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Updated on February 25, 2008


Desire starts with visualization and mentally experiencing the outcome. By continuing visualization and mental exercises day in and day out, the desire slowly but surely turns into a burning desire. This burning desire is starting point of all success.

Let us examine the little boy developing burning desire of having a bicycle and how it leads to success. At first by watching other kids in the block riding their bicycles, the boy develops a "want" and then mentally he chooses the make, model, and style of his own bicycle. He starts visualizing himself riding the his bicycle effortlessly and skillfully. He starts enjoying the speed, the balancing act, sudden turns, and sudden stops. This makes the want into a desire and the desire into a burning desire. Most of his time is spend on his mental experiences with his bicycle. Now he desires to have these experiences for real. And then he takes action, starts pestering his parents to buy him one. He uses all his own techniques and the techniques he learned from his buddies to make his parents buy a bicycle for him. Then the day comes, he goes to the cycle shop with his parents. After visiting different shops, he finds out his cycle and then on his mental experiences start turning into reality. Experiencing the color, the touch, the smell of fresh paint.....this is process of success in reality.

All these days remember there were no doubts in him either about the ability of his parents of buying a bicycle for him or about his ability to ride a bicycle. The first day his father helps him in learning to ride. This is big thing for a small child. His little brain should take care of many things like peddling, balancing the handle bars, looking ahead of any obstacles, blowing the horn, braking, and watching his friends in pride. Cycling is not natural to human beings like walking or running. So, the boy has to teach his brain to learn. Then the inevitable happens, he falls down bruising his ankles, knees, and elbows with physical pain and mental humiliation as the friends are watching especially the girls.

The next day, once again he tries ignoring the pain and humiliation as the desire is a burning desire, and he falls once again. This time as he was going faster,the damage is more, and he breaks his elbow. Pain is severe and adding to the physical pain there is damage to his bicycle. The doctor and his parents restricts him from riding the bicycle for one month. He takes his bicycle for repair. This one month he spends his time washing and cleaning his bicycle looking forward to the day of total success. After one month, he takes out his bicycle, climbs on his seat and his father gives him a big push,...................bang success.

This is exactly how burning desire leads you to success. Starting and running your own business, becoming an Air Force pilot, or creating wealth may not be so simple, but look at that small child in you........... was it easy to tolerate and to continue the pain of a broken elbow, the sense of failure, and the humiliation? Yes only if the desire is burning. Cultivate the burning desire like the child in you did some time back. When the want becomes a desire and desire a burning desire, you will somehow know that you are going to succeed. Your duty is turn the want into a desire and the desire into a burning desire. Use the same techniques which you have used years back and develop burning desire.

God bless you.


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    • profile image

      Paul Dt228 2 5 years ago

      The concept is marvelous..... thanx for the idea!

    • profile image

      rahul 6 years ago

      thank you for motivating.......

    • profile image

      Gustave 7 years ago

      This article is an important key to success since you cannot reach a goal and survive all the pains it costs to reach it unless you had a burning desire as fuel.