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Health Benefits of Alfalfa Sprouts - Where to Buy Alfalfa Sprouts Online

Updated on January 2, 2012

Are you searching for where to buy alfalfa sprouts online, your search ends here

Alfalfa is indeed a great herb for health and curing ailments related to liver and kidney and it is believed to cure peptic ulcer disease and other ailments related to digestive tract. In some regions around the world, this herb has been used since ancient times to cure arthritis and joint stiffness. You can either buy Alfalfa from herb stores as tablets or you can buy Alfalfa tea bags online but most recommended is to buy alfalfa seeds either online or from your local herb shops and soak them in water and wait for the seeds to sprout. After sprouting takes place, you just need to take a bunch of sprouts in the early morning and eat them to the core to reap the full health benefits of this magical herb. It is interesting to note that Alfalfa is also a home remedy for autoimmune disorders.

Alfalfa is also called as Medicago sativa and has antipyretic, antigastric, antiacidic, and antispasmodic properties. The most interesting part of this herb is that this has been widely used in chlorophyll drinks sold in the market, as it is highly alkaline in nature. So this alkalinity makes alfalfa the best cure for acidity. This is also the reason why alfalfa herb is used in making various homemade herbal recipes. Well we all know the purpose of turning our body to alkaline pH. If our body is in acidity, then it might pave way for pathogens to dwell within our body causing various ailments, but when our body is turned up to alkaline state, then the bacteria won’t thrive and even cancerous cells won’t grow in an alkaline environment, so Alfalfa sprouts are a sought of detoxifier which detoxify our body. Alfalfa sprouts are also proved to be a good cure for various skin disorders. Some say that Alfalfa sprouts and tablets are best for reversing diabetes in chronic diabetics.

Alfalfa sprouts in a glass container.
Alfalfa sprouts in a glass container. | Source

Per some recent natural medicine and herbal research, Alfalfa has been proven to reduce blood glucose levels. It is also good for blood clotting which at times becomes tougher for patients suffering from diabetics. Alfalfa also helps in prevention of baldness and hair loss.

Regarding side effects, there are basically very little side effects of alfalfa tablets and tea if not taken according to limitations, but alfalfa seeds and sprouts contain canavanine which is an amino acid that can cause problems for lupus patients. Also, pregnant women are not advised to consume alfalfa sprouts and other forms as daily supplements.

So least but not last it is highly recommended to eat Alfalfa sprouts as soon as you wake up in the morning. This will not only detoxify your body of acids you might have consumed with outside food and drinks last night but will also help strengthen your liver and kidney function, preventing skin disorders, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, baldness, and hair loss. One more thing, if you don’t like eating raw alfalfa sprouts, then you can take them in form of dishes, salads, and/or sandwiches with other vegetables and fruits as homemade herbal recipes.


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