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BELIEVE: Exploring the Mysterious Magic of Intuition in Your Life

Updated on November 29, 2020
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Melissa is a professional poet and writer. She currently has several works in her "vault" that she plans on publishing when she gets to it.

Everyone Believes in Something

Some believe in God, some believe in the Universe, some believe in Science, some believe in Nature, some believe in themselves, some believe in other people, and some say they believe in nothing which is also a belief in something. You see, we can’t help it. We are hardwired to think, reason, search for truth and meaning, and essentially to believe.

The Question Isn’t Do You Believe

The question is what do you believe? What we choose to believe is important. Our beliefs shape all of our actions. Our thoughts decide all of our behaviors. If we don’t know what we believe, we can deceive ourselves into thinking we are doing better than we are. Look at the man who says he loves his wife. He thinks he believes that, but he does not. How do we know he’s not in tune with himself? Just look at his actions. He says he loves his wife, but he spends all his time on the golf course or at the office in meetings. He makes no time for her, yet says he loves her. He’s surprised when she divorces him. What went wrong? He retraces his steps and regrets not making her a priority in his life. This happens to us all the time. We think we believe one thing, but behave as though we believe something else entirely. We do this when we are out of touch with our spiritual lives, our inner natures, and our intuitive selves. We have an idea of the truth, but live out the lie without understanding the disconnect between our thoughts and our actions. Oftentimes, we mean well. He meant to love his wife, but ended up loving his ambition instead.

Retracing Your Steps

Have you ever lost your keys? You’re on your way out the door and realize you don’t have them in your hand. What do you do? Either mentally or physically, we retrace our steps. We go back to every place we might have set them down—the coffee pot, the kitchen table, the bathroom sink, the alarm clock—where are they?

Figuring out what you believe, what you value as truth, can be the same way. You start with your actions, the way you behave each day, and trace them back to the thought or idea that makes you act in that way. This is one way you can change a negative quality in your life or personality as well. There may be something that you do that you hate, but have been doing it so long it feels involuntary. It could be a vice, a prejudice, or just a bad trait. Let’s say you always date the wrong guy. You always end up with Mr. Wrong no matter how hard you try. What is it about these guys, you wonder? It’s not about the guys. It’s about you. Perhaps you retrace your steps and find the reason you date men whom you allow to disrespect you has to do with the message you received as a child from an adult in your life that you weren’t worth it. You tell yourself you believe in yourself, but your choice in men proves otherwise. It turns out, you don’t believe in yourself. All this time you’ve actually been believing that you are worthless. So what should you do? It all starts with one thought. I’m worthy. If you can believe in that truth, it will transform you. The problem will dematerialize on its own as you begin living that truth actively in your everyday life.

You Have to Learn to Be Okay With the Mystery

Many people I talk to who struggle with having faith do so because they are trapped in the rational foyer of their minds. They can’t enter the ballroom of intuition and begin dancing because they are still trying to figure out how to check their coats in the hallway of rational thinking.

Rational thinking is important. It’s the entryway to truth, but intuition is the boundless keeper of all truth. One look at the cosmos is all anyone needs to understand that. Our galaxy is a blip on the radar of all we cannot see or even fathom could exist in space. Fact is stranger than fiction as well. Things often happen in life that are so miraculous we would not have believed them if we had not seen them with our own eyes—tales of survival, marvels of science, unexplained happenings—we are at the mercy of what we do not know. If the universe is too much for you to imagine, then just look to the ocean and what incredible creatures lurk in the depths there beyond our imaginations. Nature holds more mystery than our minds. I say instead of asking why we should ask why not? Why couldn’t it be true? Couldn’t it be true? It could be true.

Start Thinking in 3D

There’s a dimension beyond what you can think and readily see. It’s what you can feel only. It’s that space inside you that says don’t walk down that dark alley or tells you when it’s okay to help a stranger you meet in the night. Most of us are so out of touch with that aspect of ourselves that we either shut every feeling out or respond in confusion when a feeling we are having conflicts with an idea we already keep in our heads. In psychology they call that cognitive dissonance, and it tends to bring us a ton of stress when we are out of tune with our spiritual selves. It’s like a gong clanging inside our heads that we wish would just stop.

If that’s the case, you need to learn to focus. Calm your mind. Learn to meditate and develop your spiritual skills. I find it funny that we will spend so much time developing our minds in classrooms and our bodies in gyms, yet we neglect developing our spirits completely. Every person has a spiritual gift. Just as we aren’t all competition level body builders, we are all capable of spiritual attunement on varying levels. You can at least be practiced enough in your intuition to make healthy life decisions, heal from emotional pain you’ve inevitably experienced in life, and enjoy a level of inner peace and contentment.

When You Seek the Truth, It Finds You

Truth is a magnet. It seeks us out even as we are seeking it. I have a personal belief system that is unique to me. My parents weren’t religious. Far from it. I wasn’t brainwashed from birth to believe a certain way or accept a certain foundation of thoughts as true. I wasn’t spoon fed ideas about God. I developed faith on my own. God found me as a child and made Himself known to me. I simply believed. I had doubts along the way as well, but they were doubts in the form of questions and curiosity not doubts in the form of disbelief. God has shown me many signs and wonders in my own life that other people would easily dismiss as nothing, but they made sense to me, they guided me, and they made me believe. As a result, I’ve had an amazing experience of God in ways I can both explain and cannot explain. It’s been an intimate and personal encounter. I’m different from many of my counterparts in that I don’t believe it’s my duty to convince people of God. When God wants a relationship with you, haha, it won’t be easy to ignore. It’s every individual’s responsibility to develop their own relationship with their Creator. Proverbially, I may be asked to lead a horse to water from time to time, but it’s not up to me to make the horse drink. My duty is to love God, love people, and to seek truth. It’s enough to encourage and inspire others to simply believe. It’s important to share your life, share your experiences, and to put it all out into the universe for some other seeking soul to find along the way. Otherwise, the greater task is developing your own soul, staying spiritually attuned, and making sure you are living your truth.

© 2013 maramerce


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