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Balance and How is it achieved

Updated on February 16, 2015

Balance and How is it achieved

Balance and How is it Achieved

Balance is an inner knowing that all things are in order.

Does society teach us this or that the world is in disorder and disarray?

Where is the balance in this?

It is in you.

We are here to welcome you to a new awareness about yourself – one that is grounded in reality for everyone. Health and healing are optimal states of being and when one chooses balance within, inner levels clear and balance the energy dynamically when you stay in tune to the inner messages.

Can you hear them? Is your life too loud? Too ‘busy’? We are all in this together and life can get hectic sometimes so have a sanctuary to retreat and catch your breath. We all need periods of rest as we discard the old and embrace the new so rapidly, unknown to any generations before us. So we are on pace with the movement of the energy and embrace ways to harness it and utilize its qualities to the best of our ability.

Overly emotional qualities show where growth and release are necessary. Open your heart to see the heart chakra in green with a pink interior. This place is a safe zone to rest your attention. You may see a blue flame within. Hold your hands over your heart for stillness, left over right. Can you hear the life calling your forward into the embrace that awaits with everything you have ever wanted? Can you hear it? Are you listening? It comes back from the reality around you – in your experience, this valuable reflection offering truth.

As we clear away the emotional debris from experiences we have deemed less than who we are, we can open ourselves to mastery. Qualities are harnessed from the environment that bring about balance and clarity. In your eyes are triggers to awaken you to your inner knowing. Choose to open and balance your third and fourth eye, esoteric principles from the ancient world still aiding our development.

Balance is an inner knowing that the self sustains - no matter what the circumstances. Can you feel your heartbeat? Then you are on the track to self awakening.

Join us as we grow.


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