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Benefits of A Deep Tissue Message

Updated on June 24, 2011

What is a deep tissue massage (DTM)?

It is a type of massage therapy that specifically concentrates on realigning the deeper layer of your muscles and connective tissues. The movement and pressure differ from a regular relaxing massage, in this the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper focusing on the area of pain and tension, it is especially helpful in people with severe low back pain or tightness, sore shoulders, and stiff necks.

Who can benefit from DTM

If you suffer from chronic pain and discomfort such as muscle spasm or inflammation, arthritis, postural problems,fibromyalgia,carpal tunnel syndrome, decreased mobility or ROM (Range of Motion), back injury, sport injuries, recovering from car injury or a fall you can benefit from a deep tissue message. The purpose of a deep tissue message is to unlock and loosen the fibers of the muscle while releasing deep tension, removing toxins, relaxing and soothing the muscle. This type of message helps to alleviate most of the pain, promote healing, and relaxation to the body and the mind, because it is use as a corrective and therapeutic method, also it is a great alternative to the use of prescription drugs.

How does deep tissue message works?

It works by physically breaking down the adhesion's that build up and form in your body.

What is Adhesion?

These are bands of scar tissues which are rigid and usually very painful. They are formed between two surfaces inside the body, which cause them to stick together and make it harder for the joints to move. These adhesion can block circulation and cause pain, limited movements, and inflammation, they are usually found in the tendons, ligaments, and joints of the body.

To relieve the pain, break up and eliminate scar tissue, and restore normal movement direct pressure or friction is used on the affected area, the pressure is applied going across the grain of the muscles.

Back muscles
Back muscles

Health Benefits produced by DTM

This type of massage provides optimum health benefits, by greatly improving the condition of the affected body parts involved. It improves the blood flows and increase blood circulation throughout the body, and the increase blood flow help reduce inflammation of muscles.

The increase pressure to the body increase blood flow which in turn boosts the oxygen supply to all of the tissue in your body, and with more oxygen circulating in your body more toxins is being released from your body at a faster rate.

It is definitely recommended that you drink a lot of water after a message session in order to flush and eliminate those toxins. With the increase toxin flowing out of your muscles this will help speed up the healing process of those sore or damage muscles, as well as it can help increase the mobility of those muscles by loosening up the tight muscles.

Another benefit is that it helps relief stress, the forcefulness and firm pressure of the massage forces the body to relax, and untimely tensions are being released. As your body relaxes the muscle do also, therefore the tightness and tension decrease reducing your stress level.

A decrease in your stress level will also lead to a decrease in your blood pressure, especially if you suffer from hypertension. Stress relief has been proven to promote the hormone serotonin in your body, a hormone that makes you feel happy and content. You can see why a deep tissue message would be ideal to bring about relaxation and healing.

How to achieve an effective DTM

A good and effective deep tissue massage involves the use of firm pressure and slower strokes on the contracted area of the body; this can be accomplished by the use of your hands, fingers, knuckles, elbows, and forearm, in order to stimulate the muscles and body tissues below the surface level.

An experience massage therapist will focus on certain areas of the body; those areas are referred to as trigger points in your body. These trigger points are known to hold the most stress, and by working these trigger points your body can begin to relax much more easily. During the message there will be some discomfort and pain due to the tightness of the muscle therefore pain will be felt, deep breaths can help control the pain, it is important that you inform the therapist if the pain is unbearable. At the end of the session ice can be applied to the area to help reduce the stiffness and sooth the body. You will more than likely to be a bit sore which is to be expected, but it will subside usually within a day.

If your life is fast paced and stressful I would recommend that you treat yourself to a deep tissue massage at least once a month, and more often if you need it or you see fit.


· Do not eat a heavy meal before having a message.

· Arrive a few minutes earlier in order for you to wind down and relax so you can benefit more from the message.

· If pregnant check with your doctor before having a deep tissue message


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      Trsmd 6 years ago from India

      The massage therapist will want you to keep coming back forever....Don't go back until it starts to really hurt again..