -- IV and Pill Form

Vitamin B complex pills and B-12 specifically is great for nervous system to function properly and can provide energy for the body’s daily function. When your body is stripped of B vitamins as well as B-12, your overall body function will be reduced. When your nervous system is not functioning properly organs are slower; the motility rate is diminished. Various medications including proton pump inhibitors and others all impact the nervous system in some way.

IV B Vitamins go straight to organs, and will assist you even more so than a pill since the fluids are bypassing your GI tract. This is a more expensive way to get them, but if you can afford this way -- either IV or a shot of B vitamins then by all means -- it is a fantastic way to help you out with nervous system function, other organ issues affected by lack of nerve function, to replenish energy, etc. Dr. Myers formulated the Myers Cocktail IV therapy over 50 years ago (a John's Hopkins doctor) to aid in patients getting nutrients faster to help with all kinds of ailments. His mixture included C, amino acids, all kinds of B vitamins.

Lacking in Food Supply – Serious Issues in Food Today

Today, our food supply is tainted with antibiotics and a variety of toxins and chemicals that come from chemical trails (thank your wonderful federal government for these issues -- they are trying to eliminate the population -- one of hundreds of tactics) and other means that our government wants to infect their food with.

Most foods are not assisting in our vitamin intake, so this means that individuals need to supply themselves and their family with vitamins, minerals, herbals, and other supplements in order for us to maintain a decent, healthy lifestyle. Without essential vitamins, especially B vitamins for our energy and healthy nerve function we tend to get medical issues and constant stress -- which really depletes our nervous system function causing B to get seriously low or non-existent. Many foods that we eat like fish and eggs are good examples of where be vitamins should be coming from. However, with the above-mentioned issues in our food supply system we cannot rely on these kinds of foods any longer to supply us with be essential B vitamins.

B-17 - Anti-Cancer - Your Government Doesn't Want You To Know

Also, if you are unaware, many seeds of fruits and vegetables contain a B vitamin that is essential to help fight cancer growth -- B-17. Some of you are going to say, -- well, what is B-17? I’ve never heard of that? The reason why you’ve never heard of it is because our government wants us to never understand why people get cancer. B-17 is a protector of cells and it has been proven that it fights cancerous cells.

If you can remember as a child you were always told to never eat the apple seeds, or throw away a big pit inside of a peach. These all are properties of the fruits and veggies that we should be eating as well. It’s kind of the issue when it comes to cutting off the larger thicker stems of fruits and vegetables as well. Many people cut off the end of the asparagus which is more vitamin a nutrient rich than the actual rest of the stem that we eat. Asparagus is also a huge anti-cancer food -- fresh organic kind of course is best! This also goes for broccoli. The bottom of the broccoli is actually extremely vitamin rich as well -- very high in zinc -- anti inflammatory essential vitamin, and great for anti-acne and other outbreak issues on the skin. There is also a GI formulated zinc -- a pepsin combine mixture with zinc in tiny capsules. Zinc Carnosine -- by Doctor's Best.

These are just examples of ridiculous things that we have been accustomed to because we were told to and most of this came from media which is also controlled by our government. They don’t want us to know that we can be healthy by living off of organic fruits and vegetables and meats and other food items that should be able to suffice rather than us having to now purchase supplements and other vitamins in pill form because we cannot get them from our food supply as it has been tainted and ruined.

Growing Your Own Foods -- Helps Eliminate Crappy Food that Doesn't Contain Many Vitamins (Crap in our Food Stores) Buy Organic When You Can

If you’re able to afford having your own greenhouse or at least a smaller garden in your yard it is best to plant fruits and vegetables, and if you’re in an area where you’re able to have a couple of chickens for eggs by all means you should be doing these things to save yourselves from spending money on foods that are not helpful for growth and constant wellness.

In today’s stressful society be vitamins are essential and if you’re able to buy some organic meats and organic vegetables then you’ll be able to get be vitamins from these foods however buying B supplements as losengers or in capsule or tablet form will be helpful to you and yours.

Pain and B Vitamins and Sleep Problems

If you have pain related medical condition, you know from experience that any kind of pain can wear your body out. It weakens your immune system, can cause sleeplessness, and nervous system function. If you have ever experienced more than three days of sleeplessness you understand that your nerves are fried. You are exhausted but can’t sleep and feel like you’re frazzled to the core.

Some integrative doctors believe that if you take B vitamins 2 to 3 times a day in capsule form, a B complex, you can get sleepy from this. Most people think the B vitamins are just for energy, and the fact is they are for energy however if they are assisting your nervous system in which you are depleted from B vitamins they can actually suppress your nervous system and use the mop and then you fall sleepy.

IV B Vitamins – IV Therapy

Many medical conditions, and of course those that cause severe pain deplete the proper nerve function. Some individuals have IV vitamin therapy to not only help nerve function but to repair tissue as well as rid of infections. Be shots are given to people to replenish these B vitamins quicker, and sometimes they are mixed with a bag of IV vitamin C and other amino acids, minerals and vitamins. There are some health fanatics that only get B vitamins as a be shot in the arm rather than a continuous IV drip over two hours with a bag of vitamin C. Typically ill people do not just get be shots as they require more than just bees for the nervous system function.

B-12 Dissolve Pills -- Absorption Issues -- Reasons for taking different kinds

B-12 vitamins, in capsule form as well as hard pills or dissolvable. If you have an issue with your stomach lining taking dissolvable pills, or sublingual pills can aid in absorption for you, as well as gel pills are best for this kind of issue. If you’re able to take pills in capsule or in a hard tablet form these work just as well. Vitamins can be expensive which is why you should look into cheaper forms of the pills in your local drugstore, however many critics say that the cheaper the pill the lower quality. However, this really depends on what purpose you’re using the pill for. Typically be vitamins are best in a capsule form or gel form.

Drugs causing B-12 and other Nervous System and Digestive Issues – PPIs and H-2 Blockers

every single drug you take from a pharmacy that is an AMA pharmacy, you are going to be in serious issues. All medications cause nerve damage, malabsorption syndrome, and other serious issues that may become apparent in the short term or the long-term. A huge issue in our country is the fact that a third of our population is taking proton pump inhibitors because they either were told they had a acid reflux issue or they have an acid reflux issue. Did you know that most people have these issues because they had actually have a lack of stomach acid. Low stomach acid causes gallstones low stomach acid also causes symptoms that feel like reflux. When you take a proton pump inhibitor you are damaging your nerves and you are opening the door to infection. Why would you take an acid lowering drug if your GERD symptoms are being caused by low stomach acid? You would not. As individuals age we have a decreased amount of stomach acid. So if you already have low stomach acid and you take a proton pump inhibitor or an H2 blocker over-the-counter at your local drugstore you’re going to be in a serious crisis in a couple of weeks.

When you open the door to infection and inflammation you are going to have serious pain and nausea. Taking a PPI can cause gastritis among other inflammatory conditions. You can kill your gallbladder in just a couple of weeks by taking these medications. The second disturbing thing is most people have no idea until it’s too late. They will take the proton pump inhibitor and might feel okay for two days and then wonder what the heck the burning in severe pain is on their right middle portion of their abdominal region. Then they will get pains underneath their right breastbone area which is the gallbladder contracting to frequently and slowing down the sludgy bile. Nervous system damage causes the slow down, along with the acid being gone.

Gallbladder failure and gastritis are just two of the things along the laundry list of issues that will because in your Gastro system, which ultimately kills your immune system and function of nervous system. These deaths pills are a very slow death. They will cause chronic infection and inflammation which essentially leads to chronic organ problems: your kidneys, your bladder, your stomach lining and intestinal lining, autoimmune issues, dermis issues, you name it, it’s going to happen.

If you Google proton pump inhibitors, most articles are on how they help people with their GERD problems -- and just so you know Gastro esophageal reflux disease was created by the pharmaceutical companies -- years ago all you took with a couple of Tum’s or baking soda water to assist you with some reflux issues and now it has become an epidemic because people are taking these medications which actually cause motility issues in your digestive tract. Think about it, if your food is coming up you are either too heavy and that is being pushed on the organs and your digestion is going to be slower because of all the fat surrounding your abdominal region and your chest cavity area. So when you eat food you might have more burping and the acid mayfly up your throat. This is why reducing your intake of food to lose weight and do light exercise throughout the week is essential. There are also many medical conditions that cause you to have reflux related symptoms. Eliminating the acid is not the answer. You will actually in the long run have more issues by eliminating acid in your digestive system. You need acid to break down the food that you eat, and you need it for a host of other reasons.

Malabsorption of B-12 and other Crucial Vitamins, caused by PPIs

You need to think about this as it could save your life or someone you know that takes proton pump inhibitors. These issues that I’ve mentioned are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to these kinds of medications. Most of the legal issues out there are just relating some B-12 deficiency and bones breaking. If you think about this more in depth you will understand it is more severe than what is on the Internet. You have to read message boards of people having these issues and read between the lines. If bones are breaking this is affecting your calcium intake as well, however malabsorption and issues receiving and utilizing vitamins and minerals all begins within your digestive system.

So, therefore, proton pump inhibitors are directly related to the gastric system it all starts in the stomach, and in the liver and bile duct areas. If you are absorbing, more things are going on in your gut to lead to the external skeletal structure. So therefore when you intake the proton pump inhibitor -- when you swallow the pill it goes into your stomach and starts to inhibit G cells which are signaled by the pancreas. Stomach acid is not made. Your food is then being pushed through to the next level in your G.I. tract and your duodenal area where absorption and other digestion has taken place and so on and so forth. The pill essentially is inhibiting digestion that normally occurs with acid to break down the food and do the other absorption processes throughout the rest of your intestinal track all leading down to your large intestine and then out through your rectum.

Collective Thoughts

This article may be a bit disjointed, however I hope it can assist you with understanding the nervous system and what B-12 and other B vitamins do for you as well as our food supply issues and the massive domino effect going on with drugs and how many of them can inhibit our intake of vitamins. I hope you also recognize the issues with proton pump inhibitors and do some further research for yourself.

B vitamins are extremely essential for over all body function. They are more crucial than most people understand.


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    • tebo profile image


      2 years ago from New Zealand

      A very interesting article. I knew B vitamins were important but thank you for pointing out all the reasons they are so necessary for good health. Your other information re pharmaceutical drugs effects on our bodies makes good reading too.


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