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Bariatric Physicians in California

Updated on January 9, 2011

California Bariatric Physicians

Looking for a extreme weight loss doctor in CA? Read on to find some of the different doctors and physicians who specialize in bariatric surgery for those who are obese. This type of weight loss surgery strives to reduce the size of the stomach. It also changes your digestive system and it may put a limit on the amount of food you can eat, since it makes the stomach smaller. There are various forms of extreme weight loss bariatric surgery and according to the Mayoclinic, Gastric Bypass is the most frequently performed type of bariatric surgery.

Gastric bypass surgery is the most performed obesity surgery due to it having the fewer complications in general, as compared to some of the other types of bariatric surgical procedures. This is not a complete list.

Manjul Patwardhan MD
Cupertino, CA
(408) 725-1777

John Gerard MD
San Diego, CA
(760) 436-3988

Raymond Powell MD
Redding, CA
(530) 223-0216

Ranveig Elvebakk MD
San Francisco, CA
(415) 989-1007

Darla Mabery DO
Roseville, CA
(916) 774-4348

Gail Altschuler MD
Novato, CA
(415) 897-9800

Bariatric Physicians, Doctors & Surgeons in California

Mark Barats MD
W. Hollywood, CA

A. Hux MD
Rohnert Park, CA
(707) 586-9223

Maja Artandi MD
Palo Alto, CA

Richard German MD, FACS
Monterey, CA

Stanley Klein MD, FACS
Torrance, CA

Duncan Turner MD
Santa Barbara, CA

When looking for a doctor or physician of any kind, especially a bariatric or gastric bypass weight loss surgery physician and surgeons; explore different ones and get several opinions as to the recommended course of action. Ask lots of questions and make sure you are comfortable with the plan laid out by the doctor before making any serious decisions. Surgeries of any kind are a big deal, discuss all potential risks with your doctor before proceeding.

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