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Beat That Post Holiday Blues

Updated on January 2, 2012

Most of the decorations have come down and your relatives are making their way back home. The ball has dropped and now 2012 has begun. It is not uncommon for many to find a sense of sadness now that all the excitement is over. Yet, I suggest skipping that post-holiday blues and instead re-focus on your life. Here are my suggestions:

  • · Give yourself a project.
  • · Give yourself a new attainable goal.
  • · Make vacation plans.
  • · Go on a meditation or a couples retreat.
  • · Take a new class such as cooking or ceramics.
  • · Push yourself to meet new and exciting people.
  • · Travel more.
  • · Try new food and activities.
  • · De-clutter your house.
  • · Keep a journal.
  • · Find something that makes you excited about life.

This is all about giving you something to look forward to. There is much more to you and your life than the holidays. These ideas should get you out of that post-holiday funk. As for myself, I decided to kick off the New Year by fixing up an old dresser/desk and making it into a vanity. I will be writing a hub about this once it is completed. I picked a dresser up at the local Salvation Army for $19.00. It is pretty rough looking right now but it will look brand new once I am finished with it. I am looking forward to bringing you more this year.


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    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 6 years ago from Florida

      One of my New Year's resolutions is to declutter my house! Good Hub, good advice.

    • MM Del Rosario profile image

      MM Del Rosario 6 years ago from NSW, Australia

      I am on the process of de cluttering some of the junk in my garage, it just accumulate over the years... thanks for sharing this hub....better do my work...