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Best Computer Chair Exercises For Your Body And Mind

Updated on December 13, 2012

This is a list of the best computer or office chair exercises according to me. Based on my experiences I think they are the best.

Me doing an L-sit in my computer chair.
Me doing an L-sit in my computer chair. | Source


One of the first exercises I did in my computer chair was the L-sit. To do an L-sit you sit down, put your hands by your thighs and lift yourself up while extending your legs. You form an L with your torso and legs while your are lifting yourself slightly off the ground or chair. Doing the exercise on a chair is easier and looks much better than doing it on the ground. The exercise is simple but it is not easy because you are lifting almost all of your body weight with your arms and you need to try to lift your legs so they are parallel with the ground. If your chair has handles you can do L-sits using them and lift your body higher off the chair.

This exercise can help you build upper body strength. It works the tricep, abs, back, shoulder and leg muscles. Since the exercise requires a significant amount of concentration it is also good for your mind. It can improve your ability to focus and concentrate for an extended period of time.

Chair Dips

Sit down at the edge of a chair. Your hands should be beside your bum. Push up with your arms so your bum is off the seat and walk forward while keeping your hands on the chair. Lower your body down slowly. Lift your body up with your arms. Then lower your body down again. Chair dips work your triceps, shoulders and chest.



Meditation has a lot of health benefits and a comfortable computer chair is a good place to practice it. Just don't let the chair support your back. If you sit at the front of your chair and maintain good posture using your muscles then it will be easier to stay awake. You can get meditation music off the internet and listen to it or guide yourself into a deep state of relaxation.

Mental Rehearsal and Visualization

While sitting in your chair you can visualize yourself exercising, playing sports, playing a game or doing just about anything within the realm of possibility. Imagining your self doing something may seem like a waste of time but you can increase your strength, balance, speed and coordination by rehearsing the movements in your mind. Another way to visualize is to imagine the outcome you want. Get comfortable, close your eyes and start visualizing.


Using mental rehearsal I improved my strength without physically doing the exercise. I visualized myself doing push ups and later one handed push ups. Another time I visualized myself lifting heavy weights. Besides improving your physical abilities visualizing can improve your mental abilities. You can improve your ability to focus and concentrate. If you spend some time visualizing every day while sitting on your chair you could improve within a week.

You can also practice visualizing places. I like to visualize the beach. It is relaxing and it is a good mental workout. In my mind I can go for a walk along the beach.


More Chair Exercises

  • Stomach Vacuum: Suck in your stomach for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Ab Flex: Flex your abs to make them harder for 10 to 20 seconds.
  • Incline Push Ups: Push up with hands on the chair and feet on the ground.
  • Decline Push Ups: Push up with feet on the chair and hands on the ground.
  • Good Posture: Sit up tall and straight. Don't use the back rest.
  • Rowing: Move your body like you are rowing a boat. Flex your muscles.
  • Step Ups: Step onto and then off of the chair.
  • Jump Ups: Jump onto the chair and then hop back to the ground.
  • Leg Raises: Lift your legs up parallel with the ground. Then lower them.
  • Leg Kicks: Kick your legs like you are swimming, running or biking.


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    • profile image

      jaineyyy 4 years ago

      I love these exercises! I've been looking into making my office sitting a little healthier these days and have resorted to upgrading my horrible support desk chair to one of those fancy Herman Miller ones. Either way, I definitely want to try out these exercises tomorrow at work!