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American Society of Bariatric Physicians ASBP org Review

Updated on January 9, 2011 Information

Millions of people are overweight, and thousands of people are extemely overweight and need the extra help of a doctor to assist in their weight loss efforts.

Bariatric medicine can help those in an extreme over-weight condition and has been described as the art and science of medical weight management. If you know of someone in this condition that needs help, they can get more information on what options may be available to them.

The American Society of Bariatric Physicians, at, is a leading national professional organization that specializes in providing physicians, doctors, surgeons and other health professionals with education in the medical management of weight loss, obesity and related medical overweight conditions.

They also provide courses and workshops.

One-Day Courses - Basic Medical Weight Loss Techniques:

• May 16th: Dallas, TX. Register online!
• June 13th: Reno, NV

Learn more about Bariatric physicians, or bariatricians. They specialize in the medical treatment of obesity and related weight disorders. These licensed physicians and doctors have received special training in Bariatric Medicine. Bariatricians training and purpose is to treat overweight persons and obese patients with a well designed and comprehensive program of diet and nutrition, exercise and behavioral therapy.

Weight-loss (bariatric) surgery changes your digestive system to limit the amount of food you can eat and digest. The surgery can aid in weight loss and lowers your risk of medical problems associated with obesity.

Obesity and an extreme overweight condition is a chronic, debilitating disease that is potentially fatal, and requires treatment by a licensed physician trained in bariatric medicine. The U.S. is currently in an obesity epidemic contributing to the premature death, sickness and suffering of millions of Americans.

The World Bank has estimated that approximately 12 percent, ( and growing), of the U.S. health care budget is spent on weightloss and obesity treatment, and the cost of obesity and related costs in the U.S. in 2000 was more than $117 billion.


2821 South Parker Road, Suite 625
Aurora CO 80014
Fax: 303.779.4834

Weighing pros, cons of bariatric surgery
Bariatric surgery has associated risks and long-term consequences and should be considered only one part of an approach to treating obesity.


Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. is committed to long-term patient success through clinically proven bariatric solutions and support.  As a market leader, we make the difference by offering the most comprehensive proven solutions, developing new and less invasive solutions based on a scientific understanding of metabolic disease, and improving patient access-to-care through advocacy.

DisclaimerThe content of this page is not affiliated with the company names or products discussed, listed, presented or shown. The information provided is for general information purposes only and without warranties of any kind. Company names and products shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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    • profile image

      Donald Tice DO 

      8 years ago

      Why do you allow Surgeons from out of the country to advertise on our ASBP (American Society of Bariatric Physicians)web site. People that go to Mexico to have their surgery performed, in the end will spend as much and in many cases more especially if they have a lap band done. The band needs adjustments and followup care. There is much more to lap band than just the surgery. It requires aftercare for extended periods including nutritional, psychological and medical support. When the patients come back to the States, most State side practices will not take these patients on without considerable fees paid up front. The patient has no global extension for coverages after their surgery and will have to pay for all adjustments. Any complications, and we have seen several, will have to be delt with totally out of pocket. There is little to no recourse if there is a problem with the surgery itself. Many times we see the band that is used to be an older style band that most practitioners in the States no longer use. The erosion rates can be higher and the range of adjustments dimimished. We have seen the ports inappropriatly placed. We have seen several in our practice that went south of the boarder to have their lap bands done. The majority of these patients find out too late, as they are not properly informed, the untoward consequences of that decision.

    • paulkoson profile image


      9 years ago

      American Society of Bariatric Physicians ASBP org

      I like your hub. I think it very good.

    • wei654231 profile image


      9 years ago

      American Society of Bariatric Physicians ASBP org

      well written, I come on , welcome to my hub

    • sophieqd profile image


      9 years ago

      American Society of Bariatric Physicians ASBP org

      Great Hub! Very informative with lots of sound advice. Works for me!


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